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Contextual advertising Yandex Direct - simple andan affordable tool to increase sales. At the moment, it has the most extensive coverage of the audience on the Russian market (about 66%). Usually this part of users has sufficient solvency and is really interested in buying services and goods.

contextual advertising Yandex
Contextual advertising Yandex includes substantial, concise ads about services and products.

Ads appear in search resultsissuance of the Yandex system and on the sites participating in this advertising network. The latter includes search sites-partners with high attendance (for example,, as well as some thematic sites ( In response to the user's request, an ad is displayed on the search results pages. It can be placed on thematic sites, if the marked keywords correspond to the partner site of Yandex, or if the applicant has previously been interested in the subject matter.

The cost of Yandex Direct

Contextual advertising in Yandex is not paid forthe number of impressions, and for specific user transitions to the resource. The cost of a click or transition is determined by the auction and depends on a number of factors:

a) Thematic competition - the cost dependsfrom the number of companies that advertise on Yandex. More companies - higher cost. The initial value is 30 kopecks, the final value can reach 1500 rubles.

contextual advertising Yandex direct
b) Keyword clickthrough rate (CTR) - thanthe more precisely the keyword is selected, the less there will be "blank" displays for this key phrase and above the CTR, in addition, every subsequent click on the keywords becomes cheaper for you. With a competent organization, you can ensure that clicks that are above the search result will be cheaper than clicks located in the position to the right.

c) Desired ad positions. Contextual advertising Yandex has two ways of placement: above the search result (within 3 ads) or to the right of it (no more than 9 ads). Placement of ads over search results is also called special placement. Typically, most of the transition to the site is carried out from the position of special placement, this affects the increase in the cost of the click. But, as mentioned above, with a competent approach, you can reduce the cost of the transition to the level of the click from the issuance to the right.

The first 4 positions to the right of the issue refer toguaranteed impressions. This contextual advertising Yandex will be displayed each time you enter a passphrase in the search query. Five subsequent ads - non-guaranteed impressions. The probability of their display depends on the rate and on the availability of media-context banners in the issuance. Here you can see ads for customers whose rates are not suitable for guaranteed impressions and special placement. Rotation of ads is also possible.

contextual advertising in Yandex
Contextual advertising Yandex allows you to set restrictions that increase the efficiency of placement:

a) The time of displaying advertisements. Advertising can be displayed on the specified days of the week and time of day. For example, only on working days from 8.00 to 17.00.

b) Place of display. There is an opportunity to choose only a search network, only Yandex-search or all available resources. There is an option to disable ad impressions for the specified IP-addresses.

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