How to use Webmoney? Key Features and Benefits

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At the moment, Webmoney is one of thethe most popular payment systems in the world and in our country. However, despite the steady increase in the popularity of "electronic money", many still do not know how to use Webmoney and what are the advantages of this system.

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What is Webmoney?

Nowadays, high-tech electroniccurrency is a logical and necessary invention. Now a huge number of people use the Internet, due to which various services, online shops and social networks are gaining popularity. And if you know how to use Webmoney, then there is no difficulty with working on the Web.

The main features of this system include:

  • Payment of various services.
  • Purchase of goods.
  • Transfer of money to the accounts of other users.
  • Withdrawal of received money, etc.

In fact, we are dealing with virtual money,expressed in some title signs, which, in turn, are tied to real currency and gold. The level of trust to it is very high, therefore such "virtual money" is accepted by almost all shops, companies or online resources.

Why is it worth starting a virtual wallet?

Now many people get themselves a Webmoney-purse, because in some cases it is very useful. There are actually a lot of reasons for it:

  • The need to often pay online.
  • Unwillingness to specify the details of your bank card in order to avoid fraud.
  • The desire to simplify the procedure for payment, etc.

In addition, very often Webmoney-system allows you to pay or transfer money to another person without commission and significant twists.

Currently, the possibility of "virtual money"They are constantly expanding, and their popularity is skyrocketing. Therefore, having an online wallet now is as natural as having a bank card.

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How to get started?

People who have onlyneed, do not know how to use Webmoney, so they will need the advice of experienced users and experts. Now a large number of users prefer this payment system.

To get started, you must do the following:

  • Register in the system.
  • Choose a program to work with a purse ("Keeper").
  • Create wallets for the required currency.
  • Replenish the purses with the required amount.

Registration is carried out on the official site of the payment system. And there you can find the necessary information on how to get a Webmoney-purse, how to use the system, and so on.

How to register in the system and create wallets?

The registration process does not cause any special difficulties and does not differ from the similar process on any other site. To do this, you need to specify:

  • Mobile phone number (it will be bound to it).
  • Your personal data.
  • E-mail.
  • A reliable password.

After that, you have an account with a formal certificate (with basic capabilities), after which you can choose which wallets to get.

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How to work with wallets?

To work with your accounts, you need toUse a special program - "Keeper". For this it is important to understand how to use Webmoney Keeper Classic, which is the base version. It is through him that they perform the basic operations for managing their "virtual money".

At the moment, users can choose the most convenient option:

  • Classic "Keeper" (a separate program for installation on a computer).
  • Online "Keeper" management through the official website.
  • Mobile "Keeper" (the program for Android and iOS).

If you need to answer the question about how to use Webmoney, then first of all you should get acquainted with the functionality of this software.

how to use webmoney keeper classic

How to pay for purchases or services?

In "Kiper" there are all necessary items - paymentservices (housing and communal services, mobile communications, the Internet, etc.) or transfer of money to the account of another user. Also on sites often when filling out the form of payment, you can choose the item "payment via Webmoney". After that, the standard form is filled. For confirmation on the mobile phone number a special code is sent, which must be entered when filling out.

How to replenish your wallets?

At the moment, there are many convenient ways to replenish virtual wallet. The simplest and most convenient are:

  • Deposit online with a bank card.
  • Depositing money through special terminals (many already have an appropriate item in the menu).
  • Transfer from another wallet (for example, when receiving payment).

After that, you can already make purchases, pay for services or spend money in other ways.

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How to withdraw money from a virtual wallet?

Information on how to create your ownWebmoney-purse, how to use it and how to make money, is paramount. However, "virtual money" becomes full, when you can turn them into real currency. It should be noted that for the withdrawal of money you will need to obtain a certificate of a higher level, and for this you will have to send a scan of the passport and TIN for the scan.

The withdrawal of money is carried out in various ways:

  • To the bank card or bank account to which it is tied (almost any bank).
  • Money transfer to the beneficiary's name (his own at the nearest branch of the bank).
  • Through the official Webmoney centers or intermediaries, etc.

The first two are the most preferred. It is enough to issue a conclusion on your card, indicating the necessary details, or to issue a money transfer through popular systems in your name, then to come to the nearest branch with a passport and a transfer number. For the first time it may take some time for confirmation, but then everything is done easily and quickly.

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