How to sell on Ebay?

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How to sell on Ebay successfully? What should the seller do, so that the buyer not only paid attention to the goods, but also bought it? How to make the buyer interested? The answers to all these questions you will receive in this article.

If you are a beginner and do not know how to sell on Ebay, then this material is for you. We will tell you what to pay attention first. So, in order:

1. What does the buyer see first? This is an image of the product. It should attract people, be clear and understandable. It is best to use the lighting natural, and not flash from the camera or light from the lamp. In the photo there should be only one subject. When selling large goods, it is best to take detailed photos from different angles. Do not be afraid to remove product defects! After all, for successful work on Ebay it is important to establish itself as an honest seller.

2. Description. If the picture you made interested the buyer, he, of course, wants to know more about the product. And your task is to write an informative and understandable text to the product. It is necessary to specify the manufacturer, general characteristics (you can even write a short review), possible color variations, sizes, reviews. If the thing is not new, then tell us what advantages and disadvantages it has, about its possible defects. The description should be detailed and emphasize the positive characteristics of the product.

It is desirable that the description should contain the necessarykeywords (on the correct selection of those you can read in the articles on SEO-copywriting). And, of course, the information to the product should be written in the competent Russian language. Avoid frequent repetition of the same words, write simple and understandable sentences without cumbersome speech speed. You still do not understand how to sell on Ebay? Read on!

3. Of no less importance is the name. It should be attractive, understandable and have the exact name of your product, exactly the one that a person uses to search. For example, if he enters the "electric guitar" in the search line, then your name should necessarily have this word (some for some reason are limited to just the name of the company). Also in the title you can include color, size, brand name, quantity. To get an idea of ​​what keys sellers promote their goods, you can look and analyze similar sales.

4. Prices. The auction should start at the lowest price at which you can more or less profitably sell the product. Low cost will help you in the early auction to attract more attention to yourself.

5. Category. You must choose it correctly. This will help the buyer find you faster. By the way, one product can be specified in two categories at once (though the seller will have to pay for it).

6. Shipping. If you are thinking how to sell on Ebay from Russia, then do not be lazy to get your account in Fedex or UPS, and your product will become more competitive! To sell faster, spend the action with a free delivery "Buy it now!".

As you can see, selling on Ebay is not so difficult. The main thing is to be an honest seller. And now tell the secrets about how to sell on Ebay. If you know how to make money selling at a local fair or in your online store, then you have everything to start a successful and fruitful work on Ebay. Another secret that you need to know. Almost all sales on this trading floor are based on the common sense of the seller. It is necessary to be in the right place and at the right time. For example, skis and snowboards actively buy in the winter, and swimwear and inflatable boats - in the summer. For this reason, it is possible to make very profitable discounts on winter holiday products, and in winter - on summer.

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