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Women, despite the fact that they are called weakhalf of humanity, love to place emphasis on those qualities in men who unite all members of the stronger sex. That's why the status of the peasants regularly flash in social networks. You can find a lot of different options, there are sayings about strong men, about special traits, advantages and disadvantages. Everyone can easily find both statuses about peasant goats, and about good and reliable representatives of the stronger sex. Everyone chooses that emotion that you want to shout at the entire social network at the moment.

How to pick interesting statuses about peasant goats and not only?

Depending on what you want to convey andWhat mood to express in relation to those who are in a shirt, you need to choose the statuses. About the men can say a lot. They are strong, sometimes wise, and often behave so interesting that you can write anecdotes. Here are the creators of the statuses and take note of all the nuances, after that, for the curious and searching, there are many examples that fully express any emotional message.

statuses about goat muzhiks

What statuses can girls show about men?

In a huge and boundless network, you can find a lot. But it's worth emphasizing what you like best. For example, we can take into account the following sayings:

  • Between men and pigs have much in common. But one difference is still present, pigs do not turn into men when they drink.
  • Strange creatures are these men. Kleva fish can wait for hours, but as a woman for five minutes delayed, so immediately leave the race.
  • That man who raised a woman's wings behind her back, never in her life will become the bearer of deer antlers.
  • Only men can give financial questions to a woman when there is very little money left.
  • All women love animals, but few want to meet with a sheep.
  • A strong man always helps a woman to feel weak.
  • Only a bad man can have a bad woman. The clever man understands that the king can only have a queen.

statuses about peasants

Statuses for real men

Not always statuses about peasants, cool sometimeseven a little offensive, fit the representatives of the strong half of humanity. Often, with the help of such an utterance, a man wants to reveal his positive aspects and emphasize the influence. Therefore aphorisms used by women, they do not fit. Real, strong and self-respecting men can choose the following expressions:

  • Snoring at night, a man protects a woman from evil spirits.
  • Only a man who does not respect himself can say that women need money. So they say only those who are not capable of anything but talk.
  • A woman loves a man not for money.The financial side only indicates that the man is strong and knows how to achieve the goal. With such women want to be, and not with weaklings, who refer to women's gain.
  • A king with a queen, and with a bitch, a hen or a stupid - slaves.

status of the guys funny

What to look for when choosing?

Naturally, the status of the peasants can say aboutmany things. The most important thing is to choose the right option. A thoughtful and interesting status will help to get to know new people, find a job, find business partners and even get to know the second half.

Girls with the help of such sayings onpages of social networks will help your man to think, draw conclusions and take into account their experiences. Free ladies will be able to sort out the unnecessary fans from those who want to be friends. Choose phrases for expressing emotions correctly, then you will have happiness and understanding.

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