How to delete the history on your phone in Yandex and clear the search log

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Modern Internet user visitsmillions of web pages, keeps access to dozens of sites and adds to the bookmarks (and services like Pocket or Evernote) hundreds of resources. All sites remain in the browser's memory for a while to speed up the process of subsequent download. Search engines "prompt" the user for queries, using exactly the previous search history. Even contextual advertising is selected based on the interests of a particular user. That's why the question "How to delete history on the phone in Yandex?" Is of interest to many modern users who have not yet fully understood the functionality of mobile browsers.

How to delete history on your phone in Yandex

Why delete the story altogether?

Deleting history is a routine procedure thatis carried out by standard functions of mobile or desktop (for portable or stationary computers) browsers. To delete the history of visits to websites should be to protect confidential information used for authorization on certain resources (social networks, online banking, e-mail, government service, etc.) or to avoid unnecessary questions from the owners of the equipment or those, with whom the use of a computer (tablet, smartphone) is shared. This simple action will help to effectively protect the user's personal data.

How to delete the history in Yandex on your phone

In addition, delete the Yandex search history inthe phone may be required when transferring the device to other hands, even in cases where this is a temporary situation (for example, when a smartphone is being repaired). From time to time, it is also useful to clean up the log of web resource visits: the accumulation of temporary files clogs the hard drive and RAM of the computer, tablet or phone, which slows down the device.

Disable search suggestions in Yandex

How to delete history on the phone in Yandex? Often, it may not even be necessary to completely delete the browsing history, but rather to disable search suggestions that are generated based on previous user requests. Search Tips are options that are automatically offered by the search engine when the beginning of a phrase is typed in the search string. As a rule, Yandex or Google offer the most popular variants in the network, but on the mobile devices (or portable and stationary computers where access to the corresponding mail service is performed) is based on the history of user requests.

delete yandex search history in phone

You can delete the browsing history in Yandex on your phone and disable search suggestions as follows:

  • it is necessary to go to the main page of Yandex or to the Yandex Mail service;

  • further it will be necessary to be authorized in the electronic box (or to register a new mail, if there was none);

  • go to "Personal Settings", and then select "Other Settings" and "Search Tips";

  • after you must select "Clear query history" and turn off the "My searches in search suggestions" and "Favorite sites" functions.

Thus, not only the entire search history in the device will be completely destroyed, but the function of search prompts based on previous requests of the user in the worldwide network is disabled.

How to delete the history on the phone in the Yandex browser?

It can also be about deleting a journalvisits are not in Yandex itself (ie, disabling search prompts), but in the browser from the search engine. How to delete history on the phone in Yandex? There are two ways to save your personal data from other people's eyes in the mobile version of Yandex Browser.

The first way is the function of the smartphone, and notthe mobile browser itself. So, you need to go to any page through the browser, in which the history should be deleted and the smartphone's functional key should be clicked, calling the settings. You should select "History" (in some models "Personal settings") and click on the line "Clear History". The entire search history will be deleted.

delete watch history in Yandex on your phone

The second option is how to delete the history in Yandex onphone - take advantage of the capabilities of Yandex Browser itself. You must select the "Settings" icon in the open browser window from the popular search engine, click "Privacy", and then click on "Clear data" or "Clear browsing data". In this way, you can not only clear the browsing history, but also delete the cache, clear the log only at certain intervals, or delete some (not all) partitions. It is enough just to put "checkmarks" in the appropriate fields and save the changes with the "Clear history" button.

Recovering deleted data

What if the question "How to delete the history onphone in Yandex? "was successfully resolved (and accordingly, the log of visits is cleared), but in time it was required to return to a specific web page visited a week or a month ago. Even in a saved history, finding a particular resource is usually rather difficult, as is the situation with a remote magazine?

Theoretically, it is possible to recover this data, butin practice, the procedure is feasible only for advanced users. And even then, it is often not worth the effort to restore the deleted history of the browser - it's easier to try to find the missing web page by typing the same query in the search bar. If the need to restore the history still exists, it is better to consult a specialist, but do not install from the Internet programs that promise to restore corrupted files.

Such software, firstly, cancontain viruses, and secondly, it is unlikely to help with the history of the browser. If you restore temporary and autosaved files to similar programs and can, the remote search log is certainly not in their competence.

How can I clear the cache in other mobile browsers?

In any other mobile browser, delete the historythe most convenient way to view the software is the smartphone itself. How to do this was described above - the first way to delete history. In addition, you can use the functions of a particular browser, as a rule, the option to clear the log of visits is in the section of personal settings or user privacy settings.

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