What is copywriting?

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With such a definition as copywriting is not familiar to everyone, but only those who are used to working in this field. Speaking in a simple language, copywriting is writing articles.

The words advertising and copywriting are related,because no one product can not be the same advertisement. People who want to advertise their goods, turn to the services of copywriters who write beautiful and selling text. It is worth noting that the copywriter can both write texts for sale and fulfill orders of other people. If you need to write an advertisement, then you can contact the copywriting agency http://zakaztxt.ru/, where you in a short time will write a good advertisement.

Also, copying can be considered a good wayearnings. If rewriting is paid medium, then copywriting is paid high. After all, you take information from your head, and do not rewrite it from some site, as the rewriters do.

Development of copywriting

Copywriting originated long ago, in the time of the time when the commerce began. Those words that the sellers were shouting because of their counters, can be considered copywriting.

Those texts that were invented by copywritersSoviet times, are still used today, they are considered to be winged expressions. Examples of these phrases can be recalled very much, they include sayings, proverbs and simply statements of great people.

Types of copywriting

There are several types of copywriting:

  • Image copywriting.
  • Information copywriting.
  • Copywriting direct response.

The first type of copywriting involves advertising,that is, thanks to him, you can describe some product, service, telling about its advantages. But it is only about maintaining the brand and image of a brand.

The second type of copywriting involves writingarticles to order or for filling sites and the Internet. If we consider this species, then it looks like journalism. Also for writing this type of copywriting you need to be able to introduce keywords into the text and highlight important information.

The last kind of copywriting is also directly related toadvertising activities. Such texts should prompt the reader right now to make a purchase. If we talk about an advertising agency, copyartyer works alongside the art director and performs all his assignments.

In other words, copywriting is writingUnique articles that should be useful to a particular audience. A person who engages in this activity is called a copywriter and he must be intelligent, literate and be able to correctly express his thoughts and build sentences.

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