How to get the right to place contextual advertising in "Yandex". The certificate "Yandex.Direct"

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One of the most popular areas forPlacement of contextual advertising today is Yandex.Direct. In order to order advertising from Yandex, you need to contact a specialist in technical support, and in order to post it yourself and provide this kind of services for business, you need to get a certificate from a specialist Yandex.Direct. How to do it?

Step One - Access

First, you need to check if you havethe ability to obtain a certificate, since not every user has the right to do so. Employees of advertising agencies get access after 3 months of work with Yandex.Direct. How do I get a Yandex.Direct certificate to a regular advertiser? He must:

  • to actively conduct content-advertising for more than 6 months;
  • when creating, use the professional interface "Yandex.Direct";
  • spend on advertising over the past three months more than $ 300.

If these conditions are met, you can enter into and start preparing.

Yandex Direct certificate

Stage Two - Training

It is worth noting that getting a certificate of "Yandex.Direct "is quite difficult. You will have to answer 42 questions that can confound even an experienced specialist, give 39 correct answers, and all this with a limited time of 30 minutes. Retake is permitted for the first time in a week, for the second and third time - with an interval of 3 months, for the fourth time - in six months. Therefore, before proceeding to the test, it is worthwhile to think about intensive preparation for the exam, so as not to lose time afterwards to retake.

Training can be done independently, having studiedkey questions of the exam (the list of topics for the test is located below) or by using help from contextual advertising specialists and those who received the Yandex.Direct certificate themselves.

Stage three - certification

As already mentioned, certification representsa free Internet test, consisting of 42 questions, 39 of which must be given the only correct answer. The test assumes the presence of high professional theoretical knowledge in the field of contextual advertising and the ability to apply them in practice. Here is an indicative list of topics in which the examiner should orient:

  • cost of a click and payment for an advertising campaign;
  • strategies and delivery rules;
  • context requirements;
  • selection of keys and negative keywords;
  • CTR Yandex.Direct;
  • analysis of statistics, etc.

Certificate of a specialist Yandex Direct

For clarity, we give a few sample questions that can be caught in the test.

  1. What is a weekly package of clicks?
  2. Where is the guaranteed impression block located?
  3. How to prepare a template for statistics?
  4. How many negative keywords can be contained in one key?
  5. What affects CTR?

Certificate Yandex Direct questions

As a result of successfully passing the exam, you will receive a certificate "Yandex.Direct" valid for 1 year, confirming your qualification of the directory.

What does the certificate give to the directory?

For companies engaged in Internet promotion,the certificate of "Yandex" opens the way to costly and serious projects. The more certified directories in an advertising agency, the higher will be its status in the market of contextual advertising, the more customers will want to work with it. Moreover, Yandex regularly publishes the results of the year on certification.

How to get Yandex Direct certificate

For a specialist, this is also an important step forpromotion. The director who has the Yandex.Direct certificate is guaranteed to be able to conduct a high-quality advertising campaign, determine the optimal budget for it, compose a competent content message, analyze the statistics and assess the effectiveness of the work done, thereby enabling a large number of targeted traffic.

Of course, the certificate "Yandex.Direct, the questions for obtaining of which were presented above, does not imply knowledge about the features of Yandex.Metrica, the export of ads to Excel or the Direct API and other sections of web analytics that are also required for a competent directory, but if necessary, you can get a certificate on this knowledge on the same "Yandex".

The certificate "Яндекс.Метрика"

The article examined how to get the Yandex.Direct certificate, now we will talk a little about the Yandex.Metrica certificate, which is no less important, but much more complicated, tool of the Internet advertiser.

If the "Direct" site confirms the knowledgespecialist in the field of creating contextual advertising, the "Metrics" site shows how the manager is able to evaluate the results and effectiveness of his work. The certificate of "Yandex.Metrica" ​​estimates:

  • knowledge of the site's audience;
  • understanding the behavior and activity of visitors to the resource;
  • the ability to analyze the conversion of the site, i.e. how many of those who visited the site actually made a purchase;
  • the ability to analyze the effectiveness of online and offline advertising;
  • the ability to analyze traffic sources and much more.

Receiving certificates in these and other areas(Google AdWords, Google Analytics), you prove your competence as a specialist. The more your knowledge will be invested in the advertising campaign, the more effect it will have on the target audience.

Do not stop improving, high conversions!

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