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There are on the open spaces of Runet such an interesting site,How to ask. He entered fashion relatively recently, just a few years ago, and it must be acknowledged that now this site is gaining more and more popularity. At the moment, there are more than 10 million registered users. However, some become bored with this occupation. Then the question arises: "How to delete a page on Sprashavai.ru?"

We must admit that this question is quiteticklish. The fact is that initially the developers did not envisage the possibility of deleting the profile. That is, the user could not learn how to delete the page on Sprashivai.ru solely because it was unrealistic. The only thing that could be achieved is to block your profile, and nothing more. Yes, on the one hand - it's almost the same. But locking is still not removal, which was lamented by a large number of users.

How to delete a page on the question
So, really, there is really no way to learn how to delete the page. No, now it's already there. For some time now the administration of the site has really introduced such a function.

So, how to delete a page on Ask.RU? This is really easy and does not take much time. First we need to get into the privacy settings. To make it simple: the top right there is a menu: "My page", "Tapes" and so on. At the very end of the list there is an icon in the form of your avatar (if there is none, then this is an icon resembling the letter "C"), that's it we have to click on it.

How to delete a page on ask
After such a click, a drop-downThe menu contains the following items: Design, Services, Settings, Privacy. It is necessary to choose exactly "Privacy". On the page. The page is not deleted in the settings.

But now the monitor appeared necessaryA window in which again there are several points. The topmost one is "Delete my page". Put a tick in front of it and click "Save Changes". That's all, now we know how to delete the page on.

How to delete a page
However, in all this there is one, but very large"but". The page on Спрашивай.ру is not deleted instantly. For this to happen, a whole year must pass. That is, at any necessary time, the user has the option to restore his profile. By the way, now it is done in simple tinctures, and not in the privacy settings. In general, the remote page on Sprashavai.ru looks like usual, with a look at it, absolutely nothing has changed. However, only the owner sees it. Other users will not be able to find the remote profile.

In general, if you compare how to delete a pageon Sprashavai.ru, and how to delete a page from the popular social network "Vkontakte", you can see some similarity of these processes. For example, on the site "Vkontakte" the page is also not deleted immediately - it happens only after six months. At the same time, it is as easy to restore as the page on Sprashavai.ru. And it will be restored in full - such as it was before.

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