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Fans of music with experience probably remembertimes when a good collection was highly appreciated - not everyone had the opportunity to "get" original records or records of a favorite performer. Music, especially foreign, got to us in absolutely fantastic ways, it was stored and protected, it was rewritten by underground "recording studios" and sold for crazy money to hungry for good songs to fans.

Even more fantastic look "self-mademasterpieces "- records made on X-rays. The most interesting thing is that they really could be listened to on the most common players for vinyl discs. Unusual time was ...

Today, from the abundance of music can "tear down the roof"it is everywhere: in minibuses, in cafes, in the windows of passing cars, at home in the kitchen and not only. It can be safely called a revolution - if earlier you had to pay (and quite a lot) for the purchase of the album of your beloved band, today music discs in specialized stores are buying less and less. Virtually any music is freely available (that is absolutely free) on the Internet. You just need to know where to look and how to download it to your computer.

This will be discussed in our review today. How to find a song on the Internet? Everyone knows the answer, even a first-grader. Enter the name of the song in any search engine and you will receive dozens of links to sites where you can listen to it or download it. However, there are small disadvantages - these are viruses that you can accidentally pick up in the process of searching and downloading.

Conclusion: download music is best from proven sources, where the chances of picking up any "infection" are minimal. I want to introduce you to several options - it's online services that know exactly how to find a song.

Option number 1. A service called (free), with which you can find a song by the name of the song, by author or artist. If you do not know any of the above, you can try to find your favorite song by text passage, but in this case the probability of success is much lower. What is remarkable about this service is that there is no registration required, no need to leave any personal data, I did not notice annoying advertising or spam. Just typed the name of the song and got a few options that you can listen to online or download. What's interesting - the same search query simultaneously finds and video on a given topic.

Option number 2. - this free service is very similar to the one described above. For search and listening are available without registering 50 songs per day. Subjectively, it seemed to me that here the process was implemented more correctly - without effort was found a rather exotic composition, with which other search engines could not cope. Liked the lack of advertising and spam.

Very often it happens that you do not know the name of the song, especially you do not know the author or performer, but to find it well, oh-oh-I really want it (I liked it just to insomnia). Yes, and so it happens ...

It does not matter - there is also a medicine for this "disease"service It is necessary only the presence of any fragment of the recording of this song lasting from 15 to 45 seconds (and absolutely of any quality - with noises recorded on the phone from the radiotracks in the apartment of my grandmother). The service provides the artist's name, album name, year of release. And then - the matter of technology. Use options to find a song by name or artist - and you will be happy. The secret is revealed.

There is very little left: Consider how to find a song by words. For this you need to know a fragment of the text. You will be surprised, but finding a song according to the words from the song is much easier than it seems: its fragment can be entered into any search engine or use specialized services.

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