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Since recently, search engines have begunto divide visitors according to their region of stay, and this tactic introduced new concepts of ranking (search engine) of Internet sites. After such a step to the selection of sites, all projects began to be displayed differently in different regions.

Geo-dependent queries in Yandex

According to the statement of all known search network -Yandex, every 4 user request is a search for information in his region, that is, geo-dependent, which means that the sites of a given territorial area (cities, etc.) should have advantages over projects of all-Russian scale.

Geo-dependent queries in Yandex are a specialthe algorithm of search results, where sites nationwide scale are less likely - or rather, almost no, to get into the 1st ten, while regional projects basically dominated.

The only drawback was that ifthe user does not want to search in his region, but wants to find something in the other, he should first change the location in the settings and only after that start the search.

How to define a geo-dependent query?

To determine the geo-dependency of a query,use the search words Yandex. The user simply needs to enter a query, to which the search engine will respond with a list of sites. After that, you can change your location in Yandex settings and see what happens.

Geo-dependent queries

Example. If you enter "buy a car" or any phrase with the word "buy", Yandex will be based on the user's location, and when the city changes location in the search results there will be changes.

The example describes a standard situation wherethe user from Moscow Yandex shows the geo-dependent queries for his region, and the user who asked the same phrase from St. Petersburg will see a completely different result, reflecting only his city.

Naturally, if there are geo-dependent, then there are geo-independent queries, and the difference between them is that the latter are displayed in the same region in any region.

Query Features

Features of using the search naturallyaffect the good side, but this influence only applies to users and site owners who are only interested in moving to their own region. However, there is a possibility of quitting geo-dependent queries in another region, but with some nuances.

Geo-dependent queries in Yandex

Attention! When searching for a geo-dependent query in the SERP, the sites of the region in which the user is currently located will appear, but if there are sites that are being promoted at the same time for the whole of Russia, they may not just appear on the first page, but even in the first position. This is due to the fact that these sites have impressive credibility in the eyes of search robots, and they consider them to satisfy the needs of the user.

Geo-dependent query promotion

After the introduction of geo-dependence, the promotion of Internet projects has become more complex and expensive for those who need all-Russian coverage.

Yandex issues sometimes enough wordsInteresting results, in which there are sites belonging to other regions. And this behavior is connected with the fact that even though Yandex does more emphasis on a certain territorial area, other projects also have the possibility of getting extradited in other regions.

Geo-dependent queries example

Geo-dependent queries, an example of which can be foundin any sphere, from service - "delivery of food", to construction - "building houses", can be very different. However, if a company wants to go out on requests in other regions, it should be promoted in one of two possible ways:

  1. Promotion can be based on a directoryYandex (the cost of getting into that for companies is 14750 rubles). It should specify additional cities with company offices, but this method has a limit of 7 regions.
  2. The second way is that promotionfrom the very beginning it is carried out to the whole of Russia, however, geo-dependent and at the same time commercial requests (buy a sofa), promotion for the whole country is likely to be unprofitable, as it will take a lot of money, time and nerves.

Geo-dependent commercial requests

Geo-dependent commercial requests

In advancing a lot of pitfalls, but the most important are geo-dependence and a commercial or non-commercial request.

The main difference between commercial requests is, as is already clear from the title, income. That is, it is focused on sales or other ways of making a profit.

Naturally, commercial requests have a hugecompetition across Russia, regardless of the region, but the introduction of geo-dependent queries greatly relaxed the tense situation. If before the top vacuum cleaner company was in the first position, and users from other cities came to it, but now in each region in its first position, its sellers vacuum cleaners.

This innovation allowed each userfind exactly what is offered in his region, and not "scour" the Internet, considering proposals from other cities. The regional shops had chances to get visitors of their own territorial circle, and even get visitors in general, because it used to require a huge amount of money to break through the key requests, and today this promotion will cost much less.

Noncommercial queries

Yandex word search

Requests like "how to notice the wheel yourself"refer to non-commercial, and at the same time, companies that provide these services can take it into account when promoting their site, which allows them to be at the first position in their region.

This behavior of the crawler forcessite optimizers to conduct constant experiments to win the battle for the first position, and sometimes to resort to "black" methods of promotion of the Internet project, which is unacceptable and can lead to the imposition of filters and complete "isolation" of the site.

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