End-to-end link - what is this?

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Today, there are many waysoptimize the site for search engines and significantly raise daily attendance and rating. One of these is the end-to-end links in the text on each page of the resource. We'll talk about what it is today.

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What is a pass-through link?

In the language of webmasters, this phenomenon is slangthe name "draft" and means transitions to third-party resources from all pages of the site. To increase search queries, the end-to-end link will not be effective. But to raise the PR (page-rank) page, this method is just perfect.

You can buy end-to-end links either directly fromwebmasters, and on special exchanges. However, the latter method will cost more, since it will be necessary to pay a percentage of the service for the provision of a mediator service. In addition, there is always the risk of getting on a low-quality resource with low attendance. To avoid this, experienced webmasters prefer to personally find partners.

What is it for

As mentioned earlier, the main reason forwhich webmasters use "drafts", is to raise the level of PR. The higher this indicator, the more trust is the resource not only in the search engines, but also in the owners of other sites. In this case, PR is determined by the number of external links. While the TIC (thematic citation index) - their quality.

With a high level of PR and TIC, the site is fasterrises to the top positions on search queries. But this is the goal of all webmasters who are eager to make money on their thematic resources. In addition, this tactic will maximize the sales of online stores and attract customers to use the services of the company, information about which is located on the site.

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Can I make money on links?

With a high PR score, any webmaster cannot bad to earn by placing on their pages links less well-known and promoted sites. But this will require more than one month of optimization and promotion of the project. After all, this process is complex and time-consuming. However, a positive bonus will be the attention to the site of other webmasters who are interested in your end-to-end link. An example of such a solution can be seen on numerous untwisted websites that have attendance from 20,000 unique users daily.

If you are the owner of a young resource, thenbefore placing links, develop it. Daily update the site with unique and interesting content, prescribe keywords and manually conduct indexing in search engines. In addition, you can increase attendance through social networks and online blogs. This will allow users to quickly find out about your site and increase it in the search ranking.

You can promote the site both on a paid basis and on a free basis. The latter option will take much longer. Therefore, most webmasters are already accustomed to trust this business professionals.

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How to install a link on the site?

You can place end-to-end links anywheresite. But the basic requirement is a similar theme. In other words, the end-to-end link must be identical to the general direction of your site. Otherwise, it will be of little use. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the age of the domain to which the link refers. The earlier it was registered, the better for the indicator PR and TIC.

You can initially design end-to-end links in"Vord", manually having registered the code. And then post it on all pages of your site. However, the advantage of placement in the sidebar or footer is that it is enough to update the code once, after which the link will automatically appear on all pages of the resource.

cross-referenced example

To place a cross-cutting link, you need to contactowner of the resource of interest. If the webmaster is interested in your project, then the payment is negotiated, for which he places the transitions to the resource from all pages of his site for a certain period of time. Thus, you get more than 200-300 external links, which increase attendance. If you already have a well-developed resource, then you can offer accommodation "drafts", getting for each of them 1-3 dollars.

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