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The market of electronic currencies and payment systems, bothyou know, do not stand still. There are constantly emerging new companies, ready to improve the terms of service and provide more favorable tariffs for their users. Every year in this area, indeed, new representatives arise, forced to fight with the old-timers of the market for each client. However, the latter also do not intend to retreat so simply. Behind the old and authoritative payment systems, a fairly significant part of the market still remains. A striking example of this is the Skrill payment system. We will talk about it in this article.

Skrill payment system

general information

So, first, let's present to your attentiona service that makes quick money transfers around the world. This is Skrill (Moneybookers in the past). When you see a multi-currency online store or a large service that provides paid services, you can see on its website an icon of the specified payment system - purple letters on a white background. On some resources, perhaps, the old logo remains - a gray circle with arcs symbolizing the effect of movement. Recall, earlier (in the period from the day of launch and until 2011), this payment system was called Moneybookers.

Skrill (Moneybookers)


So you understand roughly what path was passedsystem "from scratch" and to the giant of e-commerce, which we see today, you should learn a little more about its history. And it began in the distant 2001. Then Daniel Klein and Benjamin Kullmann were able to launch a service capable of providing money transfers between customers. The solution was developed in the UK, and its main purpose was to provide cheap international money transfers. Of course, today, apart from low tariffs and convenient interaction, a high degree of flexibility in relation to the client can be included in the coin box of the positive qualities of this system. Let's just say - if you are more comfortable paying using payment cards with the Skrill logo, you can do this by easily and easily converting this currency to any other. As you can imagine, all transactions are in Internet mode, so users get some degree of anonymity.

electronic payments

Geography of activities

Characterizing the company, you could alsomention where it operates. In addition to the British market, its representation can also be found in other European countries. And as a whole the task of the service is to provide first-class services to residents of the whole European Union.

However, willingly financial instruments thatoffers a payment system Skrill, including residents of the CIS countries. Therefore, we can safely say that the company is working all over the world. After all, customers from all over the world keep their accounts here. What is most interesting is that they have no problems with the exchange of funds and cooperation with other systems.

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The services

What does the Skrill payment system offer? First of all, these are international transfers. If you do not want to use the more expensive real-world services, you can create an account here, and problems with high tariffs or additional difficulties of remittances will disappear by themselves.

In addition to sending, there is alsotools for accepting payments. In fact, with them, the service can be called a full-fledged electronic purse that has a universal character. The latter quality is applicable for the reason that anyone can create an account here in one of the 40 represented currencies. Accordingly, further calculations and conversion will be carried out according to the current rate within the system, which is very convenient.

In addition to receiving and storing money in the service, of courseAlso, you can take them out of the system and convert them into any convenient payment system. For example, one of the main advantages is the cooperation of Skrill (Moneybookers) with the MasterCard payment system. Thanks to it, each user can withdraw money to a bank card, where from ATMs they can be removed and transferred to cash.

Skrill account

Finally, with the help of this system, everyone canTo get a reliable and convenient means of payment for mutual settlements in any service. Now we have in mind a special Skrill card, designed for payments in millions of stores and services around the world.


Also on the official website of the payment system wemanaged to find information about the direction in which the funds stored on the user's account can be spent. There are no restrictions as to what to pay for. The client can replenish his account in online casinos, poker rooms, make some bets on sports and at the same time buy a thing in any online store. This versatility provides the described platform with the constant growth of users and their loyalty.

Skrill map

Speaking about replenishing the account in the casino, you can alsomention the list of bonus offers available on the company's website. In it you will be able to familiarize yourself with the various promotions that various casinos hold. So, the payment system Skrill provides an opportunity for its customers to see the shares first, allowing to get some interesting bonus. Here are represented dozens of different poker rooms, roulette sites and other gambling projects.

check in

In order to take advantage of the benefitssystem, in any case you need to have your own account. This is a free and maximally simplified procedure, after which you will be granted full access to the project. You can register using the corresponding button in the upper right corner of the window.

Clicking on it, you will see a list of fields,available for completion by each client. There are not all those data that will be superfluous, at the introduction of which it would be desirable to refuse the registration procedure altogether. The site contains the most reduced number of fields. These are: mail and password, name and surname, date of birth, address and currency in which you would like to keep your Skrill account. Having filled this information, you can start using the wallet in minutes. You will not have to perform any additional actions (except registration confirmation).

Online wallet

In the very interface of the system to understand very muchjust. Here you will find the history of your financial activity, all electronic payments, the current balance of the account, and there are also tools for transferring money to other users. The main advantage of this system, despite its British origin, is localization. Depending on which country you are in, the site displays the interface in your own language. This is very convenient, since there is no need to use extraneous means for translation. Inside the system there is also a menu with which you can issue your payment cards.

Skrill withdrawal of money

User Reviews

Despite the origin of the service,domestic sites have a lot of feedback left by users from the CIS countries. As is usually the case with any payment system, the reviews are both sharply negative and positive. They are all written by people who have already made electronic payments through Skrill. Those who leave positive comments are advised to use this platform and consider it rather convenient. The authors of negative comments say that the system steals money. Obviously, the latter simply did not apply to the company's support service, because they are ready to give a full report on each of the transactions. In the end, a well-known and authoritative payment system can not simply take and "take away" someone's $ 200.

Also among the negative can often meet andcomplaints about high tariffs and unjustified commission of the service, although their opponents, leaving positive feedback, testify that Skrill withdraws money at fairly affordable rates, which can not be said about some other services.

The result

A platform for receiving, storing,exchange of money, which we characterize in this article, has a rich history of activity, numbering about 15 years. During this time the project has become international, has recruited many clients from different countries and expanded the list of its services. Today it is a reliable financial partner of tens of thousands of users who trust Skrill with their money. And we can say with absolute certainty that, despite the high competition, the influence of this electronic currency on the market of fast online payments continues to grow. And with it - and the convenience of ordinary customers who care about their money.

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