How do I close a page in a contact?

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Social networks in the last few yearscaptivated users of the Global Network from all over the world, and Runet in this respect was no exception. Indeed, the "killers" of office workers' time and the pastime of young or not very housewives caused real hysteria in the minds of users - many are willing to spend most of their time on social networks. According to statistics, every third person who regularly logs onto the Internet is registered in one or several social networks, the most popular of which is the "Vkontakte" resource. Is it good or bad? Let's not talk about this, everyone is free to decide for himself whether to engage in planting virtual beds or devote his time to something more useful. Let's try to figure out how to close the page in contact from the eyes of strangers, because sometimes some of the data, blithely laid out in this social network, becomes available to those users who they are not intended at all.

The question is how to close the page in a contact, more oftenof all comes before those users whose accounts were attacked by spammers, or those who saw their photos and videos, which were most often processed on other resources, in most cases referred to the category xxx. Also, users who do not want to give up the opportunities of communication provided by the social network can wish to completely close the page in contact, but they want their personal data to be accessible to viewing by a limited number of people, for example, friends and close relatives.

In fact, the solution of the question is how to closethe page in the contact is quite complicated, but still there are several useful tools in the social network that most users simply disregard, or do not know and can not use them. It should be noted that there are many ways to hide your page in contact, and almost every one of them gives a certain effect, but only for those pages that are not subject to targeted attack by knowledgeable people. That is, you need to understand that even knowing how to close the page in contact, you can not be 100% sure that personal information will not become the property of those persons who wanted to receive this information for one reason or another.

Remove your page from the eyes of strangers, orprotect yourself from the curiosity of other users own photos, you can use some of the standard tools. The first thing you can do is experiment with the profile settings, making it private or private. It is worth noting that this action, although it creates a certain barrier for too curious, but is not an effective method of fighting with any knowledgeable people. The thing is that there are a lot of ways and methods of dealing with a closed profile and access to information. And all these methods are laid out on the Web, that is, any schoolboy can use them.

The second way to hide vkontakte isthe use of various scripts and applications, also laid out on the Internet in large numbers. For those who decided to use such solutions, a not too pleasant surprise is also prepared - in most cases such applications either do not work at all, or work with errors, and therefore are ineffective. In addition, we should not forget that under the famous name "The program to do Vkontakte, everything that pleases", which so attracts inexperienced users to download and install themselves, can carry a real threat to the user's personal data, being an ordinary computer virus.

It is possible to search for a long time a method and a method, but 100%working solution from prying eyes and intruders, no one, unfortunately will not find. Although ... there is one answer to the question of how to close a page in a contact - just do not create it!

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