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There are many ways to promoteInternet resources. Many have not only advantages, but also cons. The most reliable and "white" of them, not capable of causing harm, is currently the promotion of the site with articles.

Yesterday in the issue of promotion of sites

A few years ago, the effectiveness of promotionsites was determined solely by the number of links. To attract visitors, the webmasters bought them on stock exchanges in bulk. In this case, it did not matter at what sites they were located. A certain investment of funds was enough to promote virtually any resource.

Features of promotion today

Now classical SEO optimization is no longeris capable of providing the sites with the necessary popularity. The rapid increase in their number led to a review by the leading search engines (Google, Yandex) of the principles of assessing their credibility.

Filling quality testingInternet content with content showed that about 90% of the materials placed in it has absolutely no information value for users. Therefore, all the content of the Internet has become indexed in two directions: relevant resources (containing unique information that is useful to users) and irrelevant (ie, actual "garbage" - materials created solely for the purpose of making money using them).

Therefore, the simple promotion of links to date is no longer relevant. Not the number of them came to the fore, but the quality determined by a number of criteria.

What ensures the maximum effectiveness when promoting a site articles

The main parameter in this sense isthe surrounding of links with quality and unique text. Only in this case, the search engine places pages with such content in the "white" index, which increases the chances of visitors to the website being promoted. Texts overloaded with links without a thematic environment automatically fall into the "black" list.

The second most important parameter of determining the qualityThe link is the citation index of sites. This is not a quantitative indicator, but a qualitative, weight-related reference. Essential value in this case is how much it corresponds to the subject matter of the site on which it is located.

How to choose the optimal site for accommodation

Placement of articles on a quality resource withhigh rating, sufficient history (at least 2 years) and TIC (at least 100) provides the maximum number of visitors who pass from it on the links to the website being promoted. This site is especially valuable for young sites that do not yet have a permanent audience.

It is rather difficult to find such sites. If this succeeds, the cooperation will help attract the target audience, gain confidence in the new site and increase its rating. This way of promotion is not only SEO-optimization, but also ideal advertising, as well as popularizing your own brand.

An article written in a neutral-positivekey, with product reviews or service recommendations, will provide them with the maximum loyalty and trust of readers. One of the most effective sites for posting articles is, which, thanks to high attendance (more than 150 thousand readers a day), allows you to quickly publish published materials in the top search engines. For example, the article "Internet clothing store from Turkey", placed on, today ranks 1 in the ranking of the search engine Yandex. Transition of visitors on a commercial link maximizes the chances of making a purchasing decision.

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