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Today we have to figure out which"Questionnaire" reviews are received from their users. The point is that this site is in great demand. Therefore, many, especially novice users, are interested in how well it works. He promotes earnings on the Web. There is a lot of deception on the Internet. And not all proposals can be trusted. Should we pay attention to the "Questionnaire"? To what extent does this site justify waiting for registered people here? Is it really possible to make money without much trouble? To understand all this in fact is not so difficult as it seems. It is enough to take a good look at the reviews. Of course, all written should not be trusted. But some useful information from the reviews can be obtained.

Earnings on the Net are fraud or reality?

The first step is to understand how much thepaid Internet surveys are real. Maybe this is another fraud? Not at all. Numerous user reviews indicate that you can receive income from answers to questions in paid applications. And the profit can pleasantly surprise.

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The main thing is to choose the right platform for work. After all, some questionnaires are really a lie. Does Voprosnik.ru apply to them? Is this site stable and good-looking?


"Questionnaire.ru "is a page that offers everyone to go through a simple registration and start earning by filling out paid surveys and participating in surveys.This activity does not surprise anyone anymore.It was said that in reality one can earn on polls, and quite a lot of money. the site shows a serious interest.

Here the main job is filling paidquestionnaire. "Questionnaire" reviews positive comments for the fact that there is a system of additional earnings. For example, for participating in a focus group or communicating in a forum. Nevertheless, the main source of income is the completion of questionnaires. Nothing strange or surprising. Everything is very clear and simple.

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The next point to consider ispage rank. "Questionnaire.ru" among all other similar resources occupies quite stable positions. This is one of the most popular sites that offers earnings on paid surveys.

You can say that the "Questionnaire" reviews getquite often as a leader in the matter under consideration. Users trust the resource. Accordingly, the site takes 1-2 place in the rating of resources, which allow you to earn on paid surveys. But is this really so? Can not the rating given out by statistics be wrong?

Sense of work

To understand this in full, you need to understand all the features of the site www.voprosnik.ru. How to earn money here?


It has already been said that the job is to participate in paid surveys. Plus, you can additionally profit from:

  • participation in special promotions;
  • communication on the forum;
  • inviting friends to the site;
  • participation in competitions.

Accordingly, everything is extremely simple and understandable. Usually they do not break their heads over additional earnings. Users, as indicated by numerous reviews, use the referral program and simply fill in the questionnaires. This is the whole point of the work. With a certain balance, a registered person can withdraw money to his e-wallet or phone. It's easy and simple. In any case, similar instructions are written on the site.

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At the site Voprosnik.ru registration, as noted by users, is free. And it pleases. No need to specify any passport data. Everything is extremely simple and understandable. It is enough to think up a login for yourself, specify the e-mail, by which the profile is registered, and then write any password to log in and repeat it. Nothing more is needed. Already after registration for the withdrawal of funds must specify the number of wallet or mobile phone. But this does not have to be done when you receive the account.

questionnaire reviews about the site

In general, the registration takes no more than 5 minutes. For this "Questionnaire" reviews are mostly positive. After all, no one is interested in personal data. Once the profile is established, you will have to confirm it. To do this, go to a special activation link, it will come to the specified email.

Another nuance that emphasizesusers, is the need to fill out a personal questionnaire. Not an obligation, but this technique helps to increase the number of polls sent to the user. Basically the questionnaire is an autobiography. It is necessary to indicate the city of residence, age, social status. No confidential information is asked here. Only that can help to bring the user in this or that category of persons at distribution of questionnaires.

Working hours

"Questionnaire.ru "receives far from the best reviews regarding the time of filling in each paid questionnaire.Overall polls are all different, but the average amount of time allocated for 1 task is 30-40 minutes, and one often has to read the text of the question asked.

Accordingly, a lot of questionnaires for the dayfill out will not work. And this fact is frustrating for some. Especially after users begin to count how much they earn. Some point out that time costs with payment are not comparable.

earnings on paid online surveys

About earnings

Why? The thing is that you can not make big money on Voprosnik.ru. And this feature is emphasized by many visitors. Work on the site under study will only suit those who have recently started to learn the ways of Internet earnings. Despite the loud promises of administrators, a lot of money here will not work.

Why? The main reason is the low cost of the completed questionnaire. It is indicated that the price tag can be set in the range from 5 to 400 rubles inclusive. But on average the questionnaire costs 20 rubles. Given the time spent, this is not a very big gain. Therefore, the "golden mountains", which some promise, should not be expected.

If you're lucky, then on average for a month you canget about 2,000 rubles from the site. And it's not a fact. That's what many users say. Yes, the "Questionnaire" is not a fraud. The resource really pays money. But far from what we would like.

Number of polls

"Questionnaire" reviews are not the best, you can evento say, the predominantly negative gets for such a feature as the number of available questionnaires to fill. Because this depends on the user's earnings.

It is stated that there are very few questionnaires. And they come unstable. Therefore, earning 2,000 is a huge luck. Many people emphasize that, with all this, the "Questionnaire" can not be called a fraud. They do offer surveys, pay money, but not in the amount promised as originally. But the negative of this phenomenon in registered users still remains. They feel cheated to some extent.

Withdrawal of funds

It was already stressed that the moneyservice output allows. But at the same time puzzling causes the deadline for the operation. The minimum amount that can be cashed is 100 rubles. It is dialed in a few hours. If you are lucky, then 1 completed questionnaire, and at least to the conclusion is ready.

www voprosnik ru how to earn

But the process takes a long time. Some say that this operation often takes up to 14 days. Yes, the money will not be lost and will not be lost. But in order to get paid, you need to worry in advance about withdrawing money from the system. A small, but a drawback. For him, "The Questionnaire" reviews are not the best.

Interruption of profiles

But this is not all the features thatyou must notify users. The thing is that the studied resource is suitable for stable earnings by far not all. Before participating in surveys it is suggested to assign the user to one or another category of persons.

It is often noted that residents withsmall or medium earnings, the bulk of the questionnaire is not available. Also, people engaged in marketing or in the production of a particular product will not be able to fully fill out the questionnaire. Residents of Russia, except for large cities, also rarely have the opportunity to fully fill the page.

Accordingly, the earnings for the questionnaire will beincomplete. It is set according to the number of answers. On average, 15-20 rubles are paid for 1 incomplete application. Not too much. And this fact does not please users. Some cunning and indicate a high income, as well as living in large cities of Russia.

voprosnik ru registration

Nevertheless, the "breaks" of the questionnaires of some are not encouraging. And so somebody does not trust the "Questionnaire" service. Reviews about the site are ambiguous. But one thing is clear - this is not cheating. The service pays well, you can earn money here, even if it's a little money.

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