How is the "Kiwi" payment carried out-a purse of various services. Payment "AliExpress" through "Kiwi" purse-wallet

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"Kiwi" is a purse today - it's simple, convenient andA quick way to pay for almost any bills and services without leaving home. This service allows not only to make purchases in online stores and replenish the balance of a mobile phone, but also to repay bank loans, purchase air, railway and other tickets (including the concerts of favorite groups), as well as pay for utilities and much, much more. If you do not have such an electronic wallet, then you are definitely one step behind time and miss the opportunity to make your life easier and more comfortable. Fortunately, you can fix this in minutes - you just need to register on the Qiwi website and go through a simple procedure to open a purse. And to help understand the possibilities of its use, we have prepared a useful article for you. On how the payment for "Kiwi" is going to be, a purse of various services, read the detailed instructions.

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Payment options by purse Qiwi

You can make payments for services and goods using the Qiwi tool in various ways. One of the most popular and convenient - directly on the official website. However, there are other options:

  • through the terminal "Kiwi";
  • using mobile phone applications;
  • via SMS-commands;
  • using the Qiwi application for social networks.

In different cases, one or anotherA way that is available to every owner of the Kiwi wallet. At the same time, you can pay easily with electronic money, plastic and virtual cards, cash and your phone bill. Let's consider all these options in more detail.

The main way is in the QIWI Wallet interface

Most often the payment for "Kiwi" is a purse of variousservices is performed by this method. Its advantage is that commissions for conducting operations are often absent or minimal. You can count for both goods and services.

payment for services through kiwi wallet

Payment for goods in Internet shops

The procedure consists of two stages. The first is on the website of the online store, the second - on the official website of the purse Qiwi Wallet. So:

  • choose the goods and add them to the basket;
  • determine the payment method - Visa QIWI Wallet;
  • enter the mobile phone number;
  • We are authorized on a site "Kiwi" and we pass to section of accounts;
  • find the account created for making the payment;
  • we press the button "Pay".

That's so simple and clear you canmake purchases using the Kiwi-purse. Payment of an invoice issued to you when ordering in an online store, occurs instantly. And information about the payment will be stored in the special section "Reports". Thus, you will always know when, how much and what was spent on money from your electronic "Kiwi" purse.

Payment for Internet provider services

Payment for the Internet through the "Kiwi" wallet is convenient yetand the fact that you can put money into the account even if access to the network is blocked (due to late replenishment of the balance). Access to the site Qiwi you will be open. The procedure is simple:

  • choose your provider;
  • enter the necessary requisites (contract number, amount, etc.);
  • choose "Pay".

The instruction is suitable both for use on the official site, and in various applications.

kiwi wallet bill payment

The second way - with the help of a plastic or virtual card QIWI Visa

In order to pay for the "Kiwi", the purse wasit is possible through the map, there is a special virtual card QIWI Visa Card. To replenish it, you just need to put money into the wallet itself. Its registration costs 10 rubles, and for each payment a commission of 1.5% of the purchase amount is taken. There is another, a plastic card QIWI Visa. It gives more opportunities, since it is accepted not only in virtual space, but also in the real world. Her account is combined with the resource QIWI Wallet, which allows you to pay with the money available in your wallet, in stores, cafes and everywhere, where non-cash payments are accepted. There is a card of 100 rubles.

The third way - with the help of a bank card, tied to a purse

Payment for "Kiwi" -seal using cardIt is possible after passing the binding procedure (it is carried out on the Qiwi website). After that, when making a payment for the purpose of paying for any goods or services from an electronic wallet account, you will be asked to use a bank card. The procedure is usual - enter the amount, phone number, choose the payment method - Visa - and make the procedure. Now when paying with a card tied to a wallet, you do not need to enter any of its data (for example, number, CVV / CVC code, etc.), they will be stored on the Kiwi server.

credit payment through kiwi wallet

The fourth way - payment from a mobile account

Payment for services through the "Kiwi" purse with the help ofA mobile phone account is very convenient when you have no other options. Almost all Qiwi providers and online stores support this service. The procedure is no different from the one described above, only when choosing the payment method you specify your mobile operator.

The fifth way - cash in the terminal Qiwi

To make payment in cash, find the terminal "Kiwi". Further, perform simple actions:

  • On the main screen, select Qiwi-purse.
  • Specify the phone number you entered when creating the account.
  • Enter the PIN code. It is sent to you when you register on the Qiwi website.
  • Go to the section of accounts for payment and choose the one you want, if there are several.
  • Click the button "Pay", make money and confirm the payment.
  • Do not forget to receive a receipt of payment "Kiwi", which confirms the fact of the procedure.

This method is convenient if you are not at home, but somewhere in a shopping center or in another place that has nearby payment terminals Qiwi.

pay check for kiwi

Payment of loans with the help of "Kiwi"

As mentioned earlier, with the help of Qiwi youYou can pay not only for goods and services, but also pay off debts to the bank. Payment for a loan through the "Kiwi" purse is possible in several ways: on the service website or in the terminal. Consider the first option.

  1. Go to the Qiwi website and log in.
  2. In the providers section, find the bank in which you have a loan.
  3. Enter the necessary details - type of operation, amount, etc.
  4. Click "Pay". At the same time, the commission is withdrawn (its size depends on the particular bank).
  5. In order to carry out the procedure in the future without refilling the data, save the payment in the "Favorites".

You can pay for the loan from the "Kiwi" -wallets and through the terminal. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. In the main menu, select the "Loan Repayment" section. Click "Next" and go to the list of banks.
  2. Choose your bank, specify the method of making a payment (by account number or card), enter the appropriate figures.
  3. Then fill in the necessary personal information (name, date of birth, etc.), mobile phone number and PIN-code (received when registering the wallet).
  4. Enter the amount of payment, confirm it and make money.
  5. Take the receipt for payment, it should be stored until the transfer of money to repay the loan.

You can use any of these methods to make settlements with banks to repay the debt.

payment aliexpress through kiwi wallet

Paying for purchases on AliExpress with the help of "Kiwi" wallet

Today, "AliExpress" is one of thethe largest trading platforms, where you can buy goods of different categories at very attractive prices. However, some people have problems with how to pay for purchases, or simply do not want to "shine" once again with a bank card on the Internet. Fortunately, not so long ago there was another way - payment for "AliExpress" through the "Kiwi" purse. This option is much safer and faster (the procedure of registration and replenishment will take no more than 15 minutes). In order to make a purchase and pay for it with the purse Qiwi, use the following instruction.

  1. Go to the website "AliExpress" and choose the products you like.
  2. Add the purchases to the shopping cart and press the Place order button.
  3. Choose the method of payment - "Kiwi" is a purse. In the window that appears, enter the mobile phone number specified when registering it.
  4. Next, you will be redirected to the interface of your Qiwi-purse. Enter the password.
  5. Your mobile phone will receive a code to confirm the purchase. Specify it in the corresponding field and click the "Confirm" button.
  6. You will again be directed to the store's website to complete the payment. The screen will display information that the order has been successfully paid for, the amount is indicated.
  7. Information about the payment can also be found on the Qiwi website in the "Reports" section.

As you can see, paying for purchases of "Kiwi" is a pursevery easy and convenient. This method is suitable for those who do not have a bank card to make purchases on the Internet or he does not want to indicate its data on such resources (which, of course, is correct). Start an electronic wallet "Kiwi" quickly, and use it simply.

internet payment through kiwi wallet


Qiwi is a modern and developing resource, andpayment "Kiwi" - a purse - a quick and reliable way to pay off your obligations, replenish your account, make purchases of goods and services, wherever you are.

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