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Search engines with much greater confidencerefer to those sites, the content of which is often updated. This means that it is impossible to increase the rating of your resource without certain costs. It can be a waste of time, if you write articles yourself, or money, if you order them from copywriters. To save on content, you can order rewrite text.

What is rewriting

In fact, this statement (retelling) of the existingtext with preservation of the basic ideas of the original. As a result of processing, a qualitatively new unique material is obtained. Rerayt text can be simple and deep. The latter implies not just a rearrangement of words in places, but a full processing of the text. The author should have a good command of the rules of the Russian language and understand the meaning of the information contained in the source.

The techniques that are used to write the material in this way, there are many. The choice of them depends on the purpose of rewriting.

Basic techniques

  1. Change in the sentence order of words.
  2. Replacement of word combinations with similar phrases and synonyms.
  3. Change of speech style, grammatical structure of sentences.
  4. Replacement of indirect speech by direct, etc.

In order for the text to be more qualitative,beginning rewriteers after acquaintance with the source make a plan of the future article in order to think over its structure and not miss anything important. As a rule, after processing, the source text is greatly reduced. Therefore, you must adhere to the amount of text required by the customer.

Where to order rewriting texts

In this regard, it is necessary to refer tocopywriters. They can be found on stock exchanges, and also this service is provided by agencies and studios. For example, you can apply to, which employs a good, experienced and well-coordinated team, capable of qualitatively approaching the writing of any articles required by the customer.

Rewrite text is used in the following cases:

  • if it is necessary to update information quickly;
  • with the aim of increasing uniqueness;
  • to place material on several sites and quickly fill pages;
  • to correct existing errors in the text and improve its readability;
  • in order to change the style of writing, for example, to make the article more interesting or vice versa more formal;
  • to simplify the difficult to perceive information.

Site owners often order rewrite notonly materials posted on their own sites, but also interesting articles from other resources. In the latter case, the artist needs more skill, so that the text is at least similar to the source.

Ultimately, the work done must meet certain requirements. The customer is provided with a quality rewrite if:

  1. the meaning of the source is transferred in full;
  2. a high degree of uniqueness of the text is achieved;
  3. the material is written correctly, without grammatical, spelling, stylistic and punctuation mistakes;
  4. inserted the necessary number of key phrases and words;
  5. The text is easy to read, the required style and structure of the text are observed;
  6. The article does not contain conjectures of the performer, as well as other facts not contained in the source code.

Uniqueness is not the main thing

Rewrite text should be of high quality. Uniqueness alone is not capable of providing fast website promotion. Articles should be interesting to visitors and readable. Otherwise, such an Internet resource will be entered by the search engines in the "black list" and visitors will never get to it.

When ordering the rewriting of the text from professionals who competently and properly perform their work, you can effectively develop your site and increase the revenue from it.

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