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Today we will find out who Sergei Grane is. Reviews negative about him and his activities - is not uncommon. So let's try to figure out whether the negative is justified, or people are just jealous. In addition, let's see what the earnings on the Internet can be, and what scammers use to make a profit.

sergey's face reviews are negative

Types of earnings

So, let's start by learning a bit about the types of earnings on the World Wide Web. Business on the Net is a common thing. But what can you do? And anyway, is it worth it?

In modern society there is a lotlessons with which the user can attract income. And the money can be both large and small. It all depends on the type of activity.

The first type of profit is Internet surfing. Just on it, many start to master the World Wide Web in search of a source of profit. Not very much, but you can earn in this way.

The second option is freelancing. All people have some skills. Why then bury talent in the ground? It is possible to carry out so-called employment for hiring and get money for it. Usually, tasks are limited to writing articles, editing photos, creating websites - everything that you can create behind a computer. Here already there is a chance to make good money. This is the most popular business on the web.

The third way to make a profit is to maintainbusiness (sales). You can open your online store or get a manager in the already available. Sell ​​the product with the help of the World Wide Web and make a profit.

But where is Sergei Gran? Reviews negative and positive, as well as its activities, we now discuss.

Serghei Border Fraud


Well, of course, you can earn on the Internet. True, in the World Wide Web today a lot of scammers have divorced. They deceive users in many ways. Now we will see which ones.

Probably, many people came to thee-mail that you are offered to visit a free webinar on the topics of earnings. In particular, it is very fast and profitable. This is the first type of fraud. You get drunk on earnings, but you can learn the details only by purchasing a book (program, other lectures and so on). In the end, it turns out that all the lessons are an ordinary divorce.

The second option is the submission of ads in whichproclaims that operators are required to recruit text (collecting pens at home and others). Before taking you to work, they will require a fee, allegedly an insurance. Then you can get down to business. But no, this will not happen, because after making a payment the "boss" will evaporate.

It is possible to enumerate for a very long time the methods of deceitonline. We discussed with you the most common. What for? Then, that we now will understand, who is Sergey Gran. Reviews are negative about him - true or false? We have an answer to all this.

About a human

Sergey Gran is a person who claims that he earns millions a year. And it turns out he has it without much effort and deception. Such an honest millionaire.

Conducts Sergey Gran lecture. On them he promises to teach ordinary people ways of earning - those that he uses. Honestly, if you do a good job with your brains, then it's quite logical to ask if this guy is a fraudster.

Sergey Gran is engaged in its activities alreadyabout 8 years. In truth, it is doubtful that someone decided to share their secrets of making a profit. Yes, and so huge. Thus, you will have to think several times before trusting this person. Let's consider its activity in more detail. What are users facing? What offers Sergei Gran - fraud or not?

free webinar


So, it all starts out trivially: or from the next advertising banner, or from a direct letter sent to e-mail. You are invited to visit the free webinar of Sergey Gran, who will teach you how to earn millions. With all this for the shortest time.

Very tempting, is not it? Who does not want to have a lot of money, and even without unnecessary strain? Of course, everyone dreams of this. You will be invited to visit this person's blog to get acquainted with his activities. Honestly, the look of the site is very nice. He does not scare away, causes trust. Nevertheless, after you become acquainted with the information, you will need to pass a small registration. Namely: to inform your initials, mobile number and mail. So you will be given access to the video, where it will be told about the activities of the project owner. But why does Sergei Gran receive negative reviews after all? Now we'll figure it out.


If you've ever encountered scammersin the World Wide Web, in particular, with "businessmen" who are taught to earn quickly, then everything will be very clear. If you are an ordinary user who has caught on with a tempting offer, it's best to moderate your ardor. It's all about the fact that Sergey Gran practices fraud. Which one?

We start with what we are invited to visitlectures, and then - and the author's "educational center." The offer comes via email or through an advertising website. Where does this business person have an ordinary user's address? Apparently, someone uses methods to spread spam.

business online

The second point, which is worth paying attention to, is the building of Sergey's site. He is a template. Now such content can be found very much, especially in the environment of quick money offers.

Another interesting circumstance - Sergey wantsThe edge of the infobusiness organization. That's why he is looking for new employees, comrades and so on. Our scammer reports this with a special video, which lasts a little less than an hour. The problem is that when you watch a video you are literally encouraged to follow the action. It's like a zombie. Well, we will try to move forward, but focusing on the key points that can show us the true human activity.


Sergey Gran receives negative reviews more and more often. The thing is that on the Internet users are getting smarter and more savvy every day. That is why it is more difficult to deceive them than it seems.

Let's return to our topic. After we look at the initial video, we will be asked to pass a small registration. Well, we were convinced of the effectiveness of the action. Fill in the required fields, and then wait for the letter to be sent to the e-mail.

We look, that has come. The first thing that should be alarming is that we are signed to send out lectures. Sergey Gran receives negative reviews already for the fact that after confirmation of the subscription, we are literally beginning to fill up with a variety of advertisements. So we move on. Now let's see what will wait for us in the next video. After all, this will help to understand the veracity of the reviews.

sergei facet infobusiness


The second part of the Gran lectures is nothing more than ahis next story about the actual activities. True, here our friend will begin to "pour water" about how bad he was before he changed jobs, and how wonderful, easy and good he is now.

Here our millionaire will start to give examples,photos and all sorts of confirmation of his words. As noted in many reviews, the evidence presented is quite stereotyped. That is, if you look through several videos of "millionaires" teachers, you can see a great similarity between them. However, the video is arranged so that the user wants to view it further. The last part of what is presented to us is the most interesting in the whole process. Let's see what we have to face.

Theory of choice

Sergey Gran proposed a "triangle of choice", owhich he will tell you in the third segment of the video. In addition, you can also read about this theory a little on the page. You will be asked to provide passport data, and then allowed to the final and most interesting part of the whole process.

Strictly speaking, the "triangle of choice" issomething like a period for which you must make a clear decision. Or confirm your intention for training, or reject the offer. Yes - it means yes, no, then no. And no more. It is these words that lead you to the culmination of the process.

After you watch the video, you will be informed,that it's time to pay. And a very small amount. After that, you will have the opportunity to learn how to earn 12 million per year. The fee for the course is 6,000 rubles. After that, you will have only 3 days to choose the path: pay the entire course or refuse it. Remember that no one will return money to you. So on this whole activity and its positive sides end. As you can see, Sergey Gran receives negative feedback for a reason. Let's talk about some more points that relate to our topic.

Serghei facet triangle of choice

What to look for

If you still doubt the correctnessreviews that claim that Sergei is a fraud, let's look at some features. They will be able to prove to you the reliability of negative opinions.

It's all about the fact that the first momentshould pay attention (in addition to the patterning), this is how you are lured. You provide all your data (including the place of residence), subscribe to mailings ... Maybe it's done "on the machine", or maybe consciously. Nevertheless, you give a completely unfamiliar person important information about yourself.

In addition, you in every way begin to zombify. Lure earnings, praise, called the elected. Flattery is good, of course, but not when it comes out to us sideways.

Another interesting move fraudster - youhave provided information about themselves, and at the end of watching the video you are demanding money. And 6,000 you have to pay. It will not work out - all the information is available from Sergei. You downloaded them yourself! So either you pay an amount for viewing, or there will be problems. Naturally, there is fear here. Thus, so that the money is not "burned out," you will have to buy the whole course. And it, as it later turns out, will cost more than 30,000 rubles. Already a weighty blow to the pocket. So if you are thinking how to make money, it is better not to listen to Granny's advice.

Looking for information

Especially intelligent and advanced users tend to prefer to "dig" and get information about the future employer. It is this caution that helps to leave real feedback about a person.

As it turned out, the BTR-center of Sergey Gran does not haveown web address. Very strange, because he has a "boss", and even very nice, but his brainchild does not. Suspicious, is not it? Now every educational institution, even the most ordinary school, has its own website.

sergey facet of the lecture

In addition, no relevant information on thisthe center can not be found. Only what some users say, and also Sergey himself. So you can not even watch his video. He gets negative feedback reasonably: raises people for money, and also gets information about ordinary users. Maybe he then uses it for some of his purposes.


Nevertheless, there are also those who claim thatGran's technique really works. Frankly, such reviews, if you look closely, are written in the same pattern as the "businessman" site itself.

The thing is that positive, sometimes veryflattering words in the direction of Sergei leave the users who were paid for a good tip. So they earn their living. Among scammers, this move is by no means a rarity. So be careful, do not mess with Sergey Gran.

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