Flash deal on "Aliexpress" - what is it? Features of "fast transactions"

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Many people have heard about such a method of sales as Flashdeal on "Aliexpress." What is this translated into Russian? Flash deal means "fast transactions," and the process itself is a huge sale of a number of products that can be purchased at a discount of up to 90%. It is held three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11 am.

You can say, speaking of the Flash deal on"Aliexpress" that it is an opportunity for the buyer to receive the goods for the minimum amount, while the seller does advertising to himself and the products, due to the fact that before buying most of the people go to the profile, study reviews, browse the catalog.

flash deal on aliexpress what is it

Features Flash deal

This method of sale has features:

  • Limited quantity of products. In general, the number of products varies from 20 to 100 pieces of one product name.
  • Limit by the number of products for one buyer. So, one ID can only buy one unit of the same name.
  • Time frame. The sale begins and ends at a strictly fixed time, which is limited. It can last several days, however, the number of those who want to buy goods for a penny is so great that, as a rule, everything is sold out in a few minutes.
  • A small choice. A buyer who expects a huge product range will be disappointed, as only a few types of products are on sale.

So, the flash deal on "Aliexpress" - what is it? Fantastically low cost. Sellers sell commodity items for 20-30 cents, the highest price rarely exceeds the amount of $ 1, while the real price can be higher in dozens of times.

which means a flash deal on aliexpress

How to find "quick deals"

It is impossible not to tell, speaking about the Flash deal on "Aliexpress", that this possibility can be used in two ways:

  • On the main page of the portal, to the right of the list of sections of the catalog and above the announcements of the events, there is a section "Last Products". Actually, this is it.
  • In the category list, find the "Nearly Free" section and go to it.

These sections appear only for a couple of hours before the sale, and sometimes even a few minutes before the start.

For mobile application users, the methodsearch for "fast transactions" is similar, since the site map does not differ from the full version. When buying goods in this way, it is better to use a mobile application, as it calculates time more accurately, and there is also the possibility of payment from a mobile phone account.

Now you know what the Flash deal means at "Aliexpress", and you will be able to purchase goods even more profitable.

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