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How to save the live broadcast in the Instagram? This question is of interest to many users of the social network. Also, most would not refuse the legal way, which would allow copying to your smartphone video from other accounts. But is it possible?

What is a live broadcast? What are its advantages?

Instagram gives users more and moreopportunities for communication, to promote your business and personal account. Live is a good tool for communicating with subscribers. It allows you to talk to them in real time in real time, answer questions that they leave in the comments. Also it allows fans to see the blogger live, without filters.

The pros of this kind of connection is obvious. They allow users to take ownership of an account closer than just a video or photo. And the one who conducts the air, can control how many people listen to him, how many takes his words, actively participates in the life of the page.

how to keep the live broadcast in the instagram

How to save live broadcast in Instagram?

One of the updates provided to the network userskeep your live broadcasts. This allowed those who could not or did not have time to view it in real time to familiarize themselves with the content of the video. However, comments and huskies in this case are not preserved. Users will only see the video of the blogger.

How is the live broadcast made?To begin with, go to the Instagram, pay attention to the upper left corner. Here is the camera icon. It is familiar to those who add video or photos to this social network.

Next, the user is offered a list of whathe can demonstrate to others. You must select the line with the word "Live". Recording will start. When the user wants to complete it, you need to click on the button of the same name.

How to save the live broadcast in the Instagram? After the end of the live broadcast, you need to click on the "Save" button, which is located in the upper corner of the display. Now the broadcast is saved to the user's phone.

how to keep someone else's live broadcast in the instagram

How to save the live broadcast in the Instagram for a day?

In addition, as described above, Instagram alsooffers a new interesting feature. True, many will have to update their software. Now, after the end of the broadcast, the user can select the "Save for another 24 hours" icon. This means that other users will be able to see this live broadcast in the record for another 24 hours, in the same line as the "Histories".

That is, absolutely anyone can see the record. This is convenient, since not everyone can have the opportunity to get on the live broadcast at a certain point in time.

Strange video. Preservation

Many people are interested in the question of how to save someone else'slive broadcast in Instagram? There is no legal way, as the developers of the application do not. However, you can find special applications that deal with this.

how to keep the live broadcast in the other's instructions

Instagram protects its users, preserving the inviolability of the data and not allowing the rest to copy their information.

How to save a live broadcast in the Instagram of another user? No way. However, there will be no problems with its own.

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