The tricks of online shopping: how to pay for "Aliexpress" through a card of the Savings Bank?

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"Alyexpress" is a popular Russian tradea site on which tens of thousands of lots of various retailers and wholesalers are represented. The progenitor of the service is the largest leader of the world Internet trade "Alibaba".

how to pay for aliexpress through a card of a savings bank

Aliexpress and Sberbank

Many users care about howpay for "Aliexpress" through the card of Sberbank? Everything is simple. It is enough to choose the option "Payment by bank card". The payment system of the trading platform accepts cards connected to international Visa and MasterCard systems. To complete the procedure, the user will need to provide the details of his card, which are indicated on its front side, and a protective CVC code printed on the back.

How to pay for "Aliexpress" through the cardSberbank? Is it safe? The group of companies "Alibaba", which owns the service, guarantees its users absolute protection of all personal data that they transmit through an encrypted message. Buyers enter the name of the owner of the plastic card, which is being calculated, validity period, unique digital number, CVC code.

aliexpress payment

Trust but check!

How to pay for "Aliexpress" through the cardSberbank and not make the mistake in this case? It is necessary to carefully check all entered data. If any information was typed incorrectly, the system will send an automatic message about the cancellation of the transaction. There can be several such attempts. There is a practice of blocking the bank cards. Therefore, if you have any questions or difficulties with entering personal information and paying for it, you should contact the credit institution.

How to pay for "Aliexpress" through the cardSberbank with PayPal? This procedure requires some preparation. To start, you need to register a user in PayPal's electronic payment system. Then you should connect the active card issued by Sberbank.

how to pay for aliexpress

The case is taken by professionals

Verification may be necessary. It will also require a certain amount of time. However, by connecting a plastic card of the Savings Bank to the PayPal system, the user can at any time take advantage of the world's largest and most authoritative electronic payment system.

Russian alternative to PayPal

Payment for "Aliexpress" is also possible throughuse of funds that are stored on the balance of Qiwi-purse. There are many ways to replenish a virtual account. It is enough to simply use the advanced terminal network Qiwi. How to pay for "Aliexpress", if the wallet has already been replenished for the required amount and ready for use?

In the last step, you must select thepayment Qiwi, enter the phone number to which the wallet is connected, check the total amount of the purchase. The system will ask for the password. If the verification code was entered correctly, the buyer will be asked to complete the purchase procedure by clicking on the "pay" button. There are often cases when various kinds of failures occur in the financial system of the trading platform "AliExpress".

how to pay for aliexpress through a card of a savings bank

System errors

For example, common errors are doubleremoval or double blocking of funds. There is no corresponding change in order statuses. As a result, the purchase remains marked, as it is waiting for the buyer's payment. In turn, the seller does not send the goods. In any of the cases described, there is only one sure way - contact the support team as soon as possible.

Still in doubt about the reliability of the systemAlibaba? Draw up an unnamed bank card like Momentum, which is issued by Sberbank. To exclude erroneous withdrawals and blockages from the side of the trading platform, transfer to the card the amount that you are going to spend.

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