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Dating is an important part of human life.Previously, in order to find new friends, it was necessary to go out. But progress on the spot is not worth it. And so now you can easily get acquainted with new people. Various dating sites come to help. For example, "Topface". Reviews about this site, as well as its features will be discussed further. What is service itself? How good is he for dating? Is the site happy with visitors? Having understood all this, it will be possible to speak with confidence about the quality of the service.


The first step is to understand what TopFace is. In a social network or just on the Internet - it's not so important. The main thing is that the service has a single description.

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"Topface" is a kind of dating site. It appears in different forms, but this does not change the service functions. It is proposed to look for new friends and even serious relationships.

But how good is "Topface" feedback? What features of the service is recommended to pay attention? And is it worth registering here?


Topface is a service intended for communication and dating. A place where users are guaranteed a lot of pleasant minutes of communication. As already mentioned, the service is represented by several types.

First, it is nothing more than a website. The most common web page with an extremely clear interface. "Topface" reviews gets different. But while users note the convenience of working with the site.

Secondly, "Topface" is an application forsocial networks. For example, you can find it in "Vkontakte". Immediately after installation, you can start working with the service. In just a few minutes it will be possible to find a new interlocutor!

Thirdly, Topface comes out as a separate program for mobile devices. We can say that such proposals are something like a mobile version of the site. It's nice and easy to work with.

About creation and work

Dating site topface.com was initially presented as a page that helps to evaluate users' photos. Here it was suggested to create a profile, then add pictures and get access to the features of the service. As a basis for creating a social network, the application "Hypocritus" was adopted.

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To the assessment of photos added the possibility of communication and a variety of tools for virus distribution. After the transformation, the site was named TopFace.

Territory coverage

What other features are recommended to pay attention to? The fact is that "Topface" reviews positive comments for the fact that the service is working in many countries.

To date, the application allows you to communicatewith people from different parts of the world. About half of all participants are not from Russia. Therefore, we can call the service international. Accordingly, if you want to communicate with people from different countries, you can turn to the site "Topface". Just a few clicks - and you can start dating.

Earn money

Of course, any popular site should bring some profit to its creators. And "TopFace: dating and communication" is no exception. But how do they earn here?

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A feature of the service is that it is conditionallyfree. Registration and most of the functions in "Topface" do not require payment. But some additional opportunities are offered only after making money.

Also "Topfeis" earns on advertising fromdiverse brands. For example, Nivea. When the application or site starts, the user will see small videos. For their placement, the service is paid well.

Thus, "Topface" reviews earnsvarious. Among them there are good ones - they indicate that you can get acquainted for free. But negative opinions are also encountered. Users say that for many interesting and useful functions have to pay. And this fact repels from registration.

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About the number of visitors

Reviews "Topfeis" (dating) gets a differenttype. Therefore, it is not so easy to judge the conscientiousness of the service. It is impossible not to notice the fact that the resource is very large. Every day it is visited by a huge number of users.

At the peak of its popularity, the service added 3 million new members per week. Now there are fewer visitors, but it is still at a fairly high level.

You can find an interlocutor at any timeor just have a good time. It will not be boring. Communication is available not only with the inhabitants of Russia, but also with other countries. It does not happen that there is no one to talk to in Topface. This is a fairly large and well-known service that does not remain without visitors.


All reviews of Topface.ru can not be studied. They are left daily by different users. But some of the main points from them can be extracted.

An important role is played by the contingent. Yes, communication is available here with different countries. Only many are interested in how adequate the interlocutors are on the site. On the Internet, as is known, there is a lot of deceit and not the most conscientious people.

"Topface" reviews in this area receivesambiguous. You can call them more negative. The thing is that there are a lot of users on the service. There is a chance to get acquainted with adequate people. But mostly there are suspicious individuals. Or people who are only looking for flirting, a "one night" relationship, as well as just scammers. Therefore, the contingent of visitors to the service pleases not everyone.

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There is a possibility that it will be on Topface that it will be possible to find love and build a family in the future. But in practice this is not so easy. This fact should be taken into account by each user.


Everything is not as bad as it might seem. Positive aspects of the service take place. And in considerable quantities. What is famous for "Topfeas"? User feedback indicates that they are pleased with the opportunity to work with the site through a mobile device or social networks. This eliminates the need to register a separate account. You can use the questionnaire created in the social network.

It is impossible not to stress the availability of freeregistration. Many dating sites charge a certain amount for establishing a profile on the service. "Topface", as already mentioned, is not endowed with such an opportunity. All money people list for additional functions, which are activated at personal discretion.

Some say that the site is well-designed, itpleases with its design. Causes confidence in visitors. Therefore, you can register without any fears on the service. Everything is simple, clear and safe.

Topfeys has the moderation andblocking unwanted interlocutors. At any time, you can block someone you do not want to talk to. Similar functions are only welcomed. They are not available for some similar sites. Or they are available for a fee. At "Topfeis" the moderation is free. The fact pleases many.

Of course, "Topface" reviews positive typereceives a high attendance, as well as a huge number of interlocutors. But is it really all right? What are the disadvantages of the service? And are they in principle?

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About shortcomings

Minuses from the dating site is also quite a lot. They are emphasized by almost all users. Therefore, we can not say that "Topface" is the ideal place for dating on the Internet.

What disadvantages are most often upsettingvisitors? Modern users say that "Topface" is a site for pumping out money. Register here is allowed for free, but without attachments it will not work properly with the service. For most of the functions you have to pay. Without the status of VIP or Premium, you can not normally exchange messages.

Also on the site there are many inadequate people. Sometimes there are scammers and scammers. There is always the risk of meeting suspicious personalities. Most users of "Topfeys" do not seek a serious relationship, they are interested in either flirting or "one night" relationships.

Results and conclusions

It is clear which "Topface" reviews receive. This service is a good place for dating, but mostly for flirting. Without investments on the site, you will not succeed. Therefore, you have to spend some money.

Like any dating site, Topface does not give any guarantees for success. Here you can find a good friend, and love for life, and just inadequate people. From this no one is immune.

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Should I register on TopFace? If you want to find new friends or spend a couple of hours of free time - yes. But we should not hope for incredible opportunities. "Topface" - a good place for communication, though with its shortcomings.

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