How to delete the "Contact" page?

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Delete the "Contact" page is pretty easy -you just need to know how. Having done this, of course, you can restore it later, without losing any records on the wall, no photos - nothing at all! By the way, those who decide to take this step almost always return to the social network "VKontakte" quite quickly.

Delete a page is very simple: in the "My Settings" menu you need to scroll the page to the bottom, the last line is the phrase "You can delete your page". Clicking on it, the user gets to the menu with the indication of the reason why he wants to delete the "VKontakte" page. There are several options for every taste!

Curiously, when you select each menu in thefor a comment that, along with the notification of deletion of the page, will be displayed in the news feed to friends, a short comic message appears, which can be replaced with the phrase of your own work or erased altogether.

So, when you select the menu "I have anotherpage, "a comment is made that the profile was created for the user's dog, but now the pet has grown so clever that he could register himself in the social network himself.The second menu explains the care of the user by the fact that he can not live happily and happily as long as he has page in the social network, and also wishes the remaining "weak-willed vegetables" good luck.

delete page in contact
The third choice: "There are too many unacceptable materials in contact" - will amuse the friends of the removed user with the message that now he has enough pornographic and pirated materials, so he no longer needs his profile on the social network. Indeed, in addition to the fact that "VKontakte" is one of the most popular soc. networks, it is still a giant file storage. Security point
if I delete a page in a contact
Data offers to inform friends of the user that he is going underground, for fear of persecution of the powerful of this world.

Finally, wishing to delete the page "In Contact"due to the fact that no one comments on their records, they may leave a message that only a couple of friends will regret their leaving. In this case, using a random number generator, a pair of names from the first five friends of the user is displayed.

in contact remove page
As already mentioned above, the user canget rid of the page by erasing the message or selecting "Other reason". Then a message will appear in the news feed of his friends that the user has silently deleted his page.

If you delete the "Contact" page, then none of theusers will no longer be able to access personal information: photos, videos, contact details, can not be written on the wall. By going to the remote page, users will see a message stating that the user's page has been deleted and the information is not available. Of all the information that normally contains a profile of this kind, only the name and surname will be visible, even the photo will be replaced with a standard photo, which was also used earlier when the administration blocked the user for spam.

By the way, those who want to delete the page "Bcontact "is invisible, they can remove the" tell friends "checkbox in the menu, and then no message will appear in the news feed of your friends. Perhaps, only in this case it will be possible to perceive the user's decision seriously.

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