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A few decades ago, people for shoppingthe things they needed went to the store or went to another city in search of a rare thing. Today you do not need to go anywhere. In our life included online stores that allow you to make purchases in any convenient place: at home, at school, work, rest. Today we will consider MEGABiT ("Megabit"). This is an online store that sells household appliances and electronics. What opportunities does it offer its customers? What leave reviews about the online store "Megabit"?

Acquaintance with the company

The company "Megabit" is in the market of householdengineering and electronics since 2003. She spent many years in the commercial sphere. Changes that occur in modern life, pushed the company to open an online store. It was created primarily for the convenience of customers. Thanks to the appeared resource in the World Wide Web, it became easier for people to make purchases.

For customers, the MEGABiT online store offers several product groups:

  • smartphones;
  • tablets;
  • laptops;
  • printers;
  • household appliances;
  • TVs;
  • server equipment;
  • photo and video equipment.

megabit online store reviews

Product selection

In the online store "Megabit" you can findalmost any desired product. For example, here you can assemble a computer. Components in MEGABiT are represented by processors, motherboards, video cards, RAM, hard disks, power supplies, disk drives, cases, etc. There is also a software on sale.

There is a wide range of equipment for housing,starting from televisions and ending with teapots. For the garden and home in the online store there will be lawn mowers, drills and perforators, saws, jigsaws, planes, screwdrivers, grinding machines, measuring tools, mini-sinks.

Mums and dads of great interest cause goods forchildren, available in the online store. These are strollers, carrying, car seats, radio-controlled and interactive toys. Of household appliances for moms and toddlers there are radio and baby monitors, nightlights.

megabit online store


To place an order, you first determineshopping. Make a choice in the online store easily, because each product is written characteristics for reference, prices are indicated. On some pages there are reviews and reviews. All the buyers you like add to the shopping cart. This is done by one mouse click on the corresponding button.

After adding goods to the basket, proceed with the ordering process. The essence of this procedure is to fill out the application:

  • at the first stage, as evidenced by feedback on the online store "Megabit", enter personal information - name, email address and phone number;
  • at the second stage indicate the way of receiving goods - self-delivery, courier delivery, delivery by the transport company;
  • at the third stage determine the form of payment for an order - cash, cashless transfer, plastic bank card (electronic money in the online store is not accepted);
  • at the fourth stage confirm the correctness of personal data entry and complete the payment processing (if a bank card was chosen).

Purchase of goods in installments or credit

People who want to buy in the online storeany goods, but not having the right amount of money, can make a purchase using the Paylate service. It belongs to the microfinance organization Credit Line. The essence of the purchase on the "Megabit" website through the Paylate service is the client's drawing up of a loan on suitable terms:

  • the loan amount can be from 3 thousand to 150 thousand rubles;
  • the term for the provision of funds - up to 12 months;
  • the interest rate is determined individually and ranges from 1.9% to 4.9% per month from the originally issued amount;
  • grace period - from 15 to 120 days.

In addition to payment by Paylate online storegives users the opportunity to use a loan from Alfa-Bank. It is given to citizens who have a permanent place of work, at least 3 months of experience. Overdue loans should not be.

megabit moscow

Delivery of ordered goods

Delivery of MEGABiT is carried out by severalways. In those cities where shops are located, delivery by courier is possible. To ensure that everything went well, when placing an order indicate the street number of the house. Delivery is carried out to the entrance. The goods are not brought to the subway, cafe, railway station and other public places.

Pickup is carried out from retail storesMEGABiT in Moscow, Noginsk, Elektrostal, Elektrogorsk, Pavlovsky Posad, Likino-Dulyovo. In some other cities, you can also use this delivery method if there are order issuing points.

In cities where there are no points of issue, norretail stores "Megabit", delivery is carried out by transport companies. An example is St. Petersburg. The Internet store "Megabit" offers buyers from this city to use post-shops and terminals, which belong to different transport companies.

megabit delivery

Return Policy

The company "Megabit" assures its customers that,that it carries out its activities in accordance with the law "On Protection of Consumer Rights". Any user before the time of execution of the order can refuse from it. To do this, contact the support team or write a letter to the employees of the company using e-mail.

In case of payment, the goods are returned only in case,if he has a marriage, does not meet the proper quality or belongs to a group of technically complex products. Items not related to:

  • to electrical appliances and machines;
  • household radio-electronic equipment;
  • household computing and copying equipment;
  • cinema and photographic equipment;
  • telephone sets;
  • facsimile equipment;
  • electro musical instruments;
  • electronic toys.

Internet shop MEGABiT, having accepted substandardgoods, returns money to the buyer if there is a corresponding requirement. All this procedure is carried out within 10 days. If the purchase was paid in cash, the money is given out in the retail stores "Megabit". If the order was paid from a bank card, then the entire amount spent is returned to it.

megaby discounts

Promotions in the online store

The site "Megabit" allows not only to quickly place an order, but also make a profitable purchase. Periodically, the online store announces the holding of various promotions. Here are their examples:

  • refund of money for the purchase of equipment sets;
  • gifts for the purchase of certain goods;
  • draw prizes after the purchase;
  • accrual of bonus points for booking rail and air tickets, hotel rooms.

The promotions are presented in a special section of the site andare available for inspection to each buyer. Their list is periodically updated, so it is worth to look more often at the page of the Megabit Internet store.

discount cards

In the online store, bargains do notOnly during the action of shares and special offers. Owners of discount cards always make orders for reduced prices, because they are discounted MEGABiT. The company has devised several different maps:

  • "Silver";
  • "The Golden";
  • "Platinum";
  • "Diamond".

Cards are purchased for cash. "Silver" costs 495 rubles, "Golden" - 990 rubles, "Platinum" - 1 990 rubles, "Diamond" -2 990 rubles. Some customers first buy a low-level card, and then, if necessary, exchange it for a high-level card with a surcharge.

Than one discount card MEGABiT differsfrom another? This question is asked by many buyers. In order to answer it, we give an example. One of the vacuum cleaners in the online store is presented at a price of 1 600 rubles (for registered users it is equal to 1 516 rubles). The price decreases:

  • when specifying the "Silver Card" to 1 444 rubles;
  • when specifying the "Gold Card" to 1 386 rubles;
  • when specifying "Platinum card" to 1 343 rubles;
  • when specifying a "Diamond Card" to 1 272 rubles.

megabit guarantee

Positive comments about the online store

Customers who make successful purchases leavepositive feedback about the online store "Megabit". People note that the right product was quickly found in a wide range. Purchases turned out to be profitable, because all the equipment and items are installed in the online store low prices.

Satisfied customers also write that whenDefect detection, the problem with the goods was solved very quickly by the company. However, some buyers argue that such information is a lie. They consider such reviews written to order. What else do people point out in their negative comments? We will deal with this issue.

Negative feedback

Positive feedback is not so much to-day. A lot of negative opinions are left. Dissatisfied customers indicate the presence of flaws in the online store:

  • "Megabit," as users assure, sells defective goods;
  • some customers can not return a defective product - the company refuses to return money;
  • When there are problems with the order or the received product, it is very difficult to get through to the support service.

Very unpleasant situations, according to customers,arise when necessary to return the goods. For example, one user of an online store wrote about buying 2 monitors in the company "Megabit". One of them turned out to be substandard. The screen showed black extinct pixels. When buying a receipt was received with the seal of the organization, which spoke about the possibility of returning the goods within 7 days without explaining the reasons. The company refused to accept the monitor because the box was opened. Naturally, the client had a question, how it was possible to determine the quality of the monitor without opening the package. The user's opinion about the online store because of such a case has deteriorated.

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Shopping Tips

Negative reviews about the online store"Megabit" alarming potential and current customers. First, low prices discourage some people. Users believe that a suspicious cost indicates a poor quality product. In fact, there is no connection between price and quality. The online store can afford low prices, because it does not need money to rent premises, it is not necessary to pay wages to security guards, salespeople, managers. All these advantages of working on the World Wide Web make it possible to save money.

Secondly, customers fear that poor qualitygoods will not be able to return. The company will refuse, citing any reasons. You should not be afraid of this, because if you refuse, you can turn to the consumer rights protection society, to various authorities. The company will be obliged to comply with the law, in accordance with which it must accept defective goods from its users for repair, exchange or refund of money.

It is worth noting that most productspresented in the store MEGABiT, the warranty is available from the manufacturer. If a breakage occurs during a certain warranty period, the purchased equipment is exchanged or received for repair. Some products have a guarantee of the store itself. In case of poor-quality work of the acquired equipment, you can contact the store’s own service center.

It is also recommended that users actmore competently with the purchase. At the time of receipt of the goods need to be checked in the presence of a person representing the transport company. If external defects are detected, the employee draws up a corresponding act indicating all the deficiencies found. Without an act, claims in appearance are not considered.

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