How to Download Music from Contacts?

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How to download music from You can do this in several ways. However, you need to know about them, because The social network allows you to listen to a lot of music tracks, but there are no open links to direct downloading.

However, there are options for downloading this music ina computer. This, in principle, is not difficult. You can do this using undocumented settings that use special programs and scripts. All these methods are absolutely legal, so you can safely use them. With the help of scripts and codes you can not only download, but also learn how to put music on the site.

The musical base of the network contains a hugeamount of music that I would like to download myself. On the Internet, you can find hundreds of suggestions to tell how to download music from Contact. However, many of them are frank tricks to get user passwords from mail or page on the site. Fortunately, there are proven ways that are safe and do not carry such a danger.

How to download music from a contact using the code?

This will require a computer, the Internet and a desire to understand. Nothing more is needed.

Downloading via JS java script

This is the easiest way. First you need to go to the page with the song you want to download. Then in the browser line you need to insert the JS code. javascript: (function () {var s = document.createElement ("script"); s.src = ""; s.type = "text / javascript"; document .getElementsByTagName ("head") [0] .appendChild (s);}) ();

It is harmless. After the code is inserted, you need to press the "Enter" key. Click "Play" to start the download. Just in place of the song will be a link (download) to download the file.

Just click on "Download". Immediately the normal download process will begin. Done.

The files are downloaded to a temporary folder. For different browsers, the folders will be different.

For Internet Explorer, this will be:

C: / Documents and Settings / user / Local Settings / Temporary Internet Files /

Opera - this folder is:

C: / Documents and Settings / user / Local Settings / Application Data / Opera / Opera / profile / cache4 /

FireFox - the folder will be:

C: / Documents and Settings / Admin / Local Settings / Application Data / Mozilla / Firefox / Profiles / default / Cache

Go to this folder. Then click "View - Table" and configure the sorting of files by date so that the latest downloads are at the top of the table (so it is more convenient). Find the most "fatty" files, this will be our music. Set the music extension to * .mp3. Move to the folder you want. Now you can listen to music as you want, from your computer. You can still immediately roll out such a simple operation how to record music to disk, so as not to clutter up space on the computer.

How to download music from Contacts with the help of the program?

You can download music from social networks with the help of the program VKSaver. This is a working program that can be downloaded from the same Contact.

First you need to go to your own siteprogram On the page, find the inscription "Use VKSaver`om and be happy". Click on the word "VKSaver" to go to the next page. Find the button with the words "Download Now Windows XP (1.1.3, 64.5KB)" and click on it.

The download window will open, click "Save"specifying the path where you want to place the program on your computer. After saving, close the browser. Run the program. In the License Agreement window that appears, click Accept. Then specify the installation location (or by default it will be installed on drive C), click "Install".

Once again open the browser, go to the page, fromwhich you want to download the track. Under the "Play" button you will see the "SAVE" button. Clicking on it, you will go to the page of the site where you can download the track. To do this, click the "Download" button. Done!

There are other programs with which you can download music from Contacts.


A very handy program that can not only download music, but also search for it by the name of the song, its artist or even the album's name.

Catch in contact

This program can download music, as well as video (clips) from the site. With its help you can download absolutely from any page of the site: from sections of audio, video, wall.

Dj Vkontakte

This program can download music from the Contact with whole albums for free. By the way, the program itself can perfectly play music and make play-lists.


The program itself is looking for and downloading music to the computer. Very easy to use.

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