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If you are an experienced Internet user, thenbe surprised when you see another advertisement of a project offering passive earnings, incomes without investments, some investment programs and so on. All this is now very much in online, advertising here and there invites us to invest in order to receive additional dividends in the future, to earn nothing without doing anything and enjoy a beautiful life tomorrow.

Agree, the descriptions of these programs lookvery cool. Who would not want to receive income without doing anything? But each of us they are of little interest for the reason that we understand their lies. We know that it is impossible to make money without effort, including the Internet. Therefore, waiting for a particular program to start generating income for you is stupid.


Today we will present you one of the projects onwhich contains attractive promises about how anyone can get income. It is unusual at least because of the concept and idea, through which the involvement of customers (participants) in this program is carried out. Within the framework of the article, we will study the conditions under which this program (according to the official description on the site) will allow each investor to start earning without applying effort, and also find the feedback of those who managed to make a contribution in order to understand how everything is arranged.

SmartMediagroup investment project

About company

So, let's start with a general idea. As it was already mentioned, what the SmartMediagroup offers, the responses of the participants are called at least unusual. The essence is the following: within the framework of this program an advertising network is being created, which is engaged in the mass installation of media areas throughout the country. This statement means that the project organizers will buy plasma panels (screens) for their installation on the streets of cities. The money for implementing this idea will come directly from the depositors (participants) of the SmartMediagroup. The reviews of the authors of the site refer to the total amount of 2 billion rubles, which will be required for the installation of those most advertising panels. As for profitability, according to the information on the website, it is expected to reach 800 million rubles a year, provided that all monitors with advertising are occupied. Of this amount, about 600 million will go to pay dividends.


After reading the information on this project, you canto ask a logical question - how is it going to fulfill its obligations to investors of SmartMediagroup? Feedback from those who were interested in this resource, contain the same question. Simply put, if it is a question of such a complicated business as placement of advertising space - how can you accurately calculate, in what ratio should the investments be returned?

audit company SmartMediagroup

And for this there is a special technique,which consists in the purchase of special "shares". Calculation of each of them occurs depending on the area of ​​the advertising screen of 1 meter square. Such "plot" (meter per meter) is called "flokin". To buy each of the investors can their unlimited number. So there is an "input" in the SmartMediagroup. The testimonies testify that one "flokin" costs 2 thousand rubles, whereas in a month it yields a profit of 3300 rubles.

smartmedia group feedback on work from staff


Another interesting question that should be followedpay attention - these are buyers of advertising, or those who will pay company money for its activities. In the calculation formula used by the creators of the project in calculating the profit, 100% employment of all advertising space was indicated. This means that we must take into account the formula according to which 40 customers will want to pay a thousand rubles for demonstrating their video for 10 minutes. At the same time, it is necessary to multiply the obtained figure by the total number of square meters of advertising displays (20 thousand) in order to get 800 million rubles. The question arises: where are the project organizers going to find advertisers willing to pay 20 million rubles for broadcasting their video, even on 20,000 square meters?

And here it is already possible to understand what is based oncompany SmartMediagroup negative reviews. Everything is extremely simple - the figures by which this project lures depositors are in fact taken from the ceiling. Their organizers received by simple multiplication, whereas with real facts they have nothing in common.


SmartMediagroup reviews web check

Initially, the site mentions income at the level of30 percent. If you do simple mathematical operations with multiplication, then calculate this amount very simply - compare the approximate cost of one meter of a square advertising display and advertising revenue, subtract profit, divide between the project and the depositor. On paper everything is quite easy and simple. The whole scheme in theory looks like a promising and stable passive income. SmartMediagroup in the form in which it is presented in the materials published on the site, could not exist in principle. The most obvious reasons are two: it is impossible to foresee additional costs for implementing such a bold project as installing 20,000 square meters of advertising space for attracted money; as well as overly bold confidence in the ability to hammer all the places on the monitors 100%. Given these two factors, as well as negative reviews on the Internet about SmartMediagroup, we can say that the project is rather a financial pyramid than an investment program.

Participation scheme

Confirm the fact that the whole program issolid fraud is very simple. The very financing scheme for its implementation is based on incremental contributions from investors. Suppose they collect 10 percent of the required amount. The question is: how will the organizers be able to ensure the payment of a 30 per cent yield, provided that, in fact, there will be an opportunity to realize only a tenth of the project? It is impossible, and under all laws of the market the company will be ruined.

And even reading the audit company SmartMediagroup does not need to understand - this is a "divorce." Therefore, we would not advise trusting our funds here.

passive earnings SmartMediagroup

Employee feedback

There is such a strategy for checking projects thatIt means looking for feedback from former (or current) employees working for a particular company. By the same scheme, we tried to check and service the SmartMedia group. We did not find any feedback on the work from the employees, however. This proves once again that you do not need to contact the project if you do not want to lose money for nothing. However, the recommendations from those who have already invested their money here, it is not so easy to find. Mostly all the reviews state that such a program can not exist in principle.

SmartMediagroup reviews


A logical question arises: if the site is fraudulent, and all the services that are described on it - this is pure water fraud for investors, then why can we find the "contacts" section with the address and telephone numbers of the company?

The answer is easy to find after you go intothis section. There you will see the address of the office registered in Cyprus. Instead of the phone, Skype is listed - it means that you will not find any significant data about the project. Therefore, and ask about where the money you invested, there will be no one.

By all the criteria that testify to reliabilitycompany, SmartMediagroup, - the investment project referred to in the article is not one that would inspire confidence. The idea itself, perhaps, is interesting - the use of advertising monitors as a new direction in business. However, it is impossible to implement it in the way described on the project website. So - and should not be invested.

SmartMediagroup negative reviews


On the Internet there are sites and blogs, whose ownersregularly conduct an audit of certain investment projects. As the reviews on SmartMediagroup show, "web verification" (this procedure can be called this way) is the best tool for identifying fraudsters. This is called "audit", the purpose of which is to reveal that before us is another "one-day" created by fraudsters, or a really worthwhile investment program.

Speaking specifically about SmartMediagroup, forIn order to understand that this is a fraud, there is no need to waste time reading the audit. However, even in its results the information confirming our guesses is indicated. It is almost impossible to contact the support service, to find out the exact mechanism for making a profit, as well as who really is behind this service, is also impossible. Therefore, the depositor will not be able to protect his funds, in case of a breach of obligations on the part of the project's organizers. The only thing that can be lured is an interesting idea. And that, frankly speaking, is not very similar to the real scheme of business.

Audits are a cool thing for those who just startedyour way in online investing. Thanks to them, each of us can gain some experience by reading information about other programs. Due to this, again, investors' funds remain from fraudsters. If you are interested in investing funds, be sure to use them.

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