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The market of payments does not stand still, constantlydeveloping through the addition of new services. Some of them can offer revolutionary solutions, greatly simplifying the lives of a huge number of people at once, while others give the opportunity to use the lowest tariffs, while others have an advantageous exchange rate within the service, which increases the demand for their services. Anyway, each of the platforms operating in this niche has something to offer its customers.

The same can be said about the Ukrainian service"Purse" (payment system). This is a full-fledged platform for paying bills, settlements in different systems, interaction between customers and online stores and other services. About what this service represents, what advantages and disadvantages it has, we'll cover in this article.

General information

Start with the presentation of the company Ltd."Purse", which began its activities in Kiev in 2002. Initially, the service was engaged in replenishing accounts in various payment systems, electronic currency exchange and simple money transfers. In the future, the service "overgrown" a significant number of regular customers, and this allowed to reach a completely new level.

Today, "Purse" (payment system) isA full-fledged financial product that provides the interests of thousands of customers. Recently, the company launched an active advertising campaign, placing its ads in the Kiev subway cars.

purse payment system

Cooperation with banks

Service, judging by the information on the official website,conducts active interaction with various banking institutions, providing a whole range of services. In particular, the delivery of electronic invoices to customers, the conduct of payments via the Internet, the motivation of the participants in the system for the processing of bank cards, and so on. As stated directly on the company's website, the partner banks of the system are: PrivatBank, Oschadbank, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Alfa-Bank, UniCredit Bank and other entities.

Online Stores

How can I find out on the company's website, one morethe direction in which the "Purse" (payment system) participates, is the maintenance of online stores. In particular, the system is ready to provide instruments for making settlements between the client and the seller, providing a reliable connection based on high technologies with the corresponding certificates. All of them meet the highest security requirements in the network, which is documented. You can get acquainted with the materials on this topic after viewing the information on the website of the service.

purse transfer from card to card

Receiving payments

In addition to shops, use toolsfor depositing funds into the account can be any legal entity. To do this, it is sufficient to connect to the solutions developed by the company "Portmone" (payment system). These include: automatic payment of bills, payment services through a card or mobile phone, maintenance with a billing system and so on. All this makes it possible to transfer funds without commission, in the simplest way, but at the same time in the form most comfortable for the buyer (client). Due to this, we can say that the "Purse" (payment system) is a reliable partner for any business.


The universality of the company, which we describe,is that it can offer advantageous terms to both banks and companies, as well as to individuals who directly use its services. You can verify this yourself, by analyzing the information presented on the site of the service. In particular, in this context we are interested in the tab "Tariffs", which describes the commission "Purse", charged for each operation.

commission of a purse

And it is formed very simply: for each payment from the client is withdrawn from 0 to 2 percent (depending on the type of operation). The minimum rate is 1 hryvnia. However, on the conditions page there is also one note concerning the issue of commissions. It shows that the service "Portmone" transfer from the card to the card is charged according to individual conditions. In particular, this is 1% of the amount paid plus 5 hryvnia.

On special terms, other deals are also being conducted. For example, a payment for arbitrary requisites held by the client will be carried out with a commission of 2 percent of the amount plus 4 hryvnia. Another category - payments to the budget with a commission of 2% (with a minimum of 8 hryvnia).

purse account


Given the systematic approach in providingvarious services, the company "Portmone", the reviews of which we will describe below, works for a monthly fee, accrued to each user on a monthly basis. As indicated on the official website of the service, it is 9.90 UAH per month. For this amount, the client receives, first, a more favorable commission percentage than that established in other payment systems, and secondly, he is given access to a convenient feature that allows you to easily plan your expenses and specify all accounts for which should be transferred money. In the templates for automatic sending of funds in the future, you can add, as indicated on the website "Purse", a transfer from the card to the card.


What is so good about this system, what for itsuse of subscribers are willing to make monthly payments? First of all, this is availability. Administrators of the resource have made efforts to make their service constantly available to all users. First, they entered into agreements with service providers, according to which the client can use the Portmone.com site even if he does not have funds on his personal account. This is useful, for example, if you want to recharge your account in order to regain access to the Internet.

purse reviews

Secondly, if you register on the service"Purse" account, you can use various convenient tools for various purposes. For example, you can include fast payments (just fill in the details of the sender and receiver's cards and click the button to transfer money).

In general, we can say that from simple andthe usual for us all functional authors of the project managed to make something more convenient and comfortable for work than other similar services and services. This, in turn, attracted customers and made the platform so popular not only in the Ukrainian market, but also in Russia and other countries.

The site that we characterize is reallyis profitable. For a symbolic subscription, she offers affordable rates. And earlier (according to the action) provided, judging by the reviews, the service "Portmone" replenishment without commission for two months. However, at the time of writing this proposal has lost its relevance.

purse replenishment without commission


Finally, in order to form yourthe impression of the site in full, I would like to bring some recommendations left by clients with experience from interaction with the service. So, judging by them, in general Portmone is really an opportunity to perform all tasks quickly, conveniently and simply. You can send money in any direction at the best rates with the help of this service. Most users note that they were satisfied with the service here.

True, there is a small proportion of those whocalls the service fraudulent and believes that the money was stolen. In particular, people write that they wanted to send 5 hryvnia, and 300 have disappeared from the account. How can this be, and why did the support service, according to their version, not help, remains a mystery.

However, thousands of other users all work fine, so we invite you to try!

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