How does the Joomla template work? How to install the Joomla template?

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You figured out how to install Jumla on hosting anddone away with Joomla installation? It's time to change the standard layout of your new site. You can do this by changing the files responsible for the site design. How to install the Joomla template?

How to install the joomla template
What is the Joomla Template?

The template is the theme of design of a site and the form of the organization of a conclusion of articles and modules.

It has a hat - the top part, which often displays a picture, logo, site name, description of the site.

It also specifies a specific background - white, black, color. You can set a background image for a part of the screen outside the site itself.

It sets the rules for text, headers, and links. The font type, its size, color, and fat content are indicated.

And most importantly, in the template files seta certain set of items to which you can link site modules. In the modules are displayed menus, the form of authorization on the site, advertising, some toys for visitors, weather informers, watches, all that you want to show visitors.

If in any positions no modules are published, then the site on the site will be occupied, for example, with the text of the articles or not at all.

Positions can be divided into 2 or 3 columns. For example, on the left the menu of the site will be displayed, in the center - the text of materials, on the right - additional modules and advertising. If you do not publish any modules in the right column, the text of posts will take all the free space on the right on the site.

Each column has its own positions. Plus, additional positions can be provided from above and from below in several rows.

If you did not find the suitable layout of the design in the Russian-language Internet, it makes sense to look for templates in the English-language Internet on request «Templates for Joomla».

joomla installation

How to install the Joomla template?

Download the archive on your computer desktop. Log in to the admin panel.

Select in the admin menu: "Extensions" - "Extension Manager"

Upload the archive using the commands "Select file", "Open", "Download and install". You will be notified that the installation was successful.

Now select the Admin menu: "Extensions" - "Template Manager" You will have a page with a list of folders uploaded to the site.

You are in the "Styles" tab. Here you can change some parameters. A bold asterisk marked the design, which is currently the default. To change the design, click on the star next to another template.

When asked about how to install the Joomla template,you can also answer in another way: mark the desired design with a tick in the box on the left and click the "Use by default" button. After changing the template, update the site page.

set joomla template
In order to edit some features of a particular design, click on its name in the list (or check the box in its box and click the "Edit" button at the top).

Here you can link the template only toa specific menu, choose a logo, set the title and description of the site. Choosing the location of navigation on the site, you specify where the menu will be located - to the left or to the right of the text of the articles.

To exit without saving changes, click the "Close" button. To exit with saving - "Save and close"

In the "Templates" tab you can see all available templates with pictures and descriptions. Now you can explain how to install the Joomla template.

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