Details on how to register for the Play Market

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Let's discuss how to register on PlayMarket, because the operating system Android has received an unusual distribution around the world, and it is almost impossible to use all the variety of functions of this platform without the "Market".

What is this phenomenon?

how to register in the play market
We begin with the definition of this concept. The Google Play Store service is a huge catalog that has everything that the owners of a mobile device based on the Android operating system may need.

There are also directly differentOS version - the long-familiar "1.5" system, as well as the "2.3" version, which is now installed on budget devices. You can find here and "Ice Cream" (in other words, "4.0"). Note that the Play Market app offers its users both numerous programs and various multimedia content - movies, music, e-books.

The applications on the "Market" are presented simultaneouslyin different versions, for different versions of the operating system. After you go to the directory, the program is downloaded directly for the Android OS, which is installed on your device.

Details on how to register for the Play Market

To access a specific resourcestore, the user must create an account on the Google site, in other words, registration is required. About how to register in the Play Market, we'll talk further. Free resources are good, but at some point you will want to use paid add-ons.

Therefore, you can add your own creditor any other of the cards on which funds are available, and after the completion of the verification of the entered data, you will be able to purchase any of the digital goods.

Account Features

play market application
Google's policy foreseesCreation of a single account through which all online services are managed. The user can fully use the "Market" thanks to the account alone. Register your Google mail, then enter your login and password on your mobile device.

If the device has an earlyAndroid edition, it will have to be updated. You need a third version for the tablet and a fourth for the smartphone. Unfortunately, only the inhabitants of the English-speaking countries can access the full list of catalog products.

If you are a resident of Russia or another CIS country andyou want to use foreign archives, you can try to access the capabilities of the American proxy server. Although this is not necessary, because the choice of products for the Russian-speaking audience is immense.


First of all, you need to configure the update processapplications in such a way that this happens only if your device is in the Wi-Fi network. Such a solution will save considerable money. After all, otherwise they will be spent extra to pay for the mobile Internet at the time of updates.

It is a question of the main problem of people who,getting an Android device, do not understand where the funds go from the account. To avoid this situation, go to the "Play Store" settings. After that, select "Auto-update applications", and specify the ability to perform this procedure exclusively through Wi-Fi.

google play market

Next, discuss the navigation. The first page is the main page. Here are the recommendations of the "Play Store", but all applications are shown separately, and it's not always convenient to choose something interesting from the main page, so it's better to go to the list of categories by scrolling to the right. Here you will open programs in the sections "Gaining popularity", "Top new", "Paid", "Free". So we discussed how to register in the Play Market, and talked about the features of the service.

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