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To have a lot of money, not necessarily hardwork. It's enough to remove yourself on the camera, mount the video and put it on the most popular site - YouTube. Unfortunately, you do not have to have a camera to do this, you need to have real talent. These people have it for sure. These are American bloggers on "Youtube" (list): guys and girls who won the most popular video hosting.


A comedic duo consisting of Anthony Padilla andIan Hickox. American bloggers met each other at school. They immediately became friends and found in themselves a comedy talent. Since then, a long road to fame has begun, which ended in success. In 2002, Anthony opened his own website, posting a few clips there, and after a while he was joined by Ian. A few years later they decided to open a channel on "Youtube", soon it became one of the most popular on the site.

Currently, American bloggershave 6 channels, 4 of which are constantly replenished with new releases. The main page with the parodies is updated every Friday, at the end of the week there is a cutting from the offscreen video. The guys upload video games on a separate channel. They have more than 20 million subscribers.

American bloggers

Ray William Johnson

A comic video blogger from New York whoconsiders various popular virus videos and memes. He is looking for material for releases on the Internet and is simply sharing his opinion with the audience. Thanks to his sarcastic ironic manner, Ray won the status of a real star "Yutuba". From time to time the guy composes songs and makes animated videos, which makes his numerous subscribers happy.

Interest in "Youtube" in Ray appeared during thestudents. He watched other people's videos and tried to create their own. Then he noticed that a large number of people visit the site in order to watch viral videos or pages of favorite bloggers. This prompted him to create a channel. At the moment Ray has more than 10 million subscribers.

American bloggers on Youtube. List

Jenna Marbles

American bloggers-girls on "Youtube" alsoare popular. The real name of this woman is Jenna N. Murei. The pseudonym was taken in order to hide his activities from his mother, because very often in her releases, the girl swore. Her career began in 2010, when she laid out on the "Youtube" video instruction "How to deceive people that you look good." Over 7 days, the video has gained more than 5 million views, and Jenna has gained a frenzied popularity.

Twice a week the girl lays out newissues. Gradually, she began to take part in the commercials of other bloggers, began to voice acting. Jenna owns her own business: she produces toy dogs. She also produces souvenirs with her own popular quotes. The channel has been signed by more than 16 million people, which means that not only guys but also American bloggers-girls are able to make interesting videos.

American bloggers-girls

Bethany Mota

Bethany Noel Mota, a young and talented girl fromCalifornia, which is only 20 years old, but it has already won the love of millions of teenagers around the world. The first video Mota laid out in 13 years. She shared with the subscribers creative advice on fashion and beauty. The girl uploaded a video about her purchases, took off her make-up lessons, communicated directly with her fans, which allowed her to become one of the most sought after beauty bloggers on the Internet.

By profession, Bethany is a designer. She herself believes that this is her vocation. The girl participated in creating a collection for the popular clothing store in America, and also appeared on national television. About 8 million people are subscribed to her page, and this number is constantly growing.

Matthew Tyler Oakley

Activities Matthew is associated with the LGBT community, the rights of gays and lesbians. The guy is an open homosexual, a human rights defender, and a popular video blogger.

His first video was filmed by Matthew in 2007, afterwhich immediately won popularity. His fans love him for his bright appearance, other American bloggers call the guy a person with the loudest voice, and some prints call him "Yutoub-sensation." In addition to video releases, Matthew conducts a news program and is an active user of social networks. In 2015, his first book was published. Currently has more than 8 million subscribers.

American bloggers on Youtube. List. Boys

Connor Joel Franz

An Internet star, an entrepreneur and a writer. At the very beginning of his career, Connor was inspired by other well-known bloggers. In 2010, his first video was released. To this day, he shoots parodies and puts out various comedic performances.

The most viewed on the channel of Connor isvideo, where he makes a camping out. He told his audience that he had received a lot of advice on the network, and therefore he himself would like to communicate with people about orientation.

Connor has a record label, andalso produces its own line of coffee. His first book was released in 2015, she is a memoir and talks about the moments from his life since birth. In the book you can find many different personal stories. The Connor Channel has about 5 million subscribers.

Michel Fan

Adorable girl from Massachusetts revealssecrets of female beauty. She is sure: with the help of cosmetics, absolutely anyone can become a queen. The girl advises: under any circumstances, you need to remain yourself, love and accept yourself for who you are, and then the people around you will think the same way.

The first video Michelle appeared on "Youtube" in 2006year. On the channel the girl gives lessons on a make-up and creation of various images. Michelle has her own website, which she calls a special creative space, as well as her own firm. Recently, the girl became the author of a book about beauty. The channel on "Youtube" has more than 7 million viewers.

American bloggers-girls on Youtube

Your attention was given to somepopular American bloggers on "Youtube". A list of topics that will be consecrated in a personal video diary, everyone chooses independently. What will you tell your audience about? Beauty, fashion, sports, politics? Will you approach the topic with humor, whether you will come up with a chip - if you have talent, subscribers will not keep you waiting long.

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