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Category of people who are interested inthe opportunity to earn on the Internet, does not bypass and such phenomenon as CPA-networks. This English abbreviation stands for Cost Per Action, which in Russian means "price per action". At its core, this is a model for paying for advertising on the Internet, which means transferring funds only if the user performs any action on the advertiser's site. That is, it is a kind of affiliate program where a participant receives a commission payment when someone makes an order for his affiliate link.

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One such project is, reviews about which are almost always positive. Its name looks somewhat curious and has an original transcript, which in translation means "kiss my advertising campaign". The site offers an instruction that describes in detail how to complete the registration procedure, select the product that you are interested in, make the necessary settings and get an affiliate link. how to work in the project?

In order to make money on this project,You will need to go to the company's website and perform a simple registration. The link to this procedure is contained on the main page, and the form that you will need to fill out is simple.

In the registration is carried out as follows: you will need to enter a valid email address and a complex password (it is desirable to choose a combination of different characters and save or write it inaccessible to other places). To complete this process, you will need to carefully study the rules presented to the affiliate market participants and mark it with a check mark in the appropriate place. After that you can click the "Register" tab and become a full participant in the project.

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Authorization on the site

After that you can use the createdaccount by going through the authorization by entering a password and e-mail. After you complete the first entry in, you will receive a message stating that you need to confirm the registration. To do this, you have to click on the displayed link, check the spelling of the e-mail address and click "Confirm" when it's clicked.

After that, a window will open, in which you willIt is offered to receive the code. Press the desired button and after two to three minutes, check your e-mail box. You must receive a letter in which the code will be sent to complete the registration. Copy it and then paste it into a special field on the page. Feedback about registration contains instructions on the ease of this procedure, so you should not have any difficulties.

So, to complete the first authorization, in the pop-up window click "Confirm", then "Save". Once you do this, you can start working with an affiliate.

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What to do next?

As soon as you perform in login to your profile, at the top of the page you can see the form of communication with the project manager. In addition, in the "header" of the site you will see the number of funds available on your balance sheet, as well as those in processing.

Questions to the support team can be set without much effort: after clicking on the tab "Tickets" a form of the message opens, in which you need to state the essence of the problem.

Affiliate how to start a newbie?

The account control panel has the following components.

The news feed displays each of the events that occurs in the project. They include offers of new off-sets, as well as stopping or suspending used at the moment.

The submenu "Offering" is executed in the drop-down formand is divided into two links - your personal and available in the service. Under the offsets and mean the same goods, advertising which you have to implement, and in the case of their implementation, you will receive a reward.

Item "Statistics" offers to view various information, delineated by many criteria.

There is also a menu "Tools", which also looks like a drop-down and offers its sub-items in the form of links.

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Questions and answers

A separate point is the FAQ, inwhich can easily find answers to questions arising during the work. Also this section is useful for studying all the features of the service. There are detailed descriptions of the moments that cause the greatest number of questions, and some explanations are presented in the form of video clips. The affiliate network differs favorably from its competitors by a very good support service.

How do I search for products?

To find and select exactly those products, advertisingwhich you want to do, you should go to the "Offering" link. On the page there will be a window where you can find the items you are interested in by categories (listed on the right side), by name or simply found in the list at the bottom of the page.

In addition to the offer itself, this tab will indicateinformation on its price, CR and EPC parameters, partner reward and GEO-features (the territory where the selected offer operates in How to work with these positions?

kma biz how to get started

In the event that by your affiliate linkSales have not yet been, next to the position in the list will be displayed lock (icon). As soon as a certain number of sales are made, some closed goods will become available to you. To receive them, you will need to send an application. If the product line has an icon in the form of a mobile phone, the promotional materials contain landings designed for smartphones.

How does it look in practice?

Principles of for beginners can be explained on a detailed example. Let's say you want to advertise the Torr's Hammer pendant. You need to select this offer and add it to your account. Next to the name you can see its other characteristics: the cost of the goods, the commission amount that you will receive in the event of its sale, as well as the information that the offer is distributed only in the Russian territory. When this product is on your profile, you should see "Already added" opposite it.

After that, as soon as you go to the menu "My, you can see this position on your list. Here you will be able to access the following information: legal ways by which you can bring traffic to your page, as well as invalid methods of link promotion. Also, the conditions of work with which you need to compare your activities - the time of work of the call center, the time of delivery, the cost of payment, geographic information, as well as other data that may matter. All this should help you make up your advertising campaign. For example, if the schedule is daytime, there will be no sense in nighttime advertising.

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Creating an active link

Window "Landing", also available in the profileparticipant, displays links to orders and pages from which sales occur. The quality of the lending should be at a high level, as the conversion is directly dependent on this.

To get a link through which youyou can earn, you need to go to the sub-item "Creating a flow". This tab is available among other information about the leader. Review the list of landings and select the marketing link, based on which you intend to advertise. Here you need to be very careful, since the link should display the visitor on the page with the offer of sale, and not on the order form.

Once this is done, fill in the paragraph"Stream name" (you can use any convenient notation) and then click on the "Create" tab. After that, you have a new window on the page, in which you need to select and copy the link that appears. To make sure it works, insert it into any browser (its address bar) and then press enter. If all the actions you performed correctly, you should have a selling page.

What are the main advantages?

If you carefully study about reviews, you can see that the main merit of the project is called a large number of offers. Here you can cooperate in various fields: you can sell goods, games, provide services, including insurance. Thus, it is possible to establish cooperation simultaneously in several segments and profit from different locations.

As sources of traffic, you can usevarious resources, thanks to which in the schemes of earnings are very diverse. It is acceptable to resort not only to contextual advertising, own sites and social networks, but also to teasers and doorways. At the same time, statistics are updated very quickly in online mode and allows you to track changes instantly.

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Also, plus users include friendly support on the site, which is accessible through ICQ, Skype and the form of communication. Any questions are answered very quickly.

The advantage is also called the nice interface of the site, although it is not so important for work. However, the convenience of the menu definitely deserves respect.


As for the shortcomings of the affiliate, they shouldcarry the payout system., reviews about which are very positive, still has some drawbacks. As reported on the site, the affiliate program guarantees the withdrawal of funds every Wednesday, and with large commissions you can leave several such applications. In fact, the conclusion is quite long, and the verification period reaches nine days.

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