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Purchases in the World Wide Web have won an unprecedentedpopularity among the inhabitants of the whole planet. Advantages of online shopping a lot: no intrusive sales consultants, a minimum mark-up. The latter is possible due to the lack of leased commercial space and warehouses, public utilities and relatively low expenses for wages. In addition, online stores significantly save not only money, but also time. No need to go to the mall, wander in front of shop windows, stand in long lines. It is enough simply to turn on the computer and get acquainted with the goods without leaving home. Another plus - the website of the online store stores information about the products viewed, it is possible to compare the characteristics of similar items, save the purchase history.

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"Lamoda": a unique online store

For those who make their first purchases on the Internet,probably like the site "Lamoda". The online store of clothes and shoes does not leave visitors indifferent. Millions of people have already appreciated the magnificent collections and convenient website. The user, who first came to the main web page of this store, will not only be able to easily find the right product, but also buy shoes or clothes in just two clicks!

This Internet resource is relatively young,he opened in December 2010. However, in a short time he was able to achieve dizzying results. Professional investors and developers from Europe were able to bring the brand to the top of the ratings, to win serious awards. After all, from the first day of work, "Lamoda" has proved to be a serious store that can compete with sharks of network sales. Visitors to the site are assisted by operators: they answer all the harassing questions, including: how soon to deliver the purchase, what are the characteristics of the goods and how to cancel the order on Lamoda.


10 million euros for growth: how does Lamode help investments?

International Finance Corporation IFC, whichis a member of the World Bank Group, invested 10 million euros in Lamoda. Specialists of the largest online store note - these funds will go to support the positive dynamics of growth and the development of courier service. In addition, the online retailer plans to spend money and create new jobs.

Uniqueness, assortment, price policy: the main advantages of the Lamoda store

Lamoda clothing store from the very beginning of workHe gave the attention of customers a wide range of clothes, shoes, household goods. Today, the site can find men's and women's clothing, products for children, accessories and cosmetics. At the same time, the prices for goods are the same as in monobrand stores. By the way, one more positive feature of the Lamoda store is discounts. During sales, prices for branded goods are lower than in stores. And if you subscribe to the newsletter, you can regularly receive e-mail promo codes, which make the purchase even more profitable! By the way, coupon codes can be found on various sites.

The online store delivers not onlyRussia. There are branches in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine. The store offers a fitting in the event that the clothes or shoes do not fit. Thus, it can be returned to the courier or by mail.

The best clothes store "Lamoda" is suitableyoung mothers and busy people: you do not need to waste time on fees, road, talk with consultants. In order to make a purchase, just open the usual browser, enter the address of the site and choose a dress or shoes. In addition, this online store offers to set parameters for search - color, size, style.

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Shop "Lamoda": shoes, clothes, cosmetics

The virtual storefronts of this store are literallyfilled with children's, women's and men's clothes and shoes. Do not get lost among the fashion and elegant models will help photographs and detailed feedback from customers. Quite a lot on the site of sportswear - for running, yoga, martial arts. A great choice in the section "Household products": here you can find pretty rugs, textiles for the kitchen, towels, blankets and curtains. There are many items for needlework.

Brands and brands

Lamoda is an online store that todayrepresents more than two million products with labels of thousands of brands: Mango, TVOE, Tommy Hilfiger, Kira Plastinina, S.Oliver, Anna Chapman and many others. Elegant dresses, unusual accessories, comfortable shoes, original children's clothing - each model is accompanied by a detailed description. In addition, there are Lamoda's own brands - Lamania and Lost Ink. The first exists from the very beginning of the virtual trading platform. The opening of the second took place in 2014. Exquisite and stylish Lamania has already gained confidence and popularity - this brand is among the leaders of the site. Lost Ink is more suitable for young and active girls who are eager for self-expression and independence. This brand is distinguished by its availability and practicality. There are also premium brands on the site, for example, DKNY. In addition, there are also unique brands that do not have shops in our country - MSGM, River Island. They are presented exclusively on the Lamoda website. Discounts apply to both rare collections and premium brands.

Lamoda Online Store

In two clicks: how to place an order?

You have chosen clothes or shoes and do not know how tocheckout? There is nothing easier. You need to add items to the basket by first selecting the color and size. You will need to enter your personal details - name and surname, e-mail address, phone number. You can choose the most suitable method of delivery. To confirm the order, a web-shop operator will contact you by phone within a few minutes.

Delivery and payment for goods "Lamoda"

The online store delivers clothes and shoes topaid basis. You can get acquainted with the terms of delivery on the pages of the resource. When ordering for a certain amount, the delivery will be free of charge. Residents of the two capitals - Moscow and St. Petersburg, do not have to pay for courier services even when ordering one position.

The goods themselves can be paid in various ways. For example:

  • cash - at the post office or representative of the courier service;
  • a bank card - all couriers carry special terminals;
  • with the help of electronic payment system PayPal.

Lamoda phone

In-app purchases

Simplify shopping online helpsapplication for mobile devices. Customers will be pleased with the convenient filter, discount notifications and synchronization with the list of purchases and orders on the site. Installing the application, you can buy a favorite thing anywhere! A huge selection of new products, optimal prices, safe methods of payment will surely appeal to the users of the application. In addition, when making the first order in the program for a phone or tablet, you can get a good discount.

825 meters of heels, visitors from Kenya and other interesting facts about the store "Lamoda"

  1. The company "Lamoda" employs two thousand people.
  2. The total heel height of all shoes sold only in 2013 is 825 meters! The same height at the skyscraper Burj Khalif.
  3. According to site statistics, the decision to purchase a person takes on average 50 seconds.
  4. For a year, about 200 residents of Kenya visit the trading platform.
  5. The largest number of positions in one order is 187!
  6. 525 thousand rubles - the cost of the most expensive order on the site "Lamoda".
  7. The longest conversation between the operator and the client lasted 1 hour and 40 minutes. 48 positions were agreed during this time.
  8. 700 sales representatives of "Lamoda Express" help buyers to get their orders as soon as possible.
  9. Make online purchases as convenient andfast - that's the main task of specialists "Lamoda." Telephone hotline for the regions 8- (800) -333-23-59 almost never stops for a minute. On the eve of the New Year holidays, 300 operators were talking at the same time as the buyers.

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How can I cancel the order on Lamoda?

You placed an order and after confirmation you noticeda mistake? Or maybe just changed your mind about making a purchase and now you are worried about the question - how on "Lamoda" to cancel the order? There is nothing easier! You can cancel it at any time. For this it is necessary to contact the operator of the call center "Lamoda". The phone for Moscow and regions can be found in this article. You can also cancel your purchase using e-mail.

It is worth noting - to restore the canceled orderit is impossible. You can only re-add the previously selected goods to the basket if they are available. If this task seems impossible, you should ask the specialists of the online store for help, sending a letter to the e-mail.

Lamoda online clothing and footwear shop

Now you know how to use promo codes,make a purchase in the online store, confirm it, pay and how to "Lamoda" cancel the order if necessary. And this means that you can safely go shopping at the virtual trading floor!

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