How to facilitate the process of creating a website? Help visual editor html!

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Many new website developersthink about the existence of applications, using which you can quickly and easily create an Internet resource. It should be noted that such programs exist, and the development of site-building as a field of activity has led to the fact that they are issued a lot. In the arsenal of any web developer there is a wide range of software tools that make it easier to work. Among them are the html graphics editor, the html visual editor, the text html editor (many are bypassed by the usual "notepad") and many other applications. In the event that the future site should be dynamic, the developer's arsenal includes, among other things, a local server, as well as a system that allows managing databases (DBMS).

Why so many software tools? Can not you use a single visual html editor?

First, it should be noted that all websitesare inherently a set of html-pages containing various information - text and graphics. In this version, we can observe an ordinary static web resource.

To create such a site you only needtwo programs - one for creating a web site design layout, and the second one for implementing this layout in the form of a html-code. To create your own web design layout, you can use any graphic editor - it can be a simple Paint or advanced Adobe Photoshop. To write code, or as professionals call this process, html-layout, any text editor, even the most common one, will do. The main point here is saving the created file to the .html standard. Significantly facilitate the task of creating a website can be a visual html editor. A special visual editor html, allows the creator of the site to instantly see what the future site will look like as a result of its work. As a popular and convenient tool that allows you to see the site before its creation, you can bring the visual editor html Adobe Dreamweaver.

This creates static websites.The only disappointing moment in this case is the fact that for making any changes you will need to edit the HTML code of the pages. Of course, this is not very convenient, especially when the site contains not 5-10 pages, but say a few hundred. With this scenario, you need to create a dynamic site - the content of such a resource can be changed without editing software codes.

What do you need to create a dynamic site?First, all dynamic sites are based on one of the CMS - content management system. In addition to the CMS itself, when creating a dynamic site, you will need a server. In the event that the site is not immediately hosted on the hosting, you need a local server. To date, there are many options for a local server, and they are distributed both on a paid basis and on a free basis. The most common is the local Apache server. The third important component, on the basis of which dynamic websites function, is the DBMS. One of the successful examples of this component is MySQL. Configuring the collaboration of the CMS, the local server, and the DBMS is a complex task, so you can use ready-made assemblies that carry all the necessary settings.

After all components have been installedand configured, the creator of the site becomes available to the control panel of the website - the admin panel. Using the visual tools of the panel, a site is created and changed.

At first glance, it may seem that the creationsite with the help of specialized programs is not such a difficult task, but in fact it is not. In addition, we should not forget that no application will replace an experienced website developer, and can not come up with a unique and unique design, or interesting content!

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