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Love and friendship can be called those twostrongholds, on which the whole modern world is held. Someone carries a friendship through life, literally from cradle to old age, someone finds a faithful companion in school or college years. A great way to share with the whole world your joy is to put in a social network a status with a sense of friendship. Of course, these messages are not only cheerful and cheerful. There are also statuses about friendship with meaning sad; such that from reading their goosebumps pass over the skin and cheeks the heart. And there are just funny, which involuntarily cause a smile and remind you of something funny and intimate.

status with a sense of friendship

Sadness in statuses

The status of friendship with meaning can be, as alreadysaid, full of sadness and sadness. Often such statuses are intertwined with the theme of love. For example, that a terrible pain is delivered by a sincere offer of friendship from a person whose feelings are far from being friendly. In general, the so-called "Friendzona" is a true curse and torment for a friend in love. Especially when the object of desire leads relationships. Here are the relevant statuses:

It is very painful when the one whom you love offers friendship.

It's hard and hard when a loved one throws, and you do not even have any friends that you could come to. Appreciate your friends. No feelings are worth good friends.

status of friendships friendship with meaning

Female friendship in the status of social networks

A special theme is the status of women's friendship withmeaning. Many people have a false idea of ​​what kind of friendship it is - the friendship of two girls. Like, women in the depths of their souls are pure snakes, and their relationship can only be self-serving or mutually beneficial to them. Of course, it happens and such. But there are also completely sincere friendships, filled with devotion and mutual support. And they are not demonstrative and deceitful, but real.

One of the popular statuses claims that forSome women, especially the young, to live in love means to discuss these feelings with your best friend. But it's true! It's sad, of course, that this kind of love, most likely, happened from "there is nothing to do". That is, there were never any real feelings for a man. But in fact sometimes the desire to feel that pressing feeling so strongly that the girl herself is ready to believe in the truth of her craving for him.

For many girls to go through love means to discuss it with your best friend!
If my girlfriend was a guy, I would marry her!

statuses about friendship with meaning sad

The reverse side of the female friendship coin

However, you can meet on the Internet anda very sharp status about the friendship of girlfriends with a sarcastic meaning. Writing to themselves such phrases are often loved by vain self-loving beauties who have in their retinue at least one ugly girlfriend. Their pride is that the guys from this "friendly couple" always prefer them - beautiful and attractive. In addition, the ugliness of a friend always only emphasizes the external virtues of the "princess".

Nothing so adorns a young girl and does not raise her self-esteem, as the presence of a ugly girlfriend.

I have some best girlfriends. But we are not much of each other, in general, we love ..

About ugly girlfriends

The most striking proof of this is the status with meaningabout the "friendship" that nothing can decorate a young woman so much and raise her self-esteem, like having a ugly best friend. It's sad, but many actually manage to use flaws in the appearance of others without any scruples of conscience. Their hearts are clearly filled with malice, and the souls in such beauties are zero on the already unconvincing mass of a slender model body. A worthy, self-respecting person will never dare, will not allow himself to descend to insult and humiliate another.

Unreal friendship between two women, one of which is dressed better than another.

A woman does not need to consider her age. For her friend will do it.

statuses about women's friendship with meaning

Friendship beauties in statuses

Or here's another snide copy, where it says thatmake a woman happy can not only a decent man, but also bald "best" friends. This status with the meaning of the friendship of several roughly equal in beauty of their women. Probably, their life paths were intertwined only by the will of fate. They can be colleagues at work, acquaintances. In general, their relations boil down to a superficial discussion of traditional themes for women - men, fashion, bored work and, of course, those "girlfriends" who are currently absent from the company. The unspoken rule says that there is no real friendship between several beauties. And this is the truth. That is why the greatest, though spiteful, joy for one of them can be the fact of capitulation of another.

Female friendship is alive until the interests of the girlfriends do not overlap.

Female happiness is a bald girlfriend.

The same topic can be attributed to the status thatfriendship of girls lives up to the moment when their interests intersect. In this case, friends become competitors, if not frank, radical enemies.

beautiful statuses about friendship with meaning

Beautiful thoughts in statuses

There are also filled with wisdom, beautiful statusesabout friendship with meaning. One of these statements says that it is not difficult to die for a friend, it is difficult to find such a person whom you want to give your life for. After all, many people are familiar with the situation when communication with a friend or acquaintance becomes frequent, sincere and, finally, friendly. Everything in such cases solves a difficult life moment. Someone is lucky: a friend full of determination, faithfully goes near to the end, but someone does not. Frightened of difficulties, not wanting to burden themselves with the problems of strangers, the acquaintance suddenly disappears from life, leaving one on one with misfortune. The price of such friendship is penniless.

Better a sincere enemy than a false fake friend.
True friends can always laugh at you, but they will not let others do it.

Thus, the status with the meaning of friendship isA great way to not only share with others what burns inside, but also learn about what is happening to someone. After all, such a seemingly simple thing, status in a social network, can in fact be a lot of curious to tell about the owner of the page. And friends can learn about what this relationship means for one of them.

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