The best job search sites: list, description and reviews

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A modern man who has at his disposala computer or any other gadget connected to the Internet is spared the need to dig in the newspapers, search for offers at stops or poles, and also to idle long lines at labor exchanges.

the best job search sites

Today's realities make it possible to find a job relatively quickly and easily just by filling out a resume on some resource or looking there in the vacancy sections.

Let's try to understand and determine which site is better for job search, and what resources the majority of network users prefer.


This resource is rightfully in the leadamong many others. In the category "Best Sites to Find a Job" HeadHunter was on the first place not by chance. The site offers more than 300,000 jobs and about 13 million resumes.

The resource created the most convenient search schemeboth for job applicants and employers. As an accompanying material, the site offers the latest news of the personnel market, salary surveys in various areas of employment, online help for creating a competent resume or vacancy, and there is a section of studies for most qualifications. In a word, in the list of "Best Sites for Finding Work" HeadHunter firmly holds the championship in many ways.


The resource provides applicants with more than 230 thousandvacancies from small and large companies, and a large part is occupied by international proposals. In the category "Best Sites to Find a Job" SuperJob takes an honorable second place.

the best sites to find work in moscow

The main activity of the site is the provision ofvacancies, the latest news on the labor market, topical advice for job seekers, assistance in writing and registering a resume, and a review of salaries in almost all specialties and qualifications.

Also on the resource you can find announcements of personnelevents, a list of various agencies and training companies. Users are scolded about the SuperJob in a positive way, and there are no critical comments.


Resource offers almost 200 thousand job seekersvacancies and more than 3 million CVs for employers. It is worth noting that the portal ranked first in the ranking "Best sites for finding work in Moscow", covering not only the capital, but also regions with the CIS countries.

which site is best for job search

A distinctive feature of the resource is the availabilityadditional and convenient applications for gadgets that track new ads, so you will always be aware of the latest and up-to-date news on employment.

The portal offers round-the-clock fast andA qualified search for both work and staff. Here you can find earnings for a specialist, a leader, a laborer and a student. It is worth noting separately that the resource has established and strictly complies with the rules for submitting abstracts and publication of vacancies, significantly reducing declarations of questionable content, any repetitions and other spam: a strict automatic filter, coupled with manual moderation.


One of the oldest and largest portals Runet inthis field. In the category "The best job search sites in Russia" the resource can be awarded with a deserved bronze. There are ads from all over the CIS and Russia, and the number of job offers has exceeded 100,000 vacancies.

ranking the best sites to find a job

In addition, the site runs an auto-assisteddrawing up a competent resume. You can also find numerous and useful tips on the rules of interviewing, many interesting articles on career growth and labor law.

As in the previous cases, allads undergo a strict moderation in automatic and manual mode, so active spam and "false" vacancies are excluded. Users are very flattered about the resource, but sometimes complain about a complex and not very intuitive interface.


This portal is widely known to the Russian audiencejob seekers and employers. Every day the database is replenished with thousands of new offers for all regions of the Russian Federation. The rating of the "Best Sites for Job Search" (according to the municipal exchanges version) marked the portal for the first place.

But, judging by the feedback of users, the resourcethere is still a lot of work "on oneself". The majority of applicants constantly complain about spam characteristic of in the form of advertising, installation of third-party applications in the browser and other "convenient" chips, which, incidentally, is very difficult to get rid of. In the rest - it's a pretty average resource for finding vacancies and employees.

The website is periodically updated with news about the marketlabor, all sorts of tests and tips for career growth. It is also worth noting that the students are dedicated to a separate part of the site, where you can find something with a decent perspective, flexible schedule and no work experience.


The list of "Best Sites for Job Search" replenishesportal, which directly works with the well-known in this area magazine "Work and Salary". The resource offers more than 50,000 jobs, and the daily number of visitors to the site has exceeded 100,000 people. The resource is more than 12 years old and, judging by the feedback of users, it copes with its task perfectly.

best job search sites in russia

The site is quite convenient and relativelyquick search for needed vacancies. The list of ads is updated on a daily basis, just like the news feed of employment, along with HR analysis. All ads undergo the strictest moderation in manual mode, so the resource was included in the list of "Top Sites: Job Search".

Reviews about the portal are left mostly positive, and employers particularly warmly respond to it, for which a wide range of search possibilities for the desired candidate is provided.


Service offers applicants more than 150 thousandvacancies. Here you can easily add your resume to a common base, find a prestigious job in the largest Russian companies, work at home, in the office or without qualifications.

best job search sites reviews

The resource has been operating since 2000 and is one of thethe most popular portals for finding work. The main features of the site are simple registration with the addition of a step-by-step summary. There is an internal mail and a dialog box for quick resolution of the issues that have arisen. Also worth noting is the availability of the most accurate in RuNet geographic base, along with a broad and detailed industry group. There is a subscription to vacancies, feedback, there are a lot of articles along with fresh news in the field of personnel, a good and effective system of bans for fighting fraud and spam.


This resource is multidisciplinary, but it is notprevents him to offer job seekers more than 700 thousand vacancies, and employers choose the frames of 300 thousand resumes. The simplest and most effective way to find an employer for Avito is to create your own account with a detailed profile (photo, resume, etc.). The title is simple, but at the same time effective. For example: "Turner, 7 years of experience - 40 thousand rubles."

The only thing that many users complain aboutin their reviews, so this is the abundance of scammers from one and the other side, so you need to use the resource very carefully and without any prepayments, advances and other.

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