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When the child in the family is alone, the risk increasesthat he will grow spoiled and proud. But if there are several children in the family, then childhood will clearly be fun. And do not avoid quarrels, fights and mutual insults. Be sure to be an undivided soft toy, the most beloved doll, which is played by turns, and jealousy to parents. But thus there is no friendship more strongly, rather than between relatives. Here and go on the web statuses about the elder sister. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes cynical, but always with family warmth.

statuses about the elder sister

Relations within the family

Mom of two girls-pogodkov will be difficult, becauseunder her care are growing two women who need to caress, attention and care. Girls are sensitive to the moment when parents give more time to someone alone. So they compete with each other, divide family members, toys, clothes. It is in childhood that they form the most annoying grievances that accompany and adult girls. In such families, statuses about the elder sister are born, resembling aphorisms. For example: "In a pair of sisters, one always dances, and the other observes."

statuses for the elder sister with meaning short

When the sister from troubles will save

If girls have an age difference of less than tenyears, then the reasons for quarrels are the most. The younger sister pretends to dress older, slowly drags her perfume, looks at her boyfriends. The elder is already "entering the age" and helps the parents in the household, and the youngest is resting on the laurels of the universal favorite and the baby. But at the same time, the first protects the second. Hence the status of the older sister with a simple meaning, though obvious. For example: "Native sisters fiercely fight, but also love each other until trembling" or "Sister is someone who calls you foolish ten times a day, while adding" all of me "."

statuses about the sister senior funny

When the sister is almost a mother

And if the difference in age between sisters is moreten years, then the sister can in many ways replace the mother. Especially often this happens when mother - careerist, lost on business trips. Then the sister takes on the duties of the parent: feed the baby with breakfast, braid her pigtail, check the lessons. In which case, the sister can also replace the mother at the parents' meeting. In this situation, the elder perceive the younger as a child. May both scold and bestow on obedience. A child refers to the elder sister with respect and apprehension, realizing that this is not Mom, that is, will ask strictly and judge accordingly. Statuses about the elder sister in such a family can appear as genuinely in love, and rather cynical.

An example of the first category can be the status: "I would always share news with my sister first, but she already knows everything" or "Sister - six letters, kilometers of understanding and just friendship for a lifetime." Sometimes in social networks there are voluminous statuses, the length of a whole verse:

Clever, beautiful and sweet,

Friendly, kind,

Oh, how much I like it,

That you are my sister!

But the cynical status of the elder sister is usually short and capacious. For example: "Sister - this is an excellent tool for washing dishes" or "Sisters are of two types: the elder and stool".

Statuses for the elder sister with meaning

Briefly and on business

And if the family is not two girls, and a girl andguy? After all, their relationship is a separate story, which can not be unequivocally assessed. For a boy, the elder sister is authority and a girl in one bottle. Whatever you say, but recognizing the seniority of the girl for the boy is unpleasant. Therefore, in a family with an older sister the boy grows quickly, does little naughty and tries to uphold the honor of the family from a small age. Growing up, he begins to appreciate the native person, to thank him for a good attitude. That's when the statuses about the elder sister with meaning are short, but memorable. For example: "My sister is the main joy" or "The other sisters are good, but mine is the best." But you can not do without cynicism! For example, often the statuses relate not only to the elder sister, but also to the boy's beloved: "Dear, what kind of chicken does this hug you in the photo?" "Sister!" "What a sweetheart!"

Laughter and laughter again

Well and at last it is possible to smile, having rememberedstatuses about the older sister are funny. In particular, it's worth paying attention to such a story: "I found my diary, and after all the entries my sister wrote:" Mum reads your diary. "At the bottom of the mom's hand the signature was made:" Nothing of the sort! ". Such a story evokes a sweet smile. With an easy share of cynicism, the status of life with a sister: "We live with her soul in the soul, a fist in the eye, a heel in the ear!" And it does not mean such a status that you do not feed a person with bread - let me fight with a relative, and the statement itself causes a smile and even a grin. I must say that the most ridiculous and sincere statuses are born by accident. They do not compose. Maybe it's some funny incident from personal experience, an incident or a misunderstanding. Most often they are not publicized publicly, but sometimes a way to people finds a winged phrase, like that: "I can deceive everyone, but not my sister, because she sees right through me."

So, it is not always necessary to follow fashion and borrow status from other people. Often the most magical and funny phrase can give your own sister!

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