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In our time, keeping a public diaryis considered a very interesting and profitable profession. Creative projects develop into commercial, and successful popular bloggers become an example for others.

It is impossible not to agree with the statement thatthe authority of blogs with a large number of subscribers is increasing every day, turning into a real tool of influence on the readership.

On the Internet, well earned blogs on the topicthe latest gadgets, tourism, cooking, cosmetics and beauty. A personal network magazine, reflecting the hobby of its owner, becomes an online continuation of an outstanding personality who has untwisted the project.

Types of blogs

So, the popular bloggers of our country - who are they? Before getting acquainted with top projects, attracting new subscribers and advertisers, it's worth to tell about what Internet magazines exist.

A resource with interesting content

A novice who only makes his way to fame,grabs literally everything and stuffs his blog with content of various content. Some diaries resemble a huge dump of irrelevant news and pictures copied from other sources. However, there are talented bloggers, skillfully searching out what is interesting to subscribers. The resonant content collected on the network allows you to stay in the top of the most read and quoted projects.

Author's magazine

The opposite of the first project iscalled a blogogram, specializing in a particular topic. The author expresses his point of view and draws readers to the fact that he is the closest to the creator.

It is not uncommon for professional magazines withan entire army of subscribers are redeemed by large publishers, and further development takes place at the expense of investments. Such mutually beneficial commercial transactions are practiced by well-known bloggers both in Russia and abroad.

The resource described above can be classified as personaldiaries of photographers who upload author's pictures, or celebrity blogs, whose owners' fame allows them to quickly dial subscribers interested in the personal and professional life of idols.

Blogs on women's themes

Separate projects are recognized magazines on purely feminine topics: needlework, cooking, fortune telling and others. Popular bloggers are laying out useful master classes that are gathering a million audience.

This also includes the channels gaining popularity,housewives who are well versed in the beauty industry and devoted their lives to beauty. Telling about cosmetic novelties and sharing detailed make-up lessons known bloggers express an independent opinion about the products, testing them for themselves.

We have analyzed the main types of blogs that are popular and loved by dedicated readers, and now we will talk about the famous creators of personal resources who have turned their hobbies into business.

I. Varlamov

Perhaps the most popular blogger in Russiais the well-known Ilya Varlamov, who founded an advertising and development agency and is writing in the "Live Journal". Cognitive or social posts, he accompanies photos, skillfully using his blog to advertise new projects.

bloggers on YouTube

Varlamov loves his readers and for their sake"Travels through garbage dumps, runs through rallies and writes every day something new." In a personal blog, which visits about two million people every month, there is an opportunity to buy advertising, providing it with pictures of the customer. Also, the author proposes to arrange a photo session, supplementing it with selling posts about goods or shops. Included in the top bloggers of the "Living Journal" businessman and human rights activist criticizes local authorities, entering into controversy with the administration of the cities that he visited. He boldly covers the most resonant political events, for example, protests in Kiev in 2014.

E. Krygin

Speaking about the most popular medialosti, you can not ignore the person of Elena Krygina, bursting into a fashionable Olympus with her video lessons on make-up.

A well-known make-up artist willingly shares with millions of subscribers the secrets of beauty. She recommends products that she uses, and does not skimp on tips for caring for herself.

The list of bloggers to whichlisteners listen, Krygina tells about her favorite cosmetic products, and they immediately disappear from the shelves, and on the network you can find descriptions of beauty products recommended by the make-up artist. Many suspect Elena of poorly concealed advertising, although the girl herself denies that she monetizes her popularity.

best bloggers

Became the owner of an online store andwhich launched several projects of its own, a pretty blonde rejects all suspicions and is annoyed when PR people confuse the gift and the commercial offer, thinking that all popular bloggers are corrupt. She gives advice on choosing only the cosmetics that she liked.

A. Lebedev

Outrageous Artemy Lebedev created his ownonline diary in 2001, and seven years later his brainchild became one of the four most popular magazines. The owner of the untwisted design bureau and shops is not going to entertain his readers, but immediately makes it clear that his blog is a simple whim of a non-poor man.

On often using mat and expressiveLebedev's expressions were brought to court by well-known companies that accused him of harming their business reputation. Occupying a contradictory position, Artemiy believes that Russian bloggers should not call for mass philanthropy and speak out harshly about the construction of churches.

Often the traveling designer puts out videos from fascinating trips to exotic corners of our planet and makes them lures for a blog in which advertising materials are published.

M. Wei

Included in top bloggers enjoying incrediblethe popularity of schoolgirls Masha Wei began to record video lessons of beauty in school. In them she talks about all the subtleties of applying make-up and turns into famous divas of pop culture. Recently, Masha, who has more than three million subscribers, is invited to work on television.

Russian bloggers

K. Matoyan

The very first beauty blogger in Russia with a nicknameBlondycandy shares with her subscribers in Livejournal everything that happens in her life. A cosmetics lover always talks about novelties and makes reviews of popular facial and body care products. Katya is known to everyone who is at least a little interested in the beauty industry. Successful Matoyan has long been cooperating with the most famous beauty brands.

top bloggers

N. Belotserkovskaya

Russian bloggers infrequently pamper readersculinary art and surprise with special skill. Turned by the will of fate in France, Nick fell in love with the cuisine of Provence and began to generously share recipes for delicious and unusual dishes.

list of bloggers

The author of books about the secrets of gourmet food has become the mosta popular food blogger in Russia. Now Belotserkovskaya has its own online store where you can buy unusual spices, syrups, cereals and even branded Belonika oil. The creative personality that opened her own brand opened three culinary schools abroad.


Famous bloggers on "Youtube", whose videoview millions of viewers, receive a decent reward from the channel. A girl named Veronica is called the main "sniff" of the country. She makes author's reviews about selective brands of perfume and the so-called mass-market. Without fear of offending anyone, a popular blogger with a huge army of subscribers expresses himself quite harshly, for which many criticize her, but Veronica is full of positive and shares it with everyone.

D. Borisov

Leading by views on Youtube knownbodybuilder Denis Borisov has long earned the reputation of a true professional. Its programs were evaluated by sportsmen and ordinary people. In an accessible form, he explains how the muscle builds up, tells about all the nuances of training, making distinctions in the programs of men and women.

famous bloggers

Borisov, whose videos scored more than 50 million views, is not in vain considered the most popular and successful fitness blogger in Russia.


Voronezh girl Katya Orléans quickly achievedfame. She does not try to tamper with and is not shy in expressions. Now her online magazine "about clothes" is gaining popularity in the Russian blogosphere. A non-standard approach to fashion without customized advertising makes Orléans out of thousands of other girls. She severely criticizes her colleagues, pointing out their obvious mistakes.

Sophie Avenue

Perhaps, closes the top ten bloggers SofiaAlexeeva, received recognition due to its amazing beauty and unique taste. Using the most unusual combinations in clothes, Sophie creates original images that the subscribers like. Each of her "bow" captures and inspires readers who admire Alexeyeva's style.

Became a famous girl is removed in TV programs and participates in commercial projects that bring good profits.

popular bloggers

As you can see, the best bloggers in Russia, findingpopularity, get good dividends, doing what they love. Do not be under the delusion that this is easy money, because without a creative approach it is impossible to interest a multi-million audience. Keeping a popular blog requires maximum effort and time, but those who are confident, you can give a recommendation to try their hand at this field.

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