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In order to make purchases in the modernworld, do not always have to go out. Some people completely forgot about the existence of real stores. With the help of the Internet, you can even pay bills, book tickets or a table in your favorite institution, but first of all users of the "World Wide Web" buy food or stuff. For the last, millions of buyers around the world have discovered for themselves the Chinese online store "Aliexpress."

For several years, this site has acquired an unheard-ofpopularity. The fact is that the goods are delivered directly from the producer country, which is responsible for record low prices. The choice of products is huge, here you can find things for every taste. If the search is not convenient to use (translation of product names leaves much to be desired), you can "walk" through categories. Here you will find clothes of all kinds and sizes, household goods, electronics, sports goods, cosmetics, household chemicals and much more. In addition to a wide range and low prices, "Aliexpress" offers its customers a lot of shares, special offers and even earnings programs to attract customers. This is the basis of the cashback service "Aliexpress." More information about what this is, how this system works and why it is needed, you can learn from this article.

Cashback "Aliexpress": how to use

Each of us would like to save money on ourpurchases. For this, we are looking for stores where stocks are held or prices are falling. More recently, people have learned about a word like cashback, which means a "money back" in a literal translation. The mechanism of operation of such a program is quite simple. You make a purchase, and then some of the money is returned to you, for example, on a bank card. Many people immediately raise the question: who is profitable to return to you any money?

cashback aliexpress how to use

Speaking specifically about the site "AliExpress", thenhe cooperates with many services to attract new customers. That is, the buyer is not returned by the site itself, but by its partner. Initially, the service receives money for attracting money, and only then does it transfer it to the shopper. The same principle is used to work cacheback services in other online stores. The return percentage, as it is not difficult to guess, also depends on the service-cachebacker. Recently, such sites began to appear more and more. Many fans of "easy money" are looking for loopholes for passive earnings, and with the help of online stores this is the easiest way. It is best to give preference to proven resources, which we will tell you about later. In the meantime, we will tell you how the return works and what it takes to participate in a program such as cashback ("Aliexpress"). How to use these sites?

Registration on the service

What not to be afraid of newly madebuyers-cashbackers, so this is registration. Based on the principle of the services, the more clientele they attract - the more they can earn. Hence, it follows that such resources will do everything possible to ensure that registration is quick and convenient. In most cases, you only need to enter your email address and come up with a password. More details about registering on each of the most popular sites we'll talk about below. Then you need to activate the account, the procedure is standard. Go to the post office, follow the link - and you're done. This is the minimum that will be enough for the return of funds after the purchase (cashback "Alyekspress"). Registration passed.

how to return cashback with aliexpress

Cashback from the bank

I would like to open one more little secret: you can use a double cacheback. Depending on which bank you are working with, there are various cashback programs offered there. That is, you can return money, not only sites, but also the bank. On average, you will be paid 3-4% of the purchase. The same amount can be returned from the banking program. How to get a cashback on "Aliexpress", we'll tell. Call the hotline of the bank or find out about similar actions in the nearest office. Agree, a very good way to save, especially if you are a lover of shopping on the Internet. The withdrawal of money also depends on the partner-cashbacker. Some sites offer the withdrawal of any amount. Others are forced to wait for the accumulation of a certain amount for withdrawal. For example, you can withdraw funds only if you already have 200 rubles on your account. It's time to find out how to return the cashback from Aliexpress.

how to get cashback on aliexpress

Purchase scheme for the cashback program

Here, too, there is absolutely nothing complicated. How does the cashback work on "Aliexpress"? After registration you enter your office. Surely you will find the tab with the list of stores with which this service cooperates. Next, you are given a special link, after which you can get to the necessary store. Once you get to the resource, you make the purchase as usual. Then just wait for the refund. Most often you will be immediately told how much of the money spent will return to you from this or that store. Speaking specifically about such a service as Cashback "Aliexpress", feedback from users of the system is set up negatively only because of a long waiting period. Given that the products of "Aliexpress" comes directly from the country of the manufacturer, the delivery time can be quite long, on average - a month. Cashback occurs only after you confirm receipt of the goods. Sometimes waiting for a refund is up to several months, and impatient customers just get tired of waiting for it. We remind you that if you work with trusted sites, the money will return in any case. But what is the best cashback for "Aliexpress"?

cashback service aliexpress


Shopping with cashback on "Aliexpress" isa great way to save money. An excellent assistant-cashbacker can become the site This is one of the largest and most competitive resources to return money from purchases in online stores. LetyShops is equipped with a bright and user-friendly interface, which will be easy to understand even a novice buyer of an online store that wants to use the cash-back service "Aliexpress." We understand further. How to get cashback on "Aliexpress"?

Let's start by registering with LetyShops. It will be enough to enter the email address and come up with a password. There is an alternative option for registration. You can do this through popular social networks. Then all the necessary data the service will receive through the selected resource. If you still chose the first option - you will receive a confirmation email, just go through the link. Immediately you enter your study. You can add a little personal information about yourself: gender, age, full name, etc.

Cashback Aliexpress Reviews

Secrets of LetyShops

LetyShops is good because it offers all beginnersmake a trial purchase. The purchase will not be real and for virtual money. Eo is needed in order to quickly understand how the service works, and do the same manipulations in the future with these products.

The service can withdraw funds from 500 rubles. This means that while this amount has not accumulated in your account, you can not withdraw money. But worry about this is not worth it, because the percentage of return from this site is quite impressive, and already for a few small purchases this amount you have already collected. Some users at first do not even believe that so much money can go back to them. The service has been running for several years and during this time has never failed its clients.

best cashback for aliexpress

LetyShops cooperates with almost 900 stores, and"Aliexpress" is not limited at all. To make a purchase with a refund, you need to go to your personal account, choose a store (in this case we will search for goods on Ali) and follow the link to the desired store. Please note that the money will be returned to your account only if you make purchases through the service. If you just registered on the site-cashback, and go to the store for another link - no payment will be made.

How to withdraw money

Users are interested in how to return a cashback with"Alyekspress" and then where the money will come. In the private office on the right you can see several menu items. In the section "Orders and finances" you will see how much money is on hold. For example, you made a purchase, but have not yet confirmed its receipt. When the purchase is fully tested, the money will be already on your balance sheet. You can withdraw money to the most popular types of electronic purses, bank cards of Ukraine or Russia and even to a mobile phone account. How to save on "Aliexpress" (cashback) using LatyShops, we figured out. But what about other services?

how cashback works on aliexpress

How to get cashback on "Aliexpress" with

The site is also very popular, but the numberstores-partners are already slightly smaller, there are a little more than 800. Nevertheless, the figure is impressive. Registration is very similar to the service we talked about above. Also several options: with the input of mail and password or through social networks. If you select the first option, you do not even need a confirmation. You can immediately start to work. There is also a choice of categories, that is, you can immediately choose not the store from which you want to get a cashback, but specify the category of the product. Then the search engines of the service will pick up a list of stores in which you can make purchases. The scheme of work is exactly the same as in LetyShops: go to the account, go through the link to the store, make a purchase and wait for the "cache" back. The advantage of is that you do not have to wait for cash for a long time, you can get the money after a few weeks, while other sites offer to wait for you for several months.

Withdrawal of funds on can boast of a way to withdraw money. Here you can withdraw any amount without waiting for the accumulation of a certain amount. For example, you can make a small purchase and return 10 rubles, they can be immediately put on the output in the electronic wallet or on the phone. However, for withdrawal to the bank card you still have to wait until the balance is 500 rubles. In general, the site can be relied on, and it's quite easy to use. There is a high percentage of return, guarantees cashback "Aliexpress." Reviews can be read here, they are left by real users. And they are basically positive. Consider one more service, but of a slightly different type.

Ebates Website

It immediately becomes apparent that the resource is notRussian-speaking. This can stop people who do not know a foreign language. The function present in some browsers will help you - a full page translation. But here too, difficulties may arise, because words are often translated not in that declension, and the context of the sentence is not taken into account at all. But despite this, the site is actively used by residents of many countries to get cashback "Aliexpress." How to use Ebates and where to start?

Registration on Ebates

In the upper right corner we see a small button"Join Now", with it and registration will begin. You can enter mail and password or use social networks. But, for example, "Vkontakte" here you are no longer an assistant. You can choose between two options: a Facebook account or a Google account. Next, the type of personal cabinet is very similar to the kind of offices of other similar sites. Again in the upper right corner we see that we are logged into our account. There you can view orders, withdrawal tools, favorite stores and make all the necessary settings. There you can read the history of the site and get acquainted with hot offers. Despite some inconveniences, Ebates is one of the longest-running sites and the largest coverage of stores (about a thousand). So do it safely there your cashback "Aliexpress". How to use similar sites from different browsers and what are the features? Let's consider further.

What you need to consider when buying through cashback

We have told you in detail how to getcashback to "Aliexpress." I want to note that using such services, you need to disable adblocks and various services blocking the transfer of information, otherwise you risk making a purchase with a refund and then simply do not get them to the account.

Now you know what "aliexpress" cashback is. How to use, it is not difficult to understand, and most importantly - to apply new knowledge you can and buying in other stores.

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