Blocked "Rutreker." What to do and how to access the site?

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Thanks to "Rutreker" thousands of usersdownloaded favorite movies, books and music. The site database is very extensive: you can find almost any information object. But now "Rutreker" is blocked. How to access the site, many interested users are interested. Instead of the usual logo on the screen appears a record of an annoying lock. However, you can not worry: episodes of your favorite TV series can be downloaded, as before, thanks to the methods described in the article.

Background and reason for blocking

blocked the rutraker what to do

The beginning of the operation of Rutraker is2004 year. Since its launch, the site has attracted more and more new users. The interface of the resource is simple to master, and registration is simplified. All files are divided into categories, including year, country of release and genre. Therefore, it is not difficult to find what is needed.

Why blocked "Rutreker"? Free access to films and books, pleasing users, could not go unnoticed. And in 2015, the publishing house "Exmo" and UAB "SBA-Production" filed a lawsuit in the Moscow City Court. The reason was copyright infringement in connection with the illegal placement on the resource of the work of Victor Pelevin and the phonograms of the tracks of the rapper Guf. At the end of January 2016, a court decision came into effect that satisfied the claim of the rightholders: the authorities permanently blocked Rutreker. What to do? Is it possible to log in again?

Browser extensions

for which blocked rutreker

In fact, to return access to the resource is not so muchcomplicated. You just need to install the extension for your browser. This can be done by clicking on the "Settings" tab, and then "Extensions". In the search box of the extension store, you should type: "Access to" Rutreker. "For most browsers, be it Chrome," Yandex "or others, the developers of the tracker created a special plug-in, which is installed free of charge. the information about the user's location is changed.

There are other extensions, for example, Browsec and Frigate, which are also easy to use. In Browsec, you can even choose the country from which you are supposed to go online.

Programs and utilities

So, by the law's decision blocked "Rutreker." What to do? Another way: download the TOR browser, in which the anonymity and hidden location of the user are provided in advance. It has a stylish interface and many functions.

blocked the rutraker

Many are worried: blocked "Rutraker" - what to do if it seems that the browser provides insufficient data protection? Special programs are also available for installation: TunnelBear, CyberChost, Hola and others. They ensure the safety of Internet surfing and anonymize the activity, encrypting the location and changing the IP address of the device. It is enough to drive the name of the utility into the search engine's string, and it will provide resources with links for downloading. It is best to download from the official site.

Despite the fact that the authorities blocked"Rutreker" what to do, users know. The site continues to exist "undercover". In February 2016, the number of tracker users reached 15 million, and it continues to grow.

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