Feyspalm: what it is and what it eats

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The development of civilization does not stand still. Once our predecessors were happy with the invention of the first phones, cars and computers, we, with the advent of the Internet, became happy owners of demotivators and, miracle, memes that try to exist in the web space somehow brighten up.

feyspalm what is it
It is impossible to go into the network without encountering another meme: trollface, lolfeys and a bunch of other faces. Recently, feyspalm has become especially popular. What is it?

What is there face and where is the palm

What does feyspalm mean? From the linguistic point of view, this word consists of English components face ("face") and palm ("palm"), but in the runet the word "rukolitso", the main idea, in principle, conveying quickly flew. By this term we understand a gesture full of disappointment, shame, and even sorrow for the fate of individuals and humanity as a whole. You can freely apply a funny picture in response to frank stupidity, information is deliberately false, and in general everything that you think is unacceptable for any reason. Surprising and simplicity of meme - its meaning is clear to everyone, regardless of race, gender or social belonging.

Star feyspalm - what is this beast?
smiley facepalm

Where did feyspalm go, understand quitecomplicated. First, perhaps, appeared memes with the image of the model of Jim Horn, where he covers up a disgusted face with his hand. But the most popular was the silhouette with Picard, the captain of the Enterprise ship of the Star Trek universe, performed by Patrick Stewart (also Professor X). Memes with him liked the public so much that they began to seek out admirers in every series of the Star Trek, in different situations and poses. On the Internet the pictures with the Picamp's feysalm sitting in the captain's chair, squatting, sitting next to Data (with the same gesture) spread out on the Internet. In their search, many swung to the holy - Captain Kirk and Spock, and found them with a gesture of "hand". Well, at least the classics of science fiction looked.

what does feyspalm mean
But within the framework of the Star Trek, the gesture is not limited, andmany quickly find feyspalm in their favorite films and series - hence the appearance of memes "I'm ashamed, I'm not with them" by Homer Simpson, Dr. House, King Theoden and even Ernie from Sesame Street. The fascination with funny frames went so far that, in addition to tens of thousands of quickly dispersed demotivators, memes, and just pictures, the smiley face was also invented - a familiar yellow colobus, bringing a plump palm to the head (although in his case to the whole body) and sadly, even woefully, this head shaking. In some cases, the smile also lifts the eyebrow sarcastically. Here is a feyspalm! What is the ideal way of self-expression for lovers of sarcasm and other caustic humor, there is no doubt.

It's a shame

In general, the popularity of feyspalma is gaining momentum,there are more and more options, and they are no longer limited to the Starfleet, to cinema in general, or even to the human race. Lovely seals with no less lovely "dejected gestures" are actively gaining popularity. But no matter how funny a meme seemed at first glance, we can say about feyspalm that this is exactly what reflects the sad situation of the whole generation. And for that I'm ashamed.

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