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Recently, on the Internetthere are more and more binary options. Most of these sites are nothing more than a "divorce." The creators of these options just make money on people who invest their money in the project. And then disappear. But relatively recently, in 2015, a project was created that allows you to earn even without the participation of a person. The algorithm will itself make all the necessary purchases and bring a stable income - this is what its developers promise.

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"Algorithm of the Queen": binary options of the new generation

This project was created by two young people. Denis Korolev and Maxim Nikitin are the creators of the "Algorithm Queen" project. According to their intention, all traders must unite in a single system or community, so that it becomes possible to raise any asset in the price at the expense of concerted actions of the team.

With the help of this method it is planned that all traders will be able to have stable earnings and create their own small trends, which, in turn, will have a decent price in the market.

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What do you need to join the project?

What does a normal trader need to join?to this development? First, a powerful computer, due to which the "Algorithm Queen" will work. According to the creators, the computer will generate revenue of $ 500 per day with an average PC power. In order to test your device for power, it is enough to install a special application through which it becomes known what technical capabilities your PC has.

The trade and purchase of shares will be conducted infully automatic mode, all transactions will be made only with those brokers, which are prescribed in the condition of the creators of the project. Also, earnings directly depend on the power of the PC. The more power - the more money.

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How does the "Algorithm Queen" work?

Feedback about the project suggests that initiallyyou should test your device. To participate, you need to pass a power check, after that you can start registering on the developer forum itself. Next, you need to make the necessary minimum deposit to the trader. It is $ 300. In order for earnings to be higher, it is recommended to pay $ 1000 each.

If you do not trust this algorithm,your attention on the developer's site is a video series, which shows the feedback of traders who have already managed to participate in this project. Their earnings average $ 200 per day. Also, income will depend on the number of people who entered the project. The more people work together, the greater will be the total earnings.

program algorithm queen reviews

Participation in the project is absolutely free for all,except in this sense is only an initial contribution to your account. The essence of the "Algorithm" is that a special indicator will show the trader where significant events take place on the market, so that it is more convenient for him to make deposits and purchases.

Is it really?

It is asserted that the "Algorithm Queen" is capable ofmake profit without any effort. Many beginning traders in the market of binary options trust this algorithm. However, experienced investors immediately recognized the fraud in this system. Despite the fact that the reviews on the website of the "Algorithm Queen" project indicate a huge profit, this can not be taken seriously.

Even if thousands of participants with their severalhundreds of dollars work together, they are physically unable to shift the price in the right direction to them, because the binary options market is simply huge, and their miserable thousands of dollars is just a drop in the bucket. For real players of the option market, this sounds simply ridiculous. A complete delusion, according to experts, is that a computer program can somehow strengthen the influence of these people's trading operations.

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It is also worth mentioning the registration ofbroker. As practice shows, the robot becomes available only if the trader uses the broker 24option and contributes funds to his account. In this case, only new registrations made by moving from the site of "Algorithm Koroleva" are counted. At the same time, the creators of the project guarantee that the site they provide is free of charge and is offered to everyone without any restrictions.

There is one more interesting point. The creators site contains a video that demonstrates the work of the program. As you can see in the video, the platform works with the broker PlusOption. Why is it proposed to work with only one company, and is shown one with another, is unclear.

This is a fraud?

All trading operations of broker companiesare conducted only within the limits of this company, and are not deduced on the real market. Even if all the capital of these scammers would be comparable to the turnover on one of the major exchanges, then the movement of their prices would not be affected in any way, because the money remains in the brokerage system. According to unofficial information, for six months the developers of this system have earned more than two million dollars, and not because of the profitability of this system. Thus, the program "Algorithm Queen", reviews about which are positive only on the official website of the developer, is actually a fraudulent project.

This became known in connection with numerouscomplaints from experienced traders. On many sites "Algorithm Queen" is on the black list for fraud. The same is confirmed by numerous reviews of former participants of this project who unanimously assert that this is a fraud.

This can be seen from the trainingvideo, which offers the project site. First, we are talking about abstract things, and the word "binary options" sounds only around the ninth minute of the recording. Secondly, immediately and unambiguously guaranteed a large profit to everyone, which is unreal in principle. If you are guaranteed 100% success - you are scammers, as there are always risks, and a true service provider is obliged to warn about it.


Greed and laziness, inherent in many inexperiencedtraders, with might and main exploit various kinds of scammers. To become a successful trader in the market of binary options can only help quality training, experience and practice. The program "Algorithm Queen" once again confirms that there are no miracle services or tools that in a short time will make you rich.

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