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Advertising on the Internet today is the most powerfulA commercial tool that is used by millions of companies around the world. This is a real win-model, which involves the possibility of gaining benefits from both parties. What is meant?

Internet advertising is the interaction of two parties: advertiser and webmaster. More details about what their roles are, and why it is beneficial for each of them to cooperate as tightly as possible, read in our article. It will mainly be devoted to the description of ad units - how to create, correctly place and earn on it.

ad units

Benefits for webmasters

To begin with, we describe why the site owner (or,simply, the webmaster) to cooperate with an advertising agency. Suppose you have a resource. Its subjects can be both commercial (for example, description of irons), and entertaining (your poems). And the first and second is a site that people who are interested in the information that is placed on it come to. But between them there is a huge difference - the purpose and ways of making a profit.

If in the first case you can start sellingirons on the affiliate link from some online store, then in the second this option is excluded, you can not monetize your resource properly. And believe me, there is much more in the entertainment theme of the sites. For these purposes, there are advertising networks. Of course, there are a lot of them on the market, but there are only a few really big companies. The largest is the network from Google's search giant. It's called AdSense.

The beauty of the company is that it workswith it can anyone who has a website. And you can make money on your resource easily and easily, regardless of its subject matter (of course, except for the rules forbidden by the rules with content for "adults" and pirate sites). To do this, you need to create an ad unit for the network you are working with and install it on the pages of your site. After that, as soon as a visitor comes to you, he will see the block and, possibly, click on it, wanting to know more about this or that proposal. You, as a webmaster, in this case, get an income. Sounds easy, does not it?

Yandex advertising block

Benefits of the advertiser

In such advertising networks there are tens of thousandsadvertisers. All of them order placement in blocks for the reason that they need your visitors. And the beauty is that even in subjects that seemingly are not connected with commerce at all, there will always be users interested in buying space in the blocks.

This is due to a number of advantages of the search engineadvertising. It is very targeted. This means that using different filters, you can "select" those site visitors that you need. The evaluation criteria can be: country of residence, language, city, user's operating system. You can also choose the sites on which your advertising will be placed, select them according to their criteria. This is both simple and profitable, because in this case you work with a narrow audience that is interested in your goods and services.

And, of course, another plus of such advertising isits low cost. In order to place your ad, say, on TV, you pay a lot of money for the widest coverage. However, really interested people can be very few. On the other hand, in online advertising you pay only for clicks - real visits to your site.

ad units on the page

Intermediary - affiliate network

Properly, the work of the "buy-sell"Internet traffic is organized by the advertising network. They, as we mentioned above, abound - they work with different block formats, have thematic features, some unique options in the selection and evaluation of traffic. But the largest are the networks controlled by the search engines Google, Yandex, Bing and others.

Due to the wide format of their activities, these companies have gathered millions of advertisers and webmasters. Accordingly, the demand is both for orders of the first, and for the resources offered by the second.

In Russia, the most popular one can be consideredYandex advertising block (proposed by Yandex Advertising Network), and Google (created in Google AdSense). Each of us can meet them on hundreds of thousands of sites. Since the intermediary is a large Internet company, working with it is very simple and effective, because it offers all the tools for advertising. We will talk about this in more detail later.

Advertising Tools

So, as we have already noted, there is a hugethe number of different tools with which you can place on the pages of your site a link, banner or any other information from your partners. Everyone can use this one, based on their own preferences. But the most popular (at least in Google AdSense) are two types of tools - ad units and blocks of contextual links.

Of course, one or the other can be useddepending on which topic of the resource, how harmoniously this or that material "influences" the design of the site, as visitors perceive it. Based on these and other criteria, webmasters often make their choice in favor of blocks. And this is very reasonable, which is confirmed by statistical data.

Ad units are media content (imageor a video) that the visitor sees. This can also include a flash banner, because it is also often used in advertising. Obviously, the picture can be more attractive to the user, because of what he will make a click. Again, with the help of graphic images, information can be delivered faster and more accurately than when it comes to text strings.

ad units on the site


Advertising blocks on the site have an alternative -blocks of contextual links. This is actually a square in which various links to advertiser sites are placed. Each of them consists of three parts: the title, description and address of the resource. To tell you the truth, there are sites that adapt advertising in the link block so organically to the design of their page that they can be confused with the resource menu. And in that case, of course, the user makes a transition, finding an interesting one or another title. Due to this, sometimes such a tool is more effective.

And in other cases, the ad units on the page in their graphical representation are more interesting, and as a result - more tempting for the user.

Popular formats

As you understand, these or those sites canuse different sizes of this advertising tool. This is due, among other things, to the design of the pages where the ad units are placed, as well as the wishes of the webmaster. For example, someone prefers a small square banner, organically "poured" into the article, while others like a large vertical "skyscraper" on the side of the page.

placement of ad units

There is a lot of information about what sizesthere must be blocks, which ones are more suitable for those or other sites, but we will simplify it somewhat. According to studies conducted by experts from Google AdSense, the most popular ones are the sizes 336x280, 300x250, 728x90, 300x600 and 320x100 (for mobile devices).

Accordingly, these formats can be foundmost often, and the eye of the visitor is used to them to the greatest extent. Another aspect is practicality. The images mentioned take up a minimum of space, although they can accommodate as much information as possible. These same sizes of ad units can be found in search giants. In AdSense, for example, when choosing the banner format, the webmaster sees also how the advertisement on his site will look in the preview mode.

advertising ad unit placement of ad units


Install ad units is very simple.To do this, put the source html-code on your site. It is presented in the form of a set of symbols that enable the partner site with which you cooperate to generate advertisements directly on the pages of your site. That is, you should not worry about connecting single advertisers - everything is organized very conveniently, we already mentioned this earlier, at the beginning of the article.

Of course, in order for your unit to show upon the site, you need to determine not only its type, but also the place where it will be placed. After that, you need to refer to the source materials of your resource and insert the code.

Select location

As you understand, the subject of our article isadvertising. The advertising block, the placement of ad units - this is all that interests the advertiser, webmaster and intermediaries, except for visitors. For them, the abundance of online advertising can be a negative factor, because a person simply will not be able to find out the information for which he, in fact, visited your resource. It's bad in case if there's too much advertising. Therefore, the main advice - do not clutter up your page with a lot of ads. This will lead to a decrease in the click-through-rate, which will mean a decrease in the cost per click.

sizes of ad units

It is better to determine where you installone or two ads in such a way that they are as user-friendly as possible to the user. The visitor should not see that before him advertising - otherwise he will not click on it.

Analysis Tools

In order to decide where to put the ads,some tools will help you. These are analytical services. They have every major mediator. The best in the world recognized tool Google Analytics, allowing you to give the maximum amount of data about where your visitors click, that they look longer and longer and so on. Use these features to understand how a person behaves on your site, and put a "trap" for him in the form of blocks. Do not forget to periodically review the ad units on your site to see this "from the outside" and understand what and how you can improve.


Prospects of earnings on the sites are very large.Owners of resources, creating content on favorite topics, can easily earn more than they received at their main job. This makes it possible to earn on what you like to do most. And this is very cool in terms of the desire to try and work harder.


Today, ad units are very usefultool for monetizing Internet sites. Using some basic skills of analytics, with their help it is possible to substantially increase the income received from one website. And this opens new horizons for people who like to do it. Experience shows that such "Internet entrepreneurs" are becoming more and more.

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