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The popularity of CPA-partners grows constantly, andone of the most prominent representatives is ActionPay, which you can read about on thematic resources. Many bloggers were able to earn good money, continuing to do what they liked.

How did you manage to do this? They registered in the system, placed a certain code, and everything worked automatically. True, this happens if you have your own website, because otherwise you will have to take some action.

Features of working with ActionPay

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Affiliate ActionPay offers quite simpleway of earning. The site owner can choose the interested offer (the advertiser's offer), according to which he will receive a reward for a particular action.

Most often it's buying a product. Visitors see an attractive banner or an interesting article, go to the link and get on the landing page, which is made in such a way as to keep the potential client and incline towards buying.

With each such purchase, the advertiser willgive part of the profits to the webmaster. So if the themes of the site and the offer are similar, then many readers will click on the cherished link. Partner ActionPay, reviews of which indicate reliability and honesty, monitors their reputation and does not allow situations that do not meet the rules of the system.

How to choose the best offer?

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In the system are represented hundreds of offers, and at first it is difficult to decide the choice. An important role in this is played by the following characteristics:

  • the amount of deductions for the action;
  • possible sources of traffic;
  • quality and quantity of promotional materials.

When choosing a commission for an off-line do not need to immediatelyagree to the most "expensive" offer. Most likely, there you need to sell something, and this is much more difficult than, for example, to persuade a person to go to a site or perform a certain action.

Particular attention should be given to sourcestraffic. Each advertiser puts forward his own conditions that must be respected. For example, if the main number of visitors comes from social networks, then proposals should be sought for.

Work with ActionPay on your own site

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How to make money on ActionPay, having your ownsite? If the Internet project has a large number of visitors of a certain type, then you can place a thematic banner, which will see each of them. The advantage is that the author continues to publish articles, and the profit goes.

If you believe the partners of ActionPay, whose reviewsyou can see on the site, it is better to create a special page or article for each of the parties. For example, if an advertiser sells an ATV, you need to write a quality SEO article and carefully insert the link into it.

The visitor will read interesting material, and he will have a desire to get acquainted with the goods closer, and then just a reference. According to statistics, when using this method, the conversion is much higher.

It is not recommended to use services, which for some fee are sent to the site of the "crowds" of visitors. This violates the rules of the system and is easily calculated, which leads to the account's account.

Earnings with ActionPay without a site

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Affiliate program allows you to make a profitand without an Internet resource. All that is required is an original banner and start-up capital. Promo materials are always better to make their own. Thousands of people work on ActionPay and use the proposed material, why repeat?

Money will have to be spent on contextual advertisingin "Yandex" or "Google", of course, if it does not contradict the terms of the offer. If the ad text or banner design is original and intriguing, then they will attract many potential customers.

Do not think that when investing in 200 rubles100 people will come and make orders. Experts are inclined to start at least a few thousand. A lot of attention should be paid to advertising materials. It is from them will depend on the percentage of conversion.

Alternatively, it is possible to place promotional materials onpopular sites or social networking groups. The main criterion is as many people as possible. The more visitors you see, the more likely it is that someone will click on it.

If this does not contradict the terms of the offer, you canWrite a letter to your subscribers, in which to describe all the benefits and benefits of a product or service. The "right" letter will receive good feedback and, as a result, greater profit.

Where to begin?

The procedure for working with ActionPay: registration in the system, choosing the right offer, getting a link and placing it, collecting profits. The affiliate site has an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Many people are already convinced of the advantages and honesty of earnings with an affiliate ActionPay. Testimonials of customers and advertisers, recommendations of specialists testify to this.

The main thing is that with ActionPay you can reallyto earn, you just need to have a desire, patience, a popular site or start-up capital. If you follow all the requirements and recommendations of the system, then there will be no problems.

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