Status of happiness with meaning: choose the right words

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This sensation is looking for a person throughout life. He sings, tries to prolong and stop even for a moment. This is happiness. The most immense, contradictory, but such a welcome phenomenon. In this article, you can choose a suitable status about happiness with a meaning that you yourself put into it.

status of happiness with meaning

Beautiful statuses about happiness

The status of happiness with meaning is sought not only by those who have found it. More often even those who want to feel it, make sure that it exists.

  • "We think that as soon as everything gets better, we will become happy." In fact, it's the other way around - as soon as we become happy, everything gets better. "
  • "Be content with what is - a sign of a happy person."
  • "Nothing will stop a person who is on the path to his happiness."
  • "An amazing thing is happiness, even if you do not have it, you can give it to someone else."
  • "Happy people look at the falling stars just because it's beautiful."
  • "Happiness is sure to come to everyone, maybe in July or February, maybe on the train or on the beach, maybe at dawn or at midnight, but certainly unexpectedly."
  • "Luck is not just a meeting, it's also parting."
  • "To be lucky to spite others is a bold choice."
  • "Tears for the loss of joy only alienate the new."
  • "Dreams are forerunners of joy."
  • "A well-forgotten past is a happier present."

Status about happiness: with meaning funny phrases

  • "Happiness is another season of the year, but it does not have an autumn melancholy, winter hibernation, spring slush and summer stuffiness."
  • "What, in fact, is the difference - you ride a bus or a limousine, wear branded sneakers or wear daddies, eat black caviar or pumpkin porridge - if you're happy?".
  • "Happiness is unpredictable.Maybe, even your written phone number on the public toilet door will bring a welcome meeting."
  • "Happiness is not a girl, it does not like to think too much about it."
  • "Happiness is different in every age. In my childhood I am glad that I did not eat babaika on the way to the toilet, in my youth - that the girl responded reciprocally, in maturity - that health still allows you to walk all night with friends, in old age - that no babajki is no longer terrible. "

status of happiness with a sense of fun

Statuses about happiness in love

Those who once knew love, know how muchthis state is closely connected with joy in life. As much as it is happiness. Therefore, the status of happiness with meaning is, to some extent, a statement of love.

  • "The beginning of grace in life is the acquisition of love."
  • "As soon as you find someone with whom you fly with your soul, you no longer think about the meaning of life."
  • "The ability to let go is a trait of a person who will still be happy." The best thing is to go back. "
  • "An ordinary person can give joy in life by doing something special." A loved one does happy without doing anything. "
  • "Music in the soul depends on the mastery of the conductor."
  • "Love opens all the doors, but first lets in happiness."
  • "You do not need to shout about your joy." It's better to whisper "thanks" to the person who gave it to her. "

status of happiness with meaning sad

Status about happiness: with meaning sad statements

  • "You live well until you start to think that you can live better."
  • "Ideality has not made anyone happy."
  • "Change your life dream of those who were not happy enough in the past."
  • "Joy can upset only if it is a stranger, especially if it is built on the ruins of its own."
  • "He who lost happiness in the reward gets hope."
  • "It's bitter to realize that the one who is your comfort gives this feeling to another."
  • "Perhaps, only the unfortunate seek the meaning of life. Perhaps, happiness is the meaning."
  • "Sometimes it seems that it is better not to experience this bliss at all than to prickle about its fragments."

The status of happiness with meaning is a statement that is useful to every user of a social network. After all, in life, in fact, there are two states of a person - sensation and expectation of it, happiness.

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