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Did you know that your tablet or mobile phonea phone running on the operating system Android or iOS, can become a source of small but simple income? Moreover, it is not necessary to do much - to perform the tasks properly. Payment is made by real money, which you can spend on your own goals. Interesting? Then we tell the details.

Promoting applications in directories

AppCoins reviews

It's no secret that there are several largestplatforms for searching mobile applications, from which the bulk of downloads occur. This is Google Play for the Android platform and Appstore for iOS devices. In them you, when entering, see a large number of applications, games and other content that is compatible with your device. All you need to do is go to the product page and click the install button.

If you have experience working with these directories,you know that there really is a lot of content there. So imagine how difficult it is for developers to keep competition in such a busy market! This is especially true of new programs, of which no one has heard. In order to promote such a product, you need to get some start-ups and the first customer-users. To do this, you purchase downloads through special services. People for money install the game and evaluate it according to the parameters specified by the developer.

AppCoins App

AppCoins App Reviews

One of the platforms that is actively usedfor promotion and promotion of programs on the densely occupied market of mobile content, is AppCoins. The reviews show that this is one of the most famous applications with which a large number of users and, accordingly, advertisers work.

Reviews of AppCoins show that workhere it is not difficult. The owner of the gadget is required to perform the simplest action - download the game and put her a 5-star rating, for example. It takes a couple of minutes, but the user gets, say, 5 rubles for one installation. Having combined several such completed tasks, we will get a small income, which should be enough to pay for mobile services.

What are the tasks?

As the AppCoins reviews show,tasks that are put before the user, not only download the application. This can also be his additional assessment, writing a commentary, as well as some actions in social networks ("like" a group of developers, join a community, and so on). All these actions are aimed at promoting content, popularizing it, making it better known.

reviews about AppCoins

Again, all tasks are clearly separated independing on the country in which the user is located. For example, for the US assignments in AppCoins (reviews confirm this) more than for Belarus. And they are paid, respectively, more expensive. This is explained by the fact that there are much more advertisers from the States, which means that the price of the task is increased.

Withdrawal of funds

One of the most common questions fromthose who work with AppCoins: "How to withdraw money?". Feedback from people who have worked with this application show that you can do this in two ways - to the mobile phone account and the Webmoney system. The main condition for the payment to be made is the existence of a minimum amount of 15 rubles. After this minimum is received, the user has the right to apply for a payment. After that, there should still take several working days until the amount is confirmed by the advertiser and the ad networks with which the applications are running. Then the money goes to the account.

AppCoins android reviews

User Reviews

As the recommendations of people working withAppCoins (user reviews are in the first place), the main problem is the lack of a sufficient number of tasks. Since the advertised applications are not so much, and the total number of users is large enough, it turns out that each one is sufficient for no more than 1-2 tasks. When accounting that they are paid for 4-5 rubles, it is easy to calculate how inconsequential the total amount of earnings can be. This is one of the drawbacks that this application has as a source of earnings.

Another thing is the number of actions,necessary for the task. To earn the above 4 rubles, the user must go to the proposed link to Google Play, download the game or the program, then wait for her to download, and then delete, having earned her earnings from AppCoins. Earnings, the feedback we provide, is quite complex, given the amount of Internet traffic and the number of clicks the user should make. This is the second drawback.

AppCoins earnings reviews

Thus, we see a serious limitation in the form of an ongoing shortage of tasks, as well as the need to carry out many actions for a small fee.

General conclusion

The above features are characteristic of eachfrom the operating systems on which AppCoins is available. Android (user reviews confirm this) in this respect is no different from iOS. This indicates that working with the installer of programs is not as attractive as it might seem in theory. Indeed: the idea of ​​earning income using a tablet through a simple installation of content is interesting, but you need to take into account two technical factors - the lack of enough jobs and the need to wait while the program is loading on your gadget. Because of this, as shown by the AppCoins app reviews of users, this earnings scheme at the moment can not become popular or at least somewhat effective. Roughly speaking, there is not much to earn here - it's a fact. The maximum that can be achieved with this program is a few rubles a month, provided that you will follow the addition of new assignments to have time to pick them up before others.


AppCoins how to withdraw money reviews

Alternatively, you can try to combine work withseveral applications. The market is represented not only by AppCoins - there are other programs operating on the same principle. In theory, if you download all of them, you can increase the number of tasks, after which you will get more income. However, this is only a theory. In practice, it may turn out that many of the applications for earnings cooperate with the same advertisers. For this reason, your IP address, "blown up" on one job, will make the following downloads of the same program inaccessible. And this breaks the whole idea.

Nevertheless, you can try - you will suddenly be able to really increase the income from the applications through such a simple method.

Another option is to work with severaldevices. The bottom line is this: if you have access to two or more gadgets, you can install the AppCoins application on each of them in order to increase the total revenue. True, first, be prepared for the fact that each of them will have to perform a number of operations to install and download advertising content (it will take a lot of time and effort). Secondly, again, you need to understand that access to several devices is not available to everyone.

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