How to delete search history in Yandex: recommendations

the Internet

Many today abuse the Internet, introducing italmost universal evil. Allegedly there is nothing useful in it, and if there is, then it still needs to be unearthed, as it (useful) is lost in bitterness among rubbish and rubbish of doubtful content. Well, perhaps there is some truth in this, but only a share.

where in the Yandex search history

Regular cleaning

The Internet is a direct reflection of the user. If you look at the list of pages you visit before you delete the search history in Yandex, especially for a more or less long time, you can make a fairly accurate portrait of the person using this computer. As they say, the one who searches finds. If you do not want your wanderings on the network to be discovered by anyone, you need to learn this simple operation. Also, in addition to the human factor, there is another - technical, which recommends an active user every few days to clear the search history in "Yandex" to maintain the normal operation of your PC.

We sweep the tracks

How to delete your Yandex search history
If your task is to hide from the dearesthalf of the fact that you did not work at the computer, and had fun surfing the sites, then quite simply the simplest procedure of cleaning - removing the pages visited. So, where is the search history in "Yandex"? Open the window and look up and to the right, there is a pretty badge of a wrench, it's what we need. Clicking on it with the left mouse button, we get a window with the options for possible actions. Approximately in the middle of the list you can see "History". Clicking on this item, you can both delete the search history in "Yandex" entirely, and only some pages. It's about working in this browser. If you work, for example, in Google Chrome, but use this search system, the action scheme remains the same, with corrections for the appearance of the icon: it will not be a key, but three strips, but they are located there. For users who are registered with the Yandex system, the search string offers an extended range of services: prompts when typing a request, issuing preferred pages, etc. If you want to learn how to delete the search history in Yandex (so that it does not appear in the query bar) , then go to the settings and remove the markers (checkboxes) opposite those options that you do not need now.

Get rid of junk

Clear search history in Yandex
If the goal is to maintain normalcomputer operation, then in addition to the pages, you will also need to delete the cache. What kind of animal is this? Simply put, a smart machine remembers those sites that you visit more often than others, and stores some data from them. All this is stored on the computer's disk and only updated as needed. Thus, work is accelerated and traffic is saved. But the memory reserved for such preparations has its reserves, which are far from unlimited. Elimination of many problems in the work of the PC begins with the fact that you want to remove these "tails". We are working on the script "How to delete the search history in Yandex," but we necessarily add a marker near the proposal to delete the cache.In order to avoid bothering with the removal of history, you can use the special "Incognito" mode, in which all visited places are not reflected in it. it's simple - by simultaneously pressing N, Ctrl and Shift.

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