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Young actors and musicians prove thata talented person can be born at any time. In the late nineties Gleb Kalyuzhny appeared, who, after his first role, became the most talked about actor. Although in fact he began his career as a benchmark. Roles in films and TV shows have brought Gleb popularity, but as a rapper he knows a limited number of people.

Unusual birth story

Gleb Kalyuzhny
Gleb Kalyuzhny - an unusual child, so he becamefrom the first moments of life. A boy was born in Moscow, but not in a maternity home, but at home. In 1998, home birth was a rarity. The spiritual midwife, who supervised the appearance of the future actor, told the boy's parents that day that he was approached by two names - Gleb or Alex. She prophesied to him to become a real man with a strong character, which the boy more than once proved.

It is interesting that Gleb Kalyuzhny, whose biographyalready started unusually, later became famous for his role, where his character was called Alexei. Since birth, the boy was characterized by two qualities - diligence and dedication. He is judicious from the first years of his life, which is a rarity.


grisha gost
In four years the boy was carried away by the easternmartial arts. He showed amazing results, which he achieved not only because of his physical data, but also because of his determination. From the first years of his life he tried to reach certain heights.

Two years later Gleb Kalyuzhny became interestedbreak-dance. It was very difficult to find a dance school that could take such a young dancer. A year later he got into the studio "Dragons", where he was taken exceptionally. The teachers praised the boy very much, as he quickly mastered the dance movements. At the same time, he began to read poetry and in the fifth grade took first place in the competition.

First role

Gleb Kalyuzhny biography
The rap sessions brought Hleb to fame.He shot and laid out videos on the Internet. At this point, he began to appear the first fans. It was thanks to social networks and the first steps in the work of a teenager noticed the director Andrei Zaitsev. In preparation for the filming of the film "14+" he decided to take on the guys who had not previously encountered the cinema world.

For this, the casting group began to search forsocial networks of young people at the age of about 15 years. After a while, the developers of this project saw that in almost every Moscow school there is a guy named Gleb Kalyuzhny. The film crew searched the real page of the teenager for a long time. The offer to act in film Gleb has apprehended as a joke. He decided to go to the casting, where he was immediately approved for the main role.


Gleb Kalyuzhny without you
Gleb Kalyuzhny (photo presented in the article) becameIt is known even before the wide distribution of the film "14 +". The reason for his success before the wide hire is a great acting game. The teenager was originally a Person, had his own charisma and character, which he could transmit to viewers through the screen. Fans so believed Gleb that for a long time gossip about his novel with the main character of the picture. In fact, all the feelings that can be observed in the film - it's just an ingenious acting. Gleb at the moment does not have a girl, as she devotes all her free time to music and cinema.

After the world premiere of the film in Berlin andsuccessful rental at Kinotavr in Sochi Gleb began to be invited to other projects. In 2015, he received a film award at a festival in Greece. He was named the most successful debutant. In 2016, he receives the "Constellation" award for similar merits.

Film career

Success in the first film brought Gleb an opportunityparticipate in other projects. One of them was the Russian adaptation of the series "Red Bracelets", narrating about a hospital for teenagers. This series was popular in the Western interpretation, and in the Russian attracted even more fans.

He also took part in the filming of the analogue "DoctorHouse ", this project can not be called successful, as Hugh Laurie Alexei Serebryakov could not be surpassed. The rest of the cast was also unsuccessfully matched. Already before the project came out on the screen, critics gave him negative recommendations.

True Records

Gleb Kalyuzhny photo
For a very long time I connected myself only with the world of musicGleb Kalyuzhny. "Without you" - the song, which premiered in 2016, proves that a young man's rap career can be very successful. This track should enter already in the third album of the musician, he will wear the name 4YOU. It is assumed that all the songs in it will relate to love relationships. The young man writes excellent texts and remotely conveys emotions from the stage. Often Gleb can be found on the posters of Moscow clubs.

Gleb co-operates with the label "Pravda Records".At the sound studio of this brand, he recorded his first album "Frank". In the same place he met a future associate - Grisha Gost. All eight texts for the solo album Gleb wrote independently. The release of this album on the web has attracted a lot of attention from fans. Grisha Gost, Gleb Kalyuzhny is a member of the new 2MAN group, which is created under the specified brand.

For today on the account of this association of reference points alreadythere is one joint album - 2MAN. Now they are actively promoting their creativity on the web and are heating up interest in the second album, the release of which was transferred. Initially, the track "Without You" was supposed to enter the album, which was being prepared for release in the fall of 2016. However, the plans for benchmarks have changed, they spend all of January 2017 in the studio. Perhaps, even before the spring of this year, we will hear new tracks. Fans believe that the transfer of the release of the album is associated with a tight tour schedule of musicians and the film director Gleb. The young man did not give official comments. Group "Fog" - now a frequent guest of the night clubs of the capital, festivals and youth festivals.

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