Wolf with wings: how to draw in stages?

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For centuries, wolves have been associated with mysticism, a mystery. A wolf with wings is found in the culture of many peoples as a spirit-protector or deity embodying fire.

What is the name of a wolf with wings. Semargle?

In the times of ancient Russia, the deity depictedthus, was called Semargl. He was revered as a fireman, the embodiment of a life-giving flame. He was the keeper of fields, forests and rivers. Protected crops, praised the world of the gods from the world of people and saw the souls of the dead in the last way. Soot, soot, smoke and smoke are his children.

Particularly revered in the southern regions of ancient Russia, where the steppes predominated.

wolf with wings

Simuran Semenova

Simurans, according to the works of Maria Semyonova,also are the incarnations of Semargle. They have the same image as the firebug - a wolf with wings. The Simurans are called to protect and protect the Holy Truth. When the day of initiation comes, the winged must show immaculate knowledge of such.

On the day of initiation, a young wolf with moreundeveloped wings are accepted in the flock and are called the Warrior. A wolf with wings is able to see the future and communicate through thoughts. But not all the knowledge they share with each other (and even with the leader), creating secrets.

Each swarm of Simurans has its own way of thinking and seeing the world, they all honor their ancestors and remember the names of everyone - all of them.

The image of a winged wolf is also used inan amateur work "T.M.MA." an anonymous Internet author, on the plot of which part of the soul of the main character was enclosed in this being. The wolf had a demonic origin, huge black wings and was covered with steel armor. Throughout the novel, a wolf with wings follows the Wanderer, then showing the way, then plotting it where it does not exist. Sometimes it protects him from enemies, sometimes he attacks. But in the end the wolf is captured and dies. The traveler loses some of his strength and is forced to travel alone.

what is the name of a wolf with wings

How to draw a wolf with wings in stages

There are many drawing techniques, the essence is everywherethe same: first the head is drawn, then the wing is added, then the trunk and the front legs. The final stage is the drawing of the tail, hind legs and the rest of the trunk. It's easiest to make such a sketch in some graphic editor and use it as an idea for a print on a T-shirt, mug or bag, or for a tattoo.

In the modern world, a logically finished drawing (completed composition) is not very much in demand. All because of the fashion for prints for T-shirts or mugs.

The difference is that for such purposessketches or emblems are developed. These have very little in common with the finished composition. The sketch, as a rule, is a drawing "suspended in the air". Convenient for print, but is a finished composition.

The latter, in turn, occupy places in thecollections of artists and their Internet fans. Such drawings place in a frame on a shelf, they are rarely bought, since such works are not commercially viable.

how to draw a wolf with wings

Another way

If there is a question about how to draw an animewolf with wings, the principle remains the same. The style of the anime differs only in the proportions of the depicted object. Typically, anime characters are depicted with large eyes and small mouths. When drawing a wolf, do not go too far in this technique. Otherwise, it may not be a wolf, but an alien.

The steps described above are not at all mandatory. It all depends on the posture in which a wolf with wings is depicted.

We draw in pencil

If you prefer drawing not ontablet using an electronic pen, it all depends on the personal skills and skills of the artist. A wolf with pencil wings is drawn more complicated than in electronic form - you need to pick up a convenient pencil, have a certain technique of drawing and stroke, be able to properly develop a sketch and work through the image, bringing to mind the sketch. Paper is not a graphic editor. On it, you can not copy a fragment of the image and move it to the desired place. The eraser can wipe the work to holes and spoil it.

wolf with wings pencil

Choose a pencil

When choosing a pencil, it should be borne in mind that theythey are hard, soft and hard-soft (medium). They can be distinguished by the marking on the case: 9N - the hardest pencil, transitional H, F, HB, B are considered hard-soft, and 9B - the softest.

Too hard pencil can damage the paperwhen drawing. A too soft can break when trying to sharpen. Very popular pencil 4B, you can often see it in videos and video lessons that teach you how to create drawings in pencil. Wolves with wings on these drawings or anything else, it does not matter.

pencil drawings wolves with wings


When drawing, one should observe a sea of ​​rules.And the main thing is to strive to draw realistically. Each object casts a shadow. To correctly depict it, it is necessary to correctly determine the light source. Do not forget that the shadow should be commensurate with the object that throws it away.

The strokes need to be done smoothly.If after the work they remain visible to the naked eye, it is better to shade them. The easiest way is to tear off a piece of paper and rub the desired part of the picture until a uniform shade is obtained. And also in specialized stores you can find a special pencil for shading.

You can not forget about the secondary light source.If you take a good look at (for example) still lifes, you can see that that part of the subject, on which the light falls, is very well illuminated. But on the other hand there is a small frame in the form of a light border. This is due to the fact that next to the standing objects, too, reflect light, and he, refracted, falls and on the dark side.

You can not forget to put it on the picture, thenit seems alive, voluminous and even more realistic. In the graphics editor, this frame is easy to make. But on paper this is usually done by an eraser (a nod), therefore one should not overshadow that side too much - the nag can not cope with the task.

Having mastered a pencil, you can paint with colors. For such purposes there are gouache, watercolor, oil paints.


In the end, it should be noted that the techniciandrawing a great variety. They say that every artist draws as he sees. Of course, in most cases this is just an excuse for one's own slowness.

Every artist should strive for excellence in his creations. It does not matter what is depicted, a wolf with wings or something else.

how to draw an anime wolf with wings

There are many lessons that will helplearn how to draw from scratch. It is recommended to comprehend the basics of this difficult craft gradually. First learn how to draw individual fragments. For example, the nose, eyes, hands, skulls (to learn how to draw the shape of the head correctly). Then try to combine them: eyes and nose, lips and nose, etc.

After it is worth studying the rules for constructing proportions(and not only) the body to correctly draw people, animals, etc. After a certain practice of drawing a wolf with wings or a person (or something else), you can try to draw compositions.

You can try to copy from the finished works, learn how to correctly convey the form of objects, learn how to feel them, to correctly put their ideas on paper, being inspired.

It is said that once swallowed honey from Odririr (the cup of inspiration) will never be abandoned by the muse. The mind of such a person will be forever filled with ideas. Let it be with every artist!

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