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Today we will talk about the film "H2O:Just add water". Actors and roles are presented below. It is about the Australian youth television series, which is broadcast in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine. In 2013, the premiere of the spin-off was held under the title "Secrets of the island of Mako."


First, we discuss the plot of the film, then we'll talk aboutWhat actors play in it. "H2O: Just Add Water" is the story of three 16-year-old girls from Australia. Cleo Sertori, Emma Gilbert and Ricky Chadwick are, by coincidence, on the shore of the island of Mako. On it, the heroines in the crater of the volcano find a pool.

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Girls jump into it and soon the full moonpasses over their heads. They return to normal life, however, they discover that after the incident they began to turn into mermaids when they come into contact with water.

Key players

First, the mainroles actors. "H2O: Just Add Water" is a film in which Ricky Chadwick is one of the main characters. This is the girl who moved to the Gold Coast recently. He lives with his father in a rented house in the Mobile Park. Entering school, she was alone. However, she soon became a mermaid along with Cleo and Emma. The girls became friends. The heroine is very sarcastic, selfish, brisk, loves extreme, does not always think about the consequences of his actions. Caribbean Hain played this role.

h2o just add water actors

Claire Holt played Emma Gilbert.This is a heroine who often participates and constantly wins in swimming tournaments. In her group, she was the best. He lives on the Gold Coast with his younger brother Elliott and his parents. Always went to the pool and loved the water. She studied with her friend Cleo in the same school. Girls from childhood were inseparable. Soon the heroine had to give up her career and sport, because she becomes a mermaid when it comes into contact with water.

Phoebe Tonkin embodied the image of Cleo Sertori.

Other heroes

Next, will be called vtoroplanovye actors.

h2o just add water actors and roles

  • "H2O: Just Add Water" is a movie in which a character named Lewis is present. Angus McLaren played this role.
  • Burgess Abernathy played Zane.
  • Luke Mitchell and Indiana Evans are actors in the project. "H2O: Just Add Water" is a movie in which they played Will and Bella.
  • Brittany Byrnes embodied the image of Charlotte.
  • Ash Dove and Nate also appear in the plot of the film "H2O: Just Add Water."
  • Actors Craig Horner and Jamie Timoney performed these roles.
  • Cleo Massey embodied the image of Kim.
  • Trent Sullivan performed the role of Elliot Gilberg.
  • Kristin Amor appears in the story as Louise Chatham.
  • Mush Phillips played Miss Taylor.
  • Allan David Lee played the role of Don.
  • AL Sio appears in the plot as Wilfred.
  • K. Kennison played Lisa.
  • Jared Robinson played the role of Neil.
  • Annabelle Stevinson appears in the narrative as Miriam.
  • Penny Gray appears in the film as Sam.
  • Deborah Coles played Beth.
  • Alice Hunter played the role of Tiffany.
  • Joss McWilliam played Harrison.
  • Matthew Okin performed the role of Laurie.
  • Andrew Liiz played Ryan.
  • Tiffany Lamb was remembered by the audience as Annette.
  • Lara Cox played Linda Denman.
  • Andy McPhee played the role of Terry.
  • Tareen Marler embodied the image of Julia Benjamin.
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