Tatyana Yegor Creed and a short biography

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Today we will discuss Yegor Creed's tattoo. It's about the representative of rap and hip-hop directions. He is the singer and songwriter. Already at the age of twenty he achieved success on the Russian stage.


tatu ygor krida
Before describing Yegor Creed's tattoo, let's tella little more about the artist himself. He signed a contract with the company Black Star Inc. One of his clips in a week reached a mark of 1,000,000 views. Our hero from an early age fell in love with music, in particular the genre of rap. This led him to the Internet. It was the World Network that allowed the musician to achieve first success and start a professional career. His stage name - Creed - a young man named Egor came up when he was 14 years old.

Our hero was born in 1994, on June 25,in Penza. His father Nikolai Bulatkin is an entrepreneur, the owner of a large factory that was engaged in the processing of nuts. The mother's mother's name is Marina. She helped her husband in his affairs, and also practiced singing. Our hero also has an older sister, she is known as Polina Michaels - an actress. The family of our hero was considered to be provided and incredibly musical, this influenced the young man's hobbies. He got to school, which was distinguished by in-depth study of English.

Basic images on the body

Tatyana Yegor Creed is very numerous andvarious. His right hand, chest and upper part are mostly clogged. In addition, there are images on the neck. We will describe in detail the main tattoo of Yegor Creed, as well as discuss their meanings and location. On the chest the singer has the inscription Never say never. Under it are painted wings. Around the inscription is a brick wall. Above it, silhouettes of skyscraper houses are visible. Above the chest on the left is a small airplane.


tattoo of the crochet hello on the wrist
Continue to discuss Tatu Egor Creed. On the wrist of his left hand, it says one life. On the right in the same place - one love. Almost the entire right hand of the musician is crammed with various drawings. Here you can see the profile of a woman, the inscription "Save and save", an image of the eighth notes. The artist's tattoos originate from the shoulder and go to the brush. The fingers of our hero are free from images. The left arm of tattoos is free. The musician has a forearm painted, as well as the inside and outside of the shoulder. In this area you can see a portrait of Michael Jackson. On the forearm there is an owl that sits on the microphone. In this case it is not at all difficult to understand the meanings. The owl is a symbol of wisdom. The microphone, obviously, refers to the musical activity of the artist. On the back of the performer you can see his name written in Latin.

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